Miami Marathon Review and a Destination Half!

A couple of years ago I ran the Miami Marathon (I also ran the half marathon in January, 2016- check out the recap here!). I signed up to run this race in January with some friends, knowing that it wouldn’t be a goal race but a recovery/fun race (being in Miami and all!). I had run Philadelphia Marathon two months prior and was a bit disappointed with my finish. I crossed the line in my goal time, however did not feel physically well during the race and post-race, so wanted to move on from that as soon as possible. I have more thoughts on the idea of jumping into running another race too quickly following a disappointing performance- stay tuned for a future post on this!


Needless to say, Miami Marathon would not ultimately be my “comeback” race (that wouldn’t happen for a couple of years), but I did enjoy my time out there.

FullSizeRender (6)
Boston runner feeling the Miami heat!

Positive memories about running Miami marathon include:

  1. The race is relatively flat- the only hills are the highway overpasses connecting the islands.
  2. The race had adequate water and fuel stations, and plenty of support from volunteers.
  3. Course is fairly scenic, running throughout the city and Miami beach. I was tempted to drop out and jump in the cool ocean on more than one occasion! I was also tempted to drop out and head to the clubs that were still active when I arrived to the race.
  4. Spending a weekend in Miami in January. 80 degree weather always beats 10 degrees.
  5. Excellent pre-and post-food options, including one of my favorite restaurants Yardbird, can be found everywhere in Miami.
  6. Expo is well organized and situated conveniently with lots of parking or walking distance if staying in Miami Beach.

039View of the city from Brickell

Some things to keep in mind if you are running Miami Marathon (or the Half Marathon):

  1. Even though the race is in January and starts before sunrise, it’s Miami in January. This is a hot race, and not ideal for a PR. It’s one to enjoy as a destination race. Drink water and/or Gatorade at every water station!
  2. The second half of the marathon is always tougher than the first, but even more so given this marathon’s course. Miles 14-19, the first few miles post-half marathon finish, are a bit boring, and this continues when you cross into Coconut Grove (mile 19) until mile 22 (to the start of the Rickenbacker Causeway). After the causeway, you head back into downtown, where the crowds and entertainment pick up.
  3. Wear sunscreen, even though the race starts before sunrise. Miami sun is intense, particularly if you haven’t seen the sun in months.
  4. Enjoy being in such a fun city and make sure to load up on Cuban food post-race (not recommended pre-race!)


So much relaxation and recreation in Miami!

Mark and I decided to head back to Miami this January and run the half marathon. It will be a great training race for Paris, and well, an ideal time of year to get out of Boston.  Can’t wait to explore Miami more!

588Miami Beach 



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