Philly Marathon and Winter Training

Today was the first time in a week where I felt a flicker of spring. We were blanketed by a blizzard last weekend but perhaps it’s the sun setting after 5:00 PM or the slightly above-freezing temperatures that is starting to make a difference. But because of that snowstorm, I’ve been relegated to running inside on the treadmill. But I am dreaming of getting outside soon. Binging The OC (yes the TV show from 15 years ago) has almost made me believe I am running along Newport Beach.

Looking backwards though, Boston 2021 is an experience I won’t soon forget. Six weeks after that special weekend, I ran my 3rd Philly marathon on November 21st after claiming a late entry.

Here’s a little race recap:

I didn’t do much training in between Boston and Philly and used my base to get me to the finish line. Initially the plan was to take the race very easy, and I followed the plan until about Mile 16 when I realized I had already passed the “big hill” of the new course and still felt good. This came after an earlier boost when I stopped at the 10k point to hug Mark and the kids. After this hillier section, I turned on my music and focused for the last 10 miles. The Manayunk section around mile 20 also gave me a great push. I’m not sure if it was the initial low expectations or the perfect weather (42, sunny, no wind), but I felt great until about mile 25 where the course turns to an uphill finish. I worked through that last mile and crossed the finish line in 3:31. I was so happy, a feeling that can be fleeting these days. For the first time, I felt fitness come together.

After soaking in the spirit at the finish line, I walked back to our rental in Rittenhouse Square and hugged Mark and the kids.

I had missed these “runcations” since having kids and with the pandemic. I didn’t realize that the world was about to shut down again so I’m thankful to have had that special weekend away.

Looking forwards again, I’m in full Boston Marathon training mode these days as the race is about 2.5 months away! Something recently clicked in terms of motivation. I think it just took a bit of time to recover from my back-to-back marathons last fall. I have signed up for some other races to get me through the next wave of Boston training, including the Martha’s Vineyard relay race and Hyannis Half marathon. The big race I’m signed up for is NYC half in March. Depending how the next few weeks of training go, I’d love to aim for a half marathon PR there.

The biggest addition and positive change to my training recently are the amazing running friends I have found in my small town! They’ve really helped me get out there during the cold wintery days.

**11ish more** weeks to go ’till the big marathon and I hope to keep you more up to date on training! Thanks for following along :)

What are you currently training for?!

How are you handling winter running?


  1. Wm. Allen says:

    Congratulations, well done.


  2. Well done on your time! And good luck with your training.


    1. janerunswild says:

      Thank you so much!


  3. Well done! I have a question about your earphones. I followed your gear page link to Yurbuds, which redirects to (I’m in NZ), so I guess Yurbuds was bought out by JBL. Specifically which model do you use? Thanks.


  4. Josh dV says:


    Happy for the recap and the training update. You are doing amazing and you’re quite the inspiration.

    No races on my calendar this year (yet). I hurt my ankle last year and well, just kinda working back into it. Winter weather is not my ideal running weather and work (I’m a nurse) has been real fun.Mostly just trying to keep moving these days.

    Keep it up


    1. janerunswild says:

      Thank you so much! Sorry to hear about your injury but hope you can get back up in no time. Winter is definitely a struggle!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Liz Dexter says:

    No races on my calendar at the moment, however I was suddenly reminded the other day that I’m in the ballot for London (handily in October not April again this year!) and we’re supposed to hear this month. So I am having a lighter week this week but will start getting things longer again just in case … Good luck with your training and glad you have running buddies locally, which makes all the difference!


  6. Nice running! I have to say I am fully dodging winter running as there is no such thing as cold weather where I am (actually, constantly battling the heat, which is a completely opposite experience) I did start running in the UK so have done some winter running – but run-commuting over ice with a jacket on seems like a long time ago now (It has only been 2.5 years…!) I am currently on the path back from injury, and was training for 3 races, including marathon and a jungle ultra – but 2 of the 3 have been cancelled in the last week, so motivation keeps taking a knock. Luckily I still have the jungle ultra to train for – documenting my training to keep me motivated here if you are interested. Running with friends will be one of my ‘top 5’ for getting re-motivated (on the blog currently being written) Highlighted anchor text here


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