5k on a Sunday

I ran a 5k this morning (Boston River Run). It was a great race, a benefit for the Andrew Graham Semper Fi Fund, a scholarship at Bunker Hill CC.

IMG_0943More beautiful Boston foliage!

The race was held along the Charles River in Boston- couldn’t have been more convenient to get to!

FullSizeRenderGetting ready to run!

Some thoughts about running a 3.1 mile race:

  1. Even though the distance is much shorter than a marathon, the race is a challenge of it’s own. Shorter distance = faster pace. It was a good way for me to start to introduce speedwork into my routine- lots more of that to come over the next few months! I was happy with my overall pace for this race, although next time I will try to push a little harder.
  2. A race is a race- no matter the distance. It’s still an accomplishment and leaves you with positive feelings once you cross the finish line.
  3. You can still learn from a 5k distance- even more so since I haven’t run that distance in awhile. It was chilly this morning but I ended up being overdressed. I was a little overheated by the end.


Pre-race shot

The race left me excited to run another, perhaps my town’s turkey trot in a few weeks?!

After a large post-race brunch with friends (fellow runners, including a friend who ran her first race today!!), I am vegging/watching the Patriots/enjoying the rest of the day off before a busy week ahead. Hope you all have a great Sunday! 


  1. thestarter1978 says:

    Oh well done! What was your time?


    1. janerunswild says:

      Thank you! I took it relatively easy and ran a 23:39 race. Happy with the overall result! Good luck with your training.


  2. molly212 says:

    I am so mad I missed this! It looks like it was a gorgeous day for a race, and you and Mark look great as usual. Keep up the motivational posts! I know we will all be able to use them as the Boston weather starts to turn…


    1. janerunswild says:

      We missed you too!! Next time! :)


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