Staying Fit While Traveling

Happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a great week full of Halloween treats. I haven’t checked in since Marine Corps Marathon on October 22nd, but just wanted to say that it was one of my most memorable races to date for several reasons. Stay tuned for a recap and some takeaways from the day!

In other news, Mark and I are in the middle of planning our next getaway- thinking of heading to South America! I have always been intrigued by that part of the world, as I grew up hearing my mom’s travel adventures from when she explored the region when she was about my age. While away, I’d like to keep up my fitness as much as possible but know how tough it can be while on vacation.

With the desire to just lay back and relax for the duration of your stay combined with the temptation of on-the-go treats, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up with fitness.  Here are some quick tips I have learned over time to keep motivated and focused during your travels.

Bring equipment with you

Although it’s unlikely you’ll be able to bring a gym’s worth of stuff with you while traveling, there’s some smaller equipment that won’t take up much room on your carry-on. Consider bringing a jump rope for a quick burst of cardio in the mornings – after all, just ten minutes can be as beneficial as 45 minutes of running, as suggested by Cosmopolitan.

And why not bring a yoga mat or foam roller (travel size), too? Roll it up and stuff it in your bag – once you’re abroad, find a quiet spot and unwind. Yoga is one of the most effective workouts and also one of the best for relieving stress and tension. The key to this tip is planning ahead!


Use your surroundings

Make the most of the environment by using it as a natural gym. Find areas where you can do some strength and cardio workouts just by using your surroundings – Nerd Fitness recommends features such as bus stops or sturdy tree branches for pull-ups, for example.

I love exploring new areas by foot- it’s the best way to fully immerse into a new place. There are plenty of ways to utilize the environment in a workout. Just look around you and see how you can adapt it to your benefit – even something such as a hilly hike would do wonders. Why not push yourself and reach for higher goals by climbing a mountain? Don’t limit yourself – any activity is good activity.


Or even better: sign up for a race in a new destination!

This is my favorite way to maintain fitness while traveling. Running a destination race is a great way to explore the area, meet new people, and combine some exciting activities.


Try out new activities

Sometimes, you don’t even need to do an actual exercise routine to keep fit. Just take part in some challenging or new activities – white water rafting, cycling, hiking, climbing – and you’ll be keeping up shape and having fun at the same time.


As long as you’re staying active and on the move while also maintaining a healthy diet (it’s reported that 44% of travelers tend to fall into bad habits while traveling), you’ll keep in top shape without having to try hard at all. 

It’s worth it – there’s nothing worse than heading back to the gym once you’re home after an unhealthy vacation.

Hope you enjoy those quick tips- what are your favorite ways of staying in shape while traveling?

Anyone planning any vacations? Anyone explore South America?

What are your bucket-list destinations/trips? My top three places are 1) The Pyramids 2) Country of Georgia and 3) Japan 4) Because I love to travel, I’ll include a 4th: traveling across Canada.

How was your Halloween?!

This article was written in collaboration with TINZ.



Slice of Life

Fall in Boston: boots, sweaters, pumpkin spiced lattes, colorful leaves…not quite fall 2017! Despite some adventurous Columbus Day weekend hikes like this:


Summer has lingered and we are getting headlines like this:


July & August sailed by, so it’s been nice to enjoy the extra long season. The end of September brought a change for Mark and me, since we moved to a new spot in Boston. Hello, Charlestown! We are settling in to our new place and it’s starting to truly feel like home. Of course I am still figuring out all of the best running routes in the new neighborhood and have loved the harbor views!


Between moving boxes, I am also training for two marathons. My goal race is Philly on November 19th, and I am also running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC as a warmup :) It will be my second time running MCM and 4th time for Philly Marathon– two of my favorite fall races! Here we are at the MCM finish line two years ago:


Mark and I look forward to repeating these incredible MCM memories in less than two weeks!

I typically wouldn’t run two ‘thons so close together, but they’re a month apart and I am working with coaches Julie and Lisa to help prepare me for the back to back runs. With MCM already on my calendar, Boston Marathon 2018 signup in September had something to do with that push for me to sign up for another goal race….here’s hoping for a BQ!

20 miles was on the calendar for this week, and I was happy to log it even though they were somewhat slow, soggy miles with some hint of fall in the trees.


Here’s what’s next for training, leading up to MCM:

weekly mileadge

Between lots of miles, there will be lots of carbs and wine to heal the muscle pain! You should mix in some fun with all that work, right?! :)

What are you currently training for?

Any PRs so far this fall?

Anyone sign up for Boston 2018? If so, where did you qualify?


Tips for Staying Hydrated

Thanks to Melissa McDonough, RD, CSSD and Coaches Julie & Lisa @ Run Farther and Faster for providing much of this content.

Summer running means sweat, slower paces, and serious tans (please apply sunblock before heading out the door!). Just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean you need to scrap your run. Appropriate hydration techniques will help get you through those sizzling days.

Dehydration can lead to serious complications, so staying hydrated should be a main focus for runners and non-runners alike. Depending on the climate, you should aim to get about 2 to 4 L of water throughout each day – approximately 8 to 16 cups.  You may need to modify your total fluid intake each day depending on how active you are, or for factors such as gender, weight, age, heat, humidity and altitude.



Colorado Adventures & Happy 4th

Happy Independence Day! We are having a great time here in Colorado- thank you for all of the recs! Hard to fit it all in, but we are doing our best :)

I wanted to stop by and wish you a great holiday wherever you are! Also congrats to the Jaybird sport winner! Hope you enjoy the headphones as much as I do! Stay tuned for additional Giveaways.

Here are some Colorado highlights so far:

We spent our first full day going all around Denver. We hit up the Denver Botanic garden: so beautiful, even in a sweltering hot day. Hello dry heat!



New Favorite Gear: Jaybird Headphones GIVEAWAY!

Happy Friday! This week was a busy one, but I managed to get in some exercise at the end of the work day several times. I’m still trying to figure out my next goal (potentially thinking a bit too much about it these days). While I figure out my next steps in running, I’m still enjoying the summery Boston scenes on my runs.



Canyon City Marathon Review

Happy weekend! Hope yours is off to a great start. I’m heading out on my favorite running path in a few minutes but wanted to stop by to write about one of my previous races since some of you are working towards a BQ!


Last November, I ran the Canyon City marathon just northeast of Los Angeles (Azusa, CA to be exact). Mark had a work trip in Palm Springs and asked if I wanted to join. Without hesitation I said yes and naturally proceeded to research the local races being held that weekend.  This REVEL series marathon and half marathon were on the list, and situated between LA and Palm Springs, so we signed up!



Real Talk on Running Goals

Goals: the destination of a journey. They should be measurable, observable, the desired result. I always have work goals and several personal and fitness-related goals in my mind at a given time. But these days, following Boston and my first trail ultra, I am feeling a bit unsettled in my fitness plans.  Adding to the lack of running ambitions and motivation has been the post-marriage mentality of ambition fatigue. Mark and I have really enjoyed the last couple of months (and hopefully many more years of happiness to come), but I think that it’s time for some goal setting.