New Favorite Gear: Jaybird Headphones GIVEAWAY!

Happy Friday! This week was a busy one, but I managed to get in some exercise at the end of the work day several times. I’m still trying to figure out my next goal (potentially thinking a bit too much about it these days). While I figure out my next steps in running, I’m still enjoying the summery Boston scenes on my runs.


Today I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!

On my runs, I often go back and forth about carrying headphones. Sometimes it is nice to get out there gadget-free and enjoy some quiet, reflective, soul-searching time on the road or trail. Other times, I love turning up the tunes or podcasts for added motivation or just to pass the time. Nothing makes me move faster than some solid beats in my ears (my sister always makes fun of the random music I listen to)!


We are now in the midst of summer, meaning sweaty, humid runs which may bring real issues with electronics, especially headphones. I have found a pair of headphones that I truly love: Jaybird X3 wireless headphones. These sleek but solid bad boys are sweat-proof with multiple fit and wearing options, so you can customize the way they fit in or around your ear. They’re built to sustain all weather conditions- humidity, rain, wind, snow- Jaybirds are unfazed by the elements. Connecting to the “MySound” app via Bluetooth will allow you to customize the music specs, which results in an excellent sound.

Lastly, Jabrid X3 headphones come in two colors and available at Best Buy, Platinum and Camo…or by reading this blog!


The remote buttons and wireless feature minimizes the fuss while on the go. And very importantly, the 8 hour battery life will usually carry you through an entire workout! :)


I am excited to take these with me on more adventures, no matter the weather!


One lucky reader will win a set.

To enter, just leave a comment saying what’s up!

GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A HAPPY 4TH of JULY WEEKEND! I am heading to Colorado with Mark to visit some dear friends. Hiking, hot springs, and beer tasting (even though I prefer wine) are on the schedule! See you later on Mountain time!

-What are you up to this 4th of July holiday? Any traditions?

Anyone have Colorado recommendations?

-Do you run with headphones? Favorite running gadget?


  1. Coors Brewery tour is free plus you get 3 full size drinks for free after. Celestial Seasoning Tea is a fun tour too if you’re into Tea. Hammond Candy has a tour too but it’s so much exploring their candies. Denver Botanic Garden if you’re into flowers. And Red Rocks Amphitheater is so pretty. I didn’t catch a concert there but people highly recommend it. Have fun!!

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  2. What’s up friend!? Actually it looks like you told us what’s up. I’m always happy to hear that people are getting out there and running when they can. I get that. I go out in the morning before work (4 am wake up) because after work is play with the kids time. It’s also cooler, though I miss out on the sun. Sunny, daytime runs are on the weekends or holidays.

    I used to run with headphones but no more. I prefer to be in my own space and observant of my thoughts and feelings as I run. Though back in the day it was some music and Run! Zombies to keep me moving a bit faster.

    What beats you got going now?

    Where in Colorado are you heading? Beware the Southwest in general right now as it is fire season, though it looks like CO is mostly ok.

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  3. I’m in Oak Park (Chicago) and we make strawberry shortcake then walk to the high school to watch the fireworks. It’s really small townish but I love it!
    Tomorrow is my long run day, I tend to run solo and music has been a welcome addition along with my watch. I like switching up the different play lists that Nike puts together.
    Have a safe and awesome 4th!

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  4. Love hiking around Estes Park or Chautauqua Park in Boulder (Royal Arch trail is awesome!). I usually run with headphones, but lately have been using podcasts on my long runs when I don’t need a ton of external energy. Would love to try some Jaybirds!

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  5. What’s up!?! I haven’t been to Colorado in a long time but the next time I go there I plan on doing the Manitou Incline. If you are near Manitou Springs it is definitely worth the trip.

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  6. What’s up Jane. I do love using headphones while jogging and running but the one I have now are damaged so can’t use it anymore. I did visit a store to buy one but unfortunately we don’t get good headphone choice here in India. How I wish this one was available.

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  7. How interesting. I wear headphones a lot for work (I’m a transcriber as part of my work) and so I LOVE being free of them when running. I did used to like listening to music when I ran – usually hi NRG pop or punk stuff. Have a good holiday weekend. No traditions here as I’m in the UK, apart from knowing my US clients aren’t available!

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  8. My 4th plans including studying for a test and nursing a broken foot :( Denver is an amazing city – hope you have a great time and get a hike in! I second the Denver Botanic Garden rec!

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  9. What’s up?! I love hiking Seven Falls here in Tucson, AZ. Has a nice, ice cold waterfall at the end and it is defiently worth the hike considering the heat haha. Sweating profusely is nothing new over here and I would defiantly like to try these bad boys out!

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  10. What’s up? I am training for the marine corp, its been a tough few days due to the hot humid weather even at 6.30 am. When in Colorado, check out red rock, the hiking around there is pretty nice. By the way the headphones would be great for my training. Enjoy your trip to CO.

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  11. They’re great I have an old freedom and they performe great. I can’t imagine what the x3 can do! I would love them. I need them desperately. :-) Happy 4th July weekend.

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  12. What’s up..!!
    Loveland, CO will be having their anual ARISE music and healing arts festival. Great getaway. Anazing hiking around the area in Estes Park and Devil’s Backbone. Grimm Brother’s Brewery to close the night.

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  13. I’ve tried running with headphones, but because i carry my phone in my hand to keep track of how Im doing, the cords get tangled and keep getting ripped out of my ears.

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