Boston Marathon 2017 Recap: I’m Overdue!

Hope you had a great weekend! Boston is looking good these days.

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It’s been about two months since Boston marathon, so I thought it was time for a recap! Sorry for the delay, but it was only for good reasons. Boston was actually sandwiched between my wedding and honeymoon in Nepal! After another busy month, I’ve finally had time to put the pen to the paper and reflect on the incredible race.

I won’t go into the details of the logistics/expo/course, but here are my race reflections this time around:

  • This was my second Boston marathon, and it was as hot as the first (2016). They always say to prepare for cranky Patriots day weather, and I found the 75 degree air to be stifling after training in 30 degree temperatures over the winter. I routinely shy away from any goals in warmer temperatures, so decided early on that I’d just take in the scenes and enjoy the path from Hopkinton to Boston. This was disappointing after several months of solid training (with the help from my wonderful coaches), but my mental game wasn’t there. End result: I missed BQ’ing by 12 minutes, my initial goal by ~17 minutes.
  • Missing a running goal is like a breakup: in the immediate aftermath, you want to do everything you can to repair the issue (i.e. – sign up for another race asap), but over time, with encouragement from your loved ones, you move on and accept it. At this point, I’ve fully moved on with the idea of running Boston again, or attempting to BQ again (at least for now, under the current qualifying time of 3:35). My attitude may change, but I’d have to have that fire again before I dive into another round of intense training. I’ve moved on to other races, distances, and goals. Let’s hope that BQ ex doesn’t surface again soon :)

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  • Running Boston this year with my sister made the race more special than I could have imagined. We didn’t start together (she was in a faster corral than me), but she was running with me in spirit and it was a memory that I’ll never forget.
  • Many runners understand how special Boston is, but I especially appreciate this being from this area. So many friends and family members have their own Boston tales, as runners or spectators, and the race truly unites all generations. I hope every runner has the opportunity to run this race. 


  • Since Boston, I’ve run a couple of races that were much lower profile. The simplicity of these races (not that the distances were simple!) was a bit more relaxing. I realize that I truly enjoy those more quiet moments even more than a big city race. But there always will be something special about Boston.


A special thanks to Bertucci’s for providing a fabulous pre-race meal of pasta and red sauce and so many delicious rolls! Helped me get over heartbreak hill!


Thanks for another great year, Boston!

Anyone training for a BQ? 

Thoughts on Boston marathon 2017?

What’s your week looking like? 

Xo Jane



  1. I ran my first (and possibly only, being from Australia!) Boston Marathon this year. I loved every minute! Didn’t have a specific time goal although sub 4 would have been nice (only JUST missed the sub 4) but truly the most fun I’ve ever had in a marathon! What a special experience :)

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    1. Congratulations!!! Amazing you came all the way from Australia, wow! Did you qualify to run and if so what race? Great job and I’m glad to hear you loved every minute :)


      1. I did qualify – via the Gold Coast Marathon (arguably the fastest certified marathon course in Australia) – however I am nowhere near at the level now than I was when I qualified – but at least I got there! I would also love to do NYC Chicago and Marine Corps (among others) hence I don’t see myself running Boston again, at least not anytime soon!

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        1. Awesome!! Sounds like a great race! I’m running MCM this fall- it’s a great race that is worth traveling for! You should also check out Honolulu’s marathon- that’s only about half way for you :) Anything else on your calendar?


          1. Ooh yeah I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii! And I hear there’s great shopping there too! Better add that to the list! Not much else planned for me this year – just a few local events, and to start saving for my next US trip :)

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  2. You are an incredible runner. I wonder if I could ever run even a half again. I’ve had trouble lately even getting to five miles. You would think the more you run, the more you can run…

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      1. I was just running about 3-1/4 miles at a time, I’ve stepped it up to 5 miles but by later miles are a total power outage. I’m going to run longer distances and steeper hills. It’s like my lungs and blood oxygen are not cooperating.

