The Best Podcasts to Get You Through a Run (or life) 2.0

Hope you’re having a great week! I’m happy to be a little more active on the blog. Last year, I published a list of podcasts as an alternative to music on the run. Since there have been so many good podcasts in my queue lately, I have been meaning to generate a new list. No matter what mood you’re in, there is a podcast for you!

Here are some podcasts – going beyond running & fitness this time — that I am currently obsessed with:


  • Binge Mode: Game of Thrones: This hilarious podcast broadcasted by the Ringer is certainly binge-worthy. In fact, I am already mid-way through Season 2 after one week of listening- gotta get through the rest by July 17th! Hosts Mallory and Jason will keep you entertained with detailed recaps and discussions of every single GOT episode (i.e. – 60 episodes total through Season 6). I love all of the added history that the hosts bring from their knowledge of the books and their takes on all of the characters. It’s all very funny, very entertaining, and will distract you from any run.
  • Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast: Wanderlusts have to check this one out! Hosted by husband and wife duo Travis and Heather, this podcast offers great travel stories, advice, and destination inspiration. The focus is travel on a budget, which is good for travel addicts like me! Hosts have positive attitudes and general laid back attitudes, and they often bring on guest speakers who have experienced many unique and interesting situations. Those with an insatiable travel bug be warned!
  • The Runner’s World Show: Interviews on this podcast are interesting and provide helpful insights into all things running. I loved following editor in chief David Willey’s quest for a BQ- and could relate to his heartaches, struggles, ambitions, and ultimate joy. I especially enjoy the interviews with other runners and their stories as well as the more newsy running updates for the week. The podcast is going through some host changes, but I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next.
  • My Favorite Murder: This crime-filled podcast is very unlike my usual repertoire, but I enjoy it. Hosts Karen and Georgia have great chemistry and their mostly unscripted episodes dive into the details of some of America’s most interesting (and grotesque- you’ve been warned!) crimes. The psychological and legal aspects of the murders are intriguing- and in between the witty banter, I often find myself reflecting on the different views of life.
  • Ultramarathon News: This podcast makes my list for the second time around. Hosts Eric and Sara offer tremendous insight into the world of ultra running through their entertaining, informative interviews with elites and running mortals alike. I felt more prepared for my first ultra last weekend after having listened to countless hours of these two and their guest speakers. The achievements of many of the speakers are unparalleled given the distances and skills, but I find their stories fascinating and inspiring. Sarah and Eric make a grueling topic like ultra marathons enjoyable, and they will most definitely help you get through a long run.


What are YOUR favorite podcasts? Do you also listen to any of the above?

Do you prefer listening to podcasts, music, or neither while running?

What are you up to this weekend? I am seeing some friends and family for father’s day. Still in recovery from last weekend’s race, but looking what to schedule next on the calendar :)


  1. All about the podcasts while running–I think music makes me concentrate on the task at hand, podcasts distract me from it! Great list, there is seriously not enough time in the day for everything I want to listen to! Thanks!

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      1. I’m a bit of a political junkie so I love Slate Political Gabfest and also On the Media. I listen to a LOT of public radio so much of my listening stems from there and are shows that air during the week and I catch up through the podcasts. Makes the time fly. Although I’m quite sure people often think I’m crazy when I laugh out loud or yell back in response to what someone is saying in my ears 😂.

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  2. I have been listening to Up and Vanished and needless to say I am actually looking forward to a road trip to the beach today because I get hours of listening. I never thought I would be so addicted!

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  3. I also listen to Extra Pack of Peanuts and Runner’s World podcasts and love them both. I also like Zero to Travel. It’s in the similar vein as EPOP and the host and Travis Sherry are good friends so occasionally they’ll join forces.

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    1. I also love zero to travel! That will likely make my next set of favorite podcasts. My favorite episode so far is the Georgia one on both EPOP & zero to travel (with Travis being interviewed). Makes me really want to go there! Happy Friday!

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  4. I’d recommend no such thing as a fish. It’s light and funny and about the right length for a ten kilometer run. For a longer run how about the rich roll podcast. I don’t agree with some of the things he says but that makes it all the more engaging.


  5. I have gotten to the point now where I only listen to podcasts when I run… I binged on S-Town, which is only a 6-part story. I listen to “Wait, Wait, don’t tell me”, “Fresh Air”, and “Two Dope Queens.” That last one his hilarious! There is foul language, so it isn’t for the easily offended. I like it because I get to hear comedians I’ve never heard of and I’m a big fan of Jessica Williams from the Daily Show. :) “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” is also a big favorite of mine. I’m planning to check out the ones above, too.

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  6. I listen to “My Dad Wrote a Porno” yes it is kind of naughty, but it is totally hilarious.
    This clearly is not for everyone, but is no worse than “Fifty shades of grey”. I laugh out loud while listening this.
    For the true crime fans I would recommend “Sword and Scale” very well produced.

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  7. I love podcasts but I just listen to them while I work! I’ve only recently started running with music again since I didn’t use music at all while I was triathlon training, but now the longs are building up I can sometimes do with the distraction. I’ll have to give some of these podcasts a go, thank you! Sarahx

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