Welcome to Jane Runs Wild!

Hi, I’m Jane!

I am a 30-something from Boston, MA and I love to run, travel, and be out in the wild! Follow my blog for a glimpse into all of those things.


The History:

I started running with my high school track team and continued with shorter distances into college. I built up the courage to try longer distances post-college and I signed up for my first half marathon on May 2010. My first 13.1 miler was full of highs and lows, but as soon as I crossed the finish line I wanted to tackle my next big goal: the full marathon.

In 2011, my sister and I agreed to run our first marathon together. We trained by following Hal Higdon’s Marathon: Novice 1 . On race day, I had no idea what to expect, but once I crossed the finish line I knew that this would not be my last marathon.  Since then I’ve run 12 more marathons, and each one was its own unique experience! One of my big goals was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have twice met the official qualifying time, but both times ended up missing the final cut because of the number of registrants!

The Blog:

With encouragement from friends, family, and fellow runners, including an elite runner that I highly respect, I decided to move away from a strict time goal and instead focus on my love for:

  • Running long distances
  • Travelling the world
  • Exploring the great outdoors


Most recently I ran the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon. Next up (so far) in 2016: Paris MarathonMissoula MT Marathon, Wineglass Marathon, and Miami Half Marathon.

Stay tuned to Jane Runs Wild for travel tips, runcations, marathon training, and other adventures! Hope you enjoy!

xoxo Jane