Boston Marathon Training Begins

Summer weather has arrived in New England! It caught me off guard and I had to quickly dig out the sealed summer gear and restock on sunscreen and glide.

8 miles in 80 degrees on Friday, 6 miles in 90 degrees yesterday. These views yesterday made the miles fly by.

It was so fun to run along the Charles with a friend this weekend. Back to where my running journey started many years ago!

During these first few training runs, I reflected on the tremendous generosity of my community with regards to my Massachusetts General Hospital Pediatric Cancer fundraiser for the marathon. I mentioned this in the previous post, but my goal is to raise $8,000 to help support innovative pediatric cancer treatment and research at Mass General. This is the first time I am raising money for a charity and it’s been an inspiring experience so far. I am now working on some events over the summer (some virtual, some in person) to carry me through to the finish line of my fundraising goal.

Crossing the yellow-painted finish line at the Boston Marathon will certainly carry a little more weight this year as I think about Mass General and patients in need.

Before that, there are months of training ahead! My training will kick off with a couple months of base building before I move on to more specific marathon training as we approach October 11th. I am following this general plan, made by my coach!

I am looking for some local races to build up to this summer. It looks like our town’s local 4th of July road race will be on so I am looking forward to that. With Massachusetts opening more fully later this month, I am optimistic to find a few more races. More on that in a future post! In the meantime, I will be here running solo miles, stroller miles, or hopefully some miles with new running friends around here.

Thanks for following along!

What are you currently training for?

Anyone running Boston this year?

Where is your favorite place to run? Mine is still the Esplanade- so many fun memories with lots of different people!


  1. I hope some of that nice warm weather is heading over here! You also just reminded my about the sponsorship – which I hope is now done! I’m training for the Sierre-Zinal which is a bit of a brute of an event, but everyone needs a challenge! 😊


    1. janerunswild says:

      Mike, I am so grateful for your generous donation! I sent a note in another post, but can you please send me your email? Many thanks! I hope training for Sierre-Zinal continues to go well :)


  2. usabaker says:

    Good to read your blog again, I think the last time was in 2016. Good to see you are still running! I’m working on my comeback so just training to restack my building blocks.


  3. Liz Dexter says:

    Lovely photos! I have a half-marathon (a real race!) in October I’m doing with a friend who I run quite a lot with – her kid is doing it but is way faster so she asked if I’d like to go round with her. Then I have to decide in January if I want to sign up for one last marathon (Reykjavik). Still undecided at the moment. Good luck for your training and fundraising!


  4. annecreates says:

    I’m not ready for summer running! But high temps and humidity are already here in Virginia. Sigh. Looking forward to following your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. janerunswild says:

      Good luck with your training and stay cool!!! I welcome any summer running tips from you :)

      Liked by 1 person

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