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Fall in Boston: boots, sweaters, pumpkin spiced lattes, colorful leaves…not quite fall 2017! Despite some adventurous Columbus Day weekend hikes like this:


Summer has lingered and we are getting headlines like this:


July & August sailed by, so it’s been nice to enjoy the extra long season. The end of September brought a change for Mark and me, since we moved to a new spot in Boston. Hello, Charlestown! We are settling in to our new place and it’s starting to truly feel like home. Of course I am still figuring out all of the best running routes in the new neighborhood and have loved the harbor views!


Between moving boxes, I am also training for two marathons. My goal race is Philly on November 19th, and I am also running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC as a warmup :) It will be my second time running MCM and 4th time for Philly Marathon– two of my favorite fall races! Here we are at the MCM finish line two years ago:


Mark and I look forward to repeating these incredible MCM memories in less than two weeks!

I typically wouldn’t run two ‘thons so close together, but they’re a month apart and I am working with coaches Julie and Lisa to help prepare me for the back to back runs. With MCM already on my calendar, Boston Marathon 2018 signup in September had something to do with that push for me to sign up for another goal race….here’s hoping for a BQ!

20 miles was on the calendar for this week, and I was happy to log it even though they were somewhat slow, soggy miles with some hint of fall in the trees.


Here’s what’s next for training, leading up to MCM:

weekly mileadge

Between lots of miles, there will be lots of carbs and wine to heal the muscle pain! You should mix in some fun with all that work, right?! :)

What are you currently training for?

Any PRs so far this fall?

Anyone sign up for Boston 2018? If so, where did you qualify?



      1. I would like to say another marathon, but my left hip has been playing up during my last 2 long runs, so I’m currently on a PR of the number of consecutive days not running… (Must be at least 6 weeks now). :-( But, I’m sure I’ll be back! :-)


  1. Looks great! what a full but not busy running schedule. I’m curious what you choose to do to cross-train? I keep meaning to go into a cross-fit but I keep failing to put it into my calendar, I am loathe to give up running time.

    Next up for me: Deadman Peaks 53 miler on Nov 4th.

    Good luck on your marathons! I know you will do a great job!

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    1. 53 miles?! Amazing, is it a trail race? Good luck, you’re an animal! As far as cross training, when I am in the middle of marathon training I opt for easy, aerobic effort cross-training. This could include walking, yoga, and light cycling. I don’t opt for heavy weights or doing anything that may interfere with running. These cross-training days are my days off as well, so I keep it light. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you!!

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  2. I also live in Charlestown, am also running Philly and looking to BQ AND we passed each other on the Charles a few weekends ago :) Best of luck at MCM, I hear it’s a great marathon.

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    1. That’s awesome!! Have you run Philly before?! It’s an awesome race for a BQ. How’s training going? Good luck and keep me posted! Let me know if you ever want a running buddy!


      1. I ran Philly last year when it was 40 degrees and 40 mph winds, but I enjoyed the course and felt good so figured I would go back for my first BQ attempt! Training is going well, although I certainly can do without the humidity! Are you attempting a BQ attempt at both MCM and Philly? I normally would LOVE a run buddy, but I do my weekday runs while at work downtown, and Saturday long/hard runs are so pace specific that I think I would need to be solo. OH, maybe for track workouts from time to time?!


  3. Sounds like you have a plan and I think it must be easier doing a particular marathon a second time (or more). I’ve certainly found it much more relaxing this time round training for my second marathon – I noticed that I was happy hiking around up paths and hills and woodland steps on my holiday last week where I was terribly risk averse before my first. I’m busily tapering for the inaugural (ish, there was one in the 1980s) Birmingham (UK) marathon on Sunday. Unfortunately we have a heatwave coming, but I have done some hot training through the summer so should be OK. Just got my hair dyed in my running club’s colours, so all good to go! Happy marathons yourself!


  4. Good luck. Always wanted to go to the USA and do a marathon! London and Bournemouth UK booked for next year but a trip to the US isn’t out the question! Just where to go!?


  5. Thanks for this beautiful blog! Wonderful pictures …! Good luck with the next 2 marathons :-) In April 2018 I will also run 2 marathons, first Rotterdam (the Netherlands), then Krakau (or Cracovia, in Poland) …

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