Baby and Races Update

Happy New Year, over a month in! If blogging is a resolution, then I have already fallen off the bandwagon. But I’m hoping to pick it up more regularly since I love this outlet.

So much has happened in the past 12 months- too many details to divulge, but the most important update is that I had a baby in July! Baby Grant is now almost 7 months old, so we are beyond the fourth (even fifth?) trimester and on to enjoying life with a hastily developing little boy.


At this point, Grant is mostly sleeping through the night, making new noises, expressions, and movements by day (and thus keeping his parents laughing every day). He’s fascinated with the world- sometimes making me wish I was a little less jaded myself. I count my blessings every day and can’t imagine life without my little man.


I went back to work a couple of months ago, and it has been a continuous adjustment. I am working on a post with my lessons learned- and those I am still working out- as a working mom. But overall, I am glad that I went back and gave it a try. It was not an easy decision, but ultimately I wasn’t ready to give up on my career that I have built! I recognize that not everyone has the choice- certainly not in previous years- and do not take it for granted. The key thing is that my work place has been a flexible, welcoming environment for me, and that’s made the transition much easier.


As far as running-I am also still trying to figure out the logistics of keeping up my goals while balancing family and work. I had been training for the Houston half in January, but had to cancel plans last minute because baby was under the weather. Being a new parent is all about being flexible, am I right?! I was disappointed but there are other races! In fact, I have added a local half (Hyannis) to my calendar with some friends and can’t wait to get back out there!


My post-baby training cycle for Houston and now Hyannis (and a spring/summer marathon) has been decent. I’ve learned a lot about getting back into running after a baby (for another post!).

Bottom line– it’s amazing what your body can do, and you WILL get back into shape, but it does take time. I thought that my body would have “remembered” the pre-pregnancy fitness, but coming back was like starting from zero, or below zero. My legs, core, butt, arms, everything had to re-learn how to run as if I had never had run before. At least that’s what I felt like. Part of that may have to do with me not running through pregnancy, but I do think that giving myself plenty of time to slowly build up has been a key part of this cycle.


Here’s the postpartum plan I generally followed starting this fall while working with my favorite coaches:

  • Build up from walking ~5 days a week to 4-5 days of running with 1-2 days of cross training (walking, elliptical, spin) and a rest day
  • Conversational paces for most runs, built up to adding in 2X workouts/week
  • Long runs building from 8 miles to 15 miles. This was made so much easier by running with my new neighborhood crew of motherrunners!!
  • Strength training (core & glute exercises) on the calendar for 2X week, but I basically managed this once a week. Someday I will get better at strength training!
  • Lots of attention on stretching before and after runs. Foam rolling at least twice a day in the morning and evening.


Now I am navigating wintery paths (unlike the pretty scenes of the esplanade this fall!) and have turned to the treadmill more frequently, which I have learned to not hate. It really helps me get in those runs!

Have a great run today!

What are you currently training for? Hyannis half and a marathon in June! I want to run allll the races after taking the past year off while being pregnant!

What’s your favorite podcast? I am looking for some new ones as I increase the miles Check out Run Farther & Faster podcast on your next run!

Thanks for following!! Check back with you soon!



Namaste in 2018

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile! I hope we can reconnect like old friends, where it seems like no time ever has passed when you reunite. 2018 has been a busy year so far and has taken us through several snow storms and balmy days (west coasters and southerners, 50 degrees is warm for Boston!), exciting and strange movies (calling out “Shape of Water” here), a soul-gripping Patriots football game (sorry Jaguars fans), and a quick Florida getaway to see my parents.


IMG_6459 (1).JPG

I have cut back on running for several reasons, which I’ll go into in another post! This includes a desire to change things up a bit, but I have kept up my fitness with lots of walking (treadmill and outside when it’s not snowing/arctic cold) here in Boston:


I’ve also gone to many spinning, barre, and yoga classes. Some thoughts on yoga: 2018 yoga has been different than other times I’ve practiced. This time around it’s more of a focus rather than a supplement to running. It’s been refreshing to switch the focus on this new hobby, for now at least! Yoga has continued to demonstrate my inflexibility, but I can tell my body feels stronger in other areas. I’m sure my flexibility will increase as I continue- and it’s just setting me up protection from future injury. Namaste to all that!


I am aiming to get back into my running routine this fall and have applied for the NYC marathon. Who knows, maybe I will be the 10% that gets into the race this way! If I don’t make it in to NYC, I will look for other fall races. Just thinking about the potential races gets me very excited!

So with that, here are some of my short/longer term goals for the upcoming year:


I know it’s 25 days into the goal-setting season, but as I’m always 5 minutes late to everything so this seems like a fitting delay for written goals.

One more from Florida:IMG_6458

What race(s) are you training for?

What’s your favorite fall race? Did you apply to NYC marathon lottery?

Have you seen any Oscar nominees? My favorite so far has been Ladybird!! <3

Benefits of Being Outside

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Mondays can be tough, and beyond this fact there are many life situations which cause stress to enter into our lives. Studies have suggested that proximity to greenspace and exposure to natural environments can be associated with many mental health benefits including mood and self-esteem boosts, lower levels of stress, and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s even been shown that spending time being immersed in the outdoors has resulted in feelings of awe and inspiration. Personally, I often feel more relaxed, recharged, optimistic, and often inspired when I surround myself in nature while running, hiking, or walking.


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