Winter Has Arrived & New Running Shoes

Well suddenly winter has arrived in Boston!

Bring out the long down coats and all other warm clothing! This first week of January has been especially tough for running due to a busy work schedule and frigid temperatures! My coaches have said that flexibility is key for successful winter running, and my schedule serves as a guideline, not a mandate. I’ve managed to get in two seven mile runs, but I haven’t followed my schedule precisely. I opted to skip my speed work for warmer temperatures later in the week as running fast in cooler temperatures is sometimes not ideal!

I did warm up after being frozen for the first 15 minutes during last night’s 7 miler! In last night’s run, I passed by a couple of great Boston sites:


Just kidding, that photo was taken by my friend’s drone (thanks @imnotquitejack!). This is what I saw last night at ground level:


Two late Christmas gifts came in the mail recently:


  1. Brooks GTS 16’s! I love them so far- they fit perfectly on my feet and I don’t feel like I need to break them in. There are no sizing issues here like the GTS 15’s. I also kind of dig the color. Brooks shoes for the win!


2. These glasses, which are just as essential as my new shoes! I recently experimented with the half marathon vs. marathon wine glass measurements and now there is another reason why the 26.2 distance remains my favorite! :)

As I thawed out from last night’s run, I looked at some of my favorite sunset pictures (taken in Naples, FL, Santa Monica, CA, and Boston) for some extra mental warmth.

IMG_2012IMG_2015IMG_2017Home sweet home! Sailboats in the Charles seem like a distant memory!

Enjoy your day! What’s something that you’re looking forward to today?

What running shoes do you wear?

Are you running inside on the treadmill these days or braving the cold?


  1. I used to wear Brooks GTS but have switched to the Saucony Guide. Both are excellent. Even though I live in the Chicago area, I’m a winter weather wuss and retreat to my local indoor track when the temperature drops below freezing. These Boston pics make me miss my hometown. Looking forward to returning to run the Boston Marathon this spring!


    1. It’s so great that you’re running with a group! I need to do more of that myself- it is definitely a goal for 2016! Running with others can be more fun and distracting from the weather! Have fun tonight!


  2. I’m braving the cold for the most part (although it’s only been in the 20s-30s here), but I’ve been inside for most of my speed work because there is snow on all the outdoor tracks. The treadmill is a struggle for me, so I avoid it whenever possible. So far this year, I’ve only had to use it twice, both for speed workouts.

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    1. Good for you! I find running on the treadmill for speed to be really difficult, although I guess the machine allows you to have some precise times. It’s great that you’ve been flexible about running on the ‘tread though! Good luck :)

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  3. I love those wine glasses. I think I need to get those for Rock for Valentines Day! I’m a huge fan of Asics. I really wanted to love Brooks and gave them a try but they just don’t work for me. It’s funny how differently we all into shoes.


    1. I’ve heard great things about Hokas, I just can’t get myself to test them out. Maybe you guys should check them out at the Maui marathon- I’m sure they’ll be at the expo!


      1. Yep, the Hoka’s are interesting – surprisingly light and so far I’ve been kinda impressed but definitely need some more miles. Without a doubt the go to shoe though are the Glycerin’s and it will be the (Glycerin) 12’s lining up in Maui! When I get a few more miles on the Hoka’s, I’ll post a summary. And, awesome wine glasses…we gotta get those!


          1. I have 4-5 pairs in the active rotation and usually order a new pair when a shoe that I’m using gets up to around 300 miles – especially if it’s the one I’m using for long runs or marathons, but I’ll admit I’ll also buy on impulse if I see a great sale, which is how I got the Hokas or if a favorite model like the glycerin gets an update, I’ll go back and the previous version as they usually go on sale. I would guess I end up buying 2, maybe 3 pairs a year. Eventually I’ll go a year without as I’ll have them sitting on a shelf in boxes…that’s what I say anyway :)


  4. Endless wind and rain storms have been the snag here. Hail and sleet today. I walk the hills with the dog every day whatever the weather, go to the gym if running is out of the question and run whenever I can. I’m enjoying it anyway and trying not to beat myself up about not keeping to schedule.
    Love the photos


  5. Nice looking shoes.

    Lots of rain and snow here in ABQ so the trails have been a bit iffy but my shoes handle them well. I’m currently switching between Altra Superior 2.0 and Icebug Acceleritas 4, though I’ve been thinking I should put my Vibram trailrunners back on soon.


  6. I’m definitely braving he cold in Berlin! The snow started to melt which made it very slippery today, so I’ve bought some Yaktrax to go over my shoes for my trail run tomorrow. Is that the famous Boston marathon Citgo sign I’ve heard about?

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  7. I run mostly in Mizuno inspires. I really love them! They give me some support without too much extra weight. I have a pair of New Balance 870’s that I wore for a bunch of my long marathon training runs too. I’m looking for a new trail shoe this year to wear for my ultra! I’ve run in Salomon’s before and love them. As far as running inside or outside, I try to get as many outside runs in as possible. Living in Maine, that can sometimes get tricky! I despise long treadmill runs, so as long as it’s above 15 degrees out, I’ll be running outside!

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    1. I’ve heard about the inspires and they sound like a great shoe! I’d visit REI if there’s one near you for trail running shoes- that store has such a great selection! Good luck training for your race this spring! Some friends are running the Maine coast marathon in May, I’m thinking of joining but haven’t committed. It looks great! I love Maine! :)

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      1. I think the Maine Coast Marathon is the same week as the Sugarloaf Marathon. I’ll be running the 15k there. If you have not committed to anything yet, it’s worth checking out! It’s a beautiful race, and fast because of a big net elevation loss. Maine is great!!


  8. New shoes . . . especially new Brooks Adrenaline’s are awesome. I was a very good boy this year and self-gifted with a new pair of orange GTS 15s (on sale), a new pair of tights, and two new pairs of Gore shorts which I’m newly in love with.


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