As you can tell from my blog, I love to run, travel, and be out in the wild! Someone once told me that I am like a rolling stone. Some of my favorite memories in my 30-something year old life are combining running and travel (“runcations” are my jam).

I was also lucky enough to take some trips recently that didn’t involve running, and those were fun too! Check out my posts on FranceThailand, Cambodia, Seattle, and Utah herehere, and here

I’m working on recaps of some places I’ve traveled to around the world (Peru, South Africa, Europe, within the USA), and would love to hear your favorite travel destinations as well!

Happy travels!

Some memories from 2015:

IMG_0012Temple in Cambodia

086Angkor Wat, Cambodia

IMG_0037Siem Reap, Cambodia


733Hiking in NH


  1. Phuong Minh says:

    Such great photos! Come to Vietnam, you’d love it there :D We have Son Doong Cave, check it out :D


  2. Sasha says:

    Come back to South Africa:) So many hikes to take you on!

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  3. Have you been in the Philippines..?


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