Seattle Review

A few months ago, my sig Mark and I jetted off to Seattle for a long weekend. We loved our time in this beautiful northwestern city- including the food and coffee,  and access to amazing national parks!

FullSizeRender (5)

Trail runners/hikers/outdoors enthusiasts: I’m sure you’re aware of Mount Rainier National Park. A roughly two hour-three drive from Seattle, the park offers many hikes of different durations and difficulties. Mark and I drove out to the northwestern section of the park for a two hour hike which started at Mowich Lake– an unbelievably crystal clear and majestic sight!


Our hike ended with a great view of the peak.


On the other side of Seattle, across Puget Sound, is Olympic National Park– another incredible wilderness area. Olympic is slightly less accessible than Mt. Rainier given that it’s situated across the sound, but the ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island adds to the adventure.


We decided on a day hike in Hurricane Ridge– similar to Rainier, the park offers many different hikes at different levels and durations.


Hurricane Ridge gave us a wide range of incredible scenic views- including the amazing Olympic Mountains that stand almost 8,000 feet high!

FullSizeRender (4)

The Ridge is accessible via a windy paved road up the side of the ridge- not ideal for those who are afraid of heights!


Running/cycling/walking/multi recreational paths in Seattle:

*Burke-Gilman Trail. This 27 mile paved loop around city offers great views of the city and a tour of some of Seattle’s great neighborhoods. We enjoyed our long run on the Burke-Gilman trail and would highly recommend it!

*Green Lake Park. The paved loop just under three miles around the lake offers many water fountains and plenty of parking. Nice flat course!


Seattle has so many amazing food options, you’ll never go hungry! Check out Pike Place Market for some great food options. The city is full of great bars too, a well as coffee shops (hello Starbucks!).

175Pike Place Market

One thing to keep in mind: Seattle is a very hilly city, so you will get in a good workout wherever you run or walk!


View from the space needle– touristy but we recommend it for the views of the city!

We loved Seattle and hope we get a chance to go back soon!


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