Canyon City Marathon Review

Happy weekend! Hope yours is off to a great start. I’m heading out on my favorite running path in a few minutes but wanted to stop by to write about one of my previous races since some of you are working towards a BQ!


Last November, I ran the Canyon City marathon just northeast of Los Angeles (Azusa, CA to be exact). Mark had a work trip in Palm Springs and asked if I wanted to join. Without hesitation I said yes and naturally proceeded to research the local races being held that weekend.  This REVEL series marathon and half marathon were on the list, and situated between LA and Palm Springs, so we signed up!

IMG_1150 touts this race as being the #1 fastest marathon in the country, a solid BQ option. I would say that unless you have appropriately trained for severe downhill running (i.e.- no give whatsoever in the first 13 miles), then this might not be a PR for you.

Here are my takeaways from the Canyon City marathon:

  • After running a 1:37 first half, I crossed the finish line in just under 4:00 hours with an incredible positive split. They always say that PRs are made from negative splits (i.e.- a race strategy where you complete the second half of a race faster than the first half). This marathon was not designed for negative splits. The first 13.1 is severely downhill (no give whatsoever), the second 13.1 with rolling hills where even flat grade feels uphill after the intense downhill. The slight bumps in the second half are not inconsequential. Recommendation: proper downhill technique is a must to conquer this race.

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  • Mental game with the change in elevation profile is also essential, and it was lacking for me on race day. As soon as my legs started to cramp at the half-way point, there were few spectators for encouragement and I mentally succumbed to the challenges of this marathon. I was disappointed in myself for allowing these thoughts creep in, and I am continuing to work on my mental strategy and mindset for these situations. I think that I should have just been honest with myself from the beginning that I wasn’t mentally and physically prepared for this race after signing up on a whim. Recommendation: keep your mental game in check and know why you are out there!

  • This is a scenic race. Situated deep in the San Gabriel Mountains, you feel like you’re trail running but able enjoy the easy pavement terrain. Recommendation: take in the spectacular sites along the way. Starting near the summits of these mountains awards you with special views and feelings of being a badass trail runner.


  • Even though the race is held in November, and the location has a relatively dry desert feel, race day temperatures can rise significantly and result in all kinds of problems, especially if you’re not good in the heat. California can get warm no matter the time of year- race day temperatures reached 80 degrees in Azusa (the finish line). Recommendation: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Can’t drink enough water and electrolytes before, during, and after the race.

Photo cred: @azusapdIMG_4550

  • Overall, this felt more like a local race than an overwhelmingly large, corporate race. The organization and direction was top-notch, from the bus transportation to the start, a starting line with plenty of goods and porta potties, and more than enough water stations along the course. I met some interesting people at the start and on the bus, mostly local to the area and mostly just running the race for fun.

Would I run this race again? Unless I am able to adequately train on miles of downhill roads (uncommon in the Boston area), I am not certain I would run this race again. There are many other races out there that area more BQ-friendly for my quads and soul. But thanks Canyon City, for running a scenic, challenging, lovely race that I could add to my list of accomplishments.

Couple of shots from Joshua Tree National park which we visited the following day (definitely recommend checking out if you can!)


What are you running this weekend?

Anyone run a downhill race? What are your thoughts?

Where did you PR? 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo Jane


Real Talk on Running Goals

Goals: the destination of a journey. They should be measurable, observable, the desired result. I always have work goals and several personal and fitness-related goals in my mind at a given time. But these days, following Boston and my first trail ultra, I am feeling a bit unsettled in my fitness plans.  Adding to the lack of running ambitions and motivation has been the post-marriage mentality of ambition fatigue. Mark and I have really enjoyed the last couple of months (and hopefully many more years of happiness to come), but I think that it’s time for some goal setting.



Boston Marathon 2017 Recap: I’m Overdue!

Hope you had a great weekend! Boston is looking good these days.

FullSizeRender (1)

It’s been about two months since Boston marathon, so I thought it was time for a recap! Sorry for the delay, but it was only for good reasons. Boston was actually sandwiched between my wedding and honeymoon in Nepal! After another busy month, I’ve finally had time to put the pen to the paper and reflect on the incredible race.


The Best Podcasts to Get You Through a Run (or life) 2.0

Hope you’re having a great week! I’m happy to be a little more active on the blog. Last year, I published a list of podcasts as an alternative to music on the run. Since there have been so many good podcasts in my queue lately, I have been meaning to generate a new list. No matter what mood you’re in, there is a podcast for you!

Here are some podcasts – going beyond running & fitness this time — that I am currently obsessed with:



Lessons Learned From My First 50K

Summer is off to a bang up here in Boston. The 95 degree heat we felt earlier this week followed a few days in the 40s and 50s last week. Leave it to New England to have crazy weather!

Last Saturday, June 10th, I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge in Central Massachusetts. It was my first 50k and ultramarathon, a distance I never thought I would be able to run.  After signing up for the race months ago in the midst of Boston marathon training, the reality of the ultra distance didn’t hit me until the eve of the race. At that point, I was decidedly too stubborn to back out (that, combined with a little pressure from others :)). Plus, I had signed up with an encouraging friend (thanks Amber!), so it was the best opportunity to check this one off.



Austin Half Marathon Recap

Mark and I spent President’s Day weekend in Austin, TX and we both ran the half marathon on Sunday February 19th. I really enjoyed the race, despite the heat, humidity, and hills, which were a far cry from February in Boston. This race was perfect for my training for the Boston marathon, which seems to be creeping up quickly!

We stayed at a hotel close to the race start, which was very convenient for the 7am start time. I ran a couple of miles on the treadmill to warm up and meet my required long run distance, then I woke Mark up and we were off!

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Wineglass Marathon Recap

Two weekends ago, I ran Wineglass marathon held in beautiful Corning, New York. It was my 18th marathon in my 11th state. I didn’t run my fastest time (3:54), but it was a beautiful race and a fun weekend with friends. My friend Molly also ran the marathon, and had a great race- having her there capped off the experience!