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  3. So sorry that Boston didn’t go your way, but thankfully you finished and are not injured, so you can try again with more races in the future. I would love to make it to Boston someday, but I have to actually run a marathon (and fast) to do that so not sure that will happen! Can’t wait to see what your next goal is.

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  4. I just started training (again) to BQ. Started a different job a couple of years ago and the hours really made my training suffer. Finally recommitted and I’m hoping to qualify with in the next year and then run Boston in 2019. I’ve got a couple of chances but hoping to qualify in OKCMM in April 2018. Thanks for the positive energy.

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  5. It’s never too late for a race report! As I get closer to the September application date, I read any and all posts I can find regarding the Boston Marathon. Hopefully my BQ-4:52 will be fast enough to get me in for 2018. I’m thinking it will. I just want to do this race once. I have finally earned that right. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. I was there, too (first Boston). Back of Wave 2 was a cattle drive; couldn’t have run the first half faster if I’d wanted to. So I was behind target pace, but OTOH I had a lot of energy left for the second half and that heat. Funny part is, my wife (spectator/cheerleader) is more interested in going back next year than I am. Definitely worth it to run it once, though!

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  7. Congrats on Boston and your Wedding!!

    I neglected my blog for MONTHS!! And because of that I did a short summary of all the races ran from January to June so I could be caught up and not be so neglectful with starting marathon training!!

    I would someday love to spectate the Boston Marathon!! I am such the social runner that there is no way I would ever qualify to run!!


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  8. I would never qualify for Boston but love reading people’s marathon stories anyway! So well done to you. Hot races are never super fun – half of my running clubmates seem to have had races this last weekend when our UK heatwave started, poor things! I was out at 6.15 this morning to try to miss the heat.

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      1. I’m a sedate lady runner of middle years so I’m pretty sure about never qualifying – but I love that my slow exploits have encouraged lots of other runners to give distance a try and helped them to stretch themselves and achieve more than they expected! Early morning run was GREAT, though, had a friend with me for the middle bit, all good!


  9. :-) to hear from you again.
    :-( Sorry bout Boston but you’ve ticked that box by sounds of it and moved on.
    Hey, a finish is a finish. A PB is always nice but not always possible.
    BTW: Loved the report on your 1st 50k. AWESOME. It’s a good thing to tick off for sure.
    Liked your pointers and knew, first hand, every one of them ;-)
    Knew you could do it!


  10. Boo for not having a “good” Boston race, but I love your perspective. I’m not sure that I’ll do Boston more than once (after I *hopefully* qualify this year) because like you said, you really need to have the fire lit to put in the training. At least for me, someone who BQs don’t come easily to, lol! Right now, I’m training to BQ at St. George in October and I’m putting all of my energy to qualify there as I don’t want to make trying to qualify a loooong process, jajaja!!!


  11. Thanks for your note!! I am actually thinking about signing up for St. George too- I’ve heard it’s a good BQ race! What do you think? What have you heard about that mile 7 hill? Hope your training is going well so far, and I look forward to hearing how it goes!


  12. Thanks so much for coming over to my blog. Having had a little look at yours I’m awed by your achievements. It is really inspiring to see the fitness levels that can be achieved when yesterday I felt so proud of myself for my 3 minute intervals. I’m not saying it diminishes my sense of achievement but it does give me a crazy, slightly terrifying but strangely appealing idea of where this fitness journey could take me.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

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  13. Congrats on another finish! I’ll admit I looked you up when Boston time came around. You are my only connection to the race.

    I’m not really interested in Boston, or any other “normal marathon”. Too many people and too much pavement for this xenophobic old trailrunner. Could I be fast enough? Yeah probably but it just doesn’t pull me.

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      1. Right now, I’m training for my third LA Marathon and working on getting my overall time down. I’m not sure how to accomplish that except to get run higher miles during the months


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