Today was the last early-morning for this week!

I am really starting to love early-morning runs before the sun rises. In fact, as soon as the sun starts to rise around 6:45 am these days, I feel a little less hard core (only half kidding!). Maybe I will give up the routine as quickly as I formed the habit, but something about the darkness of early morning runs makes it more exciting so I will keep at it for now!

2015-09-treetops-58Not the Boston night sky! Taken by my friend @imnotquitejack in NH last month!

My long runs will continue in the later hours of the day on the weekends. As opposed to weekday runs, I typically carry my phone and GU/honey stingers with me on long runs and races. Carrying gear can be a hassle (I like keeping my hands free), but I’ve found it to be very easy when using a SPIbelt.

SPIbelts in action on race days:IMG_1465IMG_1464

I love the way that the belt fits around my waist- never rides up or down- the belt is adjustable so it can fit all sizes, and can fit even larger items like the iPhone 6. The pocket never bounces even if it’s filled with my goods. The original SPIbelt comes in many colors- I personally have the navy blue and starts and stripes models. I have noted that the SPIbelt is water resistant, so during rainy runs, I keep my phone in a plastic bag.

FullSizeRender (21)

SPIbelt is giving away one original belt to a lucky reader—color of your choice!

FullSizeRender (12)

SPIbelt with an iphone

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment! If you want more entries then share the giveaway on instagram, twitter, or facebook. Be sure to email your friends and leave a separate comment telling me that you did!
Giveaway ends Friday!

Thanks for reading this blog!! Good luck!


  1. I’m a morning runner two, twice a week. I’m taking a short break from running for injury, but when I was doing morning runs I always could count on running friends to join. Since I’ve had to take a break, they’ve stopped the morning runs. Hopefully they’ll pick back up with me in a few weeks! I feel pretty badass being out there before the sun is up too, especially now that we’re heading into winter.

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  2. I love your dedication!! I sometimes rise early for a run but more often than not i will go after work. Its fairly difficult with a 4 week old baby and 3 year old to manage early mornings all week, I grab all the sleep i can get at the moment ha :)

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  3. I started running at 5am 3x/week since this last summer for my first marathon (not enough running for that but that’s another story lol!) i love the early mornings, when the kids sleep all night anyway. I was always trying to figure out how to carry stuff. I remember you showing me the spibelt at my first half. Ive kinda fell off the wagon with running recently except for a few 5K’s. I have a half planned in February so I’m trying to get my act together :) love this blog!

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  4. Seriously wish I had purchased one with race bib toggles a few years ago; opted for a race belt with toggles and no pocket — have regretted the decision ever since. Really would like the pocket option.

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  5. I have a more significant belt that I use for long runs which holds two water bottles, it’s great, but this seems like it would be great when something smaller is needed.
    I’ve only done one run in the dark and it was in the fall. It was pretty cool to be out as the sun was coming up.

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  6. I’ve heard good things about the SPIbelt and you just added to their very positive reputation. I’m honestly not likely to wear it but I know people that would!


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