Coaching and Celebrations

Happy Friday! It has been a busy week (a busy month really!) and I finally had some time to sit down and write a post. Last night a group of us celebrated my friend’s birthday and we started talking about how excited we were for a big blizzard to hit Boston…in retrospect, I wouldn’t go that far, but I think we are all ready for a change of seasons to the beautiful fall!

Here are some updates on my life over the past couple of weeks:

-Most excitingly and relevant to running: last weekend I took the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) coaching certification course. The two 8-hour day course was held outside of Minneapolis, MN (the New England courses for the year were filled within minutes!), and was worth every penny. Even if I never coach, I learned a great deal to inform my own training. Official coaching certification happens after I pass a 100 question exam and become CPR and First Aid certified, so hopefully I can call myself “Coach Jane” soon!


I was very impressed with the scientifically-based running agenda and loved our instructor, Cari Setzler. Cari is a competitive runner herself, an RRCA certified coach, a writer for Women’s Running Magazine, and on top of that- a Veterinarian. She kept the class entertained with her funny and engaging style. Fellow classmates had a variety of running interests- some were specializing in 5k distances and enjoyed working with young runners while others were passionate about the ultra-distance and wanted to increase their knowledge of the sport. It was so interesting hearing their stories, and we all enjoyed talking about running non-stop. I hope to keep in touch with some of these fellow runners! Stay tuned for another post with more details on my experience and the course itself.  For now, I have to get back to working on the exam!

On a run in Minnesota:IMG_0452

-Back in Boston, the Red Sox played a great game against the Yankees on Tuesday night (5-3 Sox). It was fun to be back at our beloved Fenway Park for the evening and to participate in the heated rivalry between the Sox-Yankees. It will never get old! The Sox are a nudge above the Yankees now in terms of the league standings, and third overall. I typically start tuning in to the games as it gets closer to the playoffs, but it was special to see a big win at Fenway this week!


-Training for Wineglass marathon this fall is at a B level at the moment. I just feel depleted with the heat! I am running my long run this morning (planning on 20- we will see what happens!) before heading out of town with my friends. I had a few good runs this week, including a speed work session on the treadmill:

2-mile warm-up
5x800m @3:30
400m recovery
1-mile cool-down

Along my favorite running route :)IMG_0424

My week was complete after being caught in the rain during a run on Wednesday. For a brief moment it felt like fall out there along the Charles, and I had a spark of excitement. In general, I have felt sore these days and I think it’s because I’ve been adding more speed work sessions in to the mix. To help my body readapt to these workouts, I am adding in extra foam rolling, using the stick, and also going to yoga about once a week to help with the tightness. Yoga has been a tremendous mental cleanse as well. I haven’t been afraid to add an extra rest day or two into the mix as well. I’ve had to remind myself to be diligent in the little things during this time in training. That means that I will be refueling and hydrating all afternoon and into the weekend after today’s sweaty long run!


-Speaking of the weekend, I am heading up north to Vermont with three close girlfriends this afternoon! Since our birthdays are generally in the summer, we decided to celebrate them together at a new location each year. This time, we opted for a drivable location away from the cities but with plenty of summer activities and beverages in store. Stay tuned for more!

A previous girls’ weekend:IMG_0456

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Anyone gearing up for a race or long run this weekend? 

Who else loves running in the rain?

Anyone else have a summer birthday? It’s a fun time of year to celebrate!!



  1. Hey Jane! I’m sure you will make a great coach. I’m running the Rock Hall of Fame half in Cleveland on Sunday. It will be my 1st half in 4 months. Looking forward to it as I’m at the half way point for my marathon training.

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  2. Congrats, soon-to-be Coach Jane! Sounds like it was a great experience, and I love your photo from your MN run. (I live about an hour south of Minneapolis.)
    Hope you have a nice celebration weekend!

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  3. I love running in the rain! I prefer it to sunshine as I still overheat terribly when running. Your running route looks much prettier than my options.
    I think you will make a great coach 😃

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  4. It has been really humid hasn’t it? I feel like when I get done from a run as if I have been running in the rain! Honestly, I prefer this to the winter. I’d rather be too hot that never warming up. I also enjoy running outside rather than on the treadmill like I do in the winter. I have even been able to give up my gym membership this summer!

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  5. Grats Coach! I cannot believe I never thought of that. As soon as I read about your experience I said “I want to do that!” My wife did the same with yoga and is a certified instructor but uses her knowledge gained from the curriculum to inform her own practice. I never even considered something similar for running…ha!

    I hope you got to see something of Minnesota. I grew up there and lived in Minneapolis/St. Paul as well.

    As for me I love running in the rain as it is a rare treat here except for monsoon season, but I do really enjoy grinding it out in the heat.

    Enjoy your run and your celebrations! And thank you (as always) for the inspiration!

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    1. Hey! You should totally look into the RRCA. Not sure whether they have courses in your neck of the woods, but worth looking in to. I loved MN! Awesome you grew up there. Stunning scenery around White Bear Lake, where the course was held. BTW- You are totally right and I am totally hooked on trail running. Just signed up for my next trail race- more to come on that! What’s next for you?


  6. Some of my absolute best runs – fastest, most enjoyable – have been in the rain. I think I need to remember this when I have a run to do and it is pouring with rain, somehow I never want to get out there but I always love it when I do!

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  7. I don’t generally love running in the rain but I’m not averse to it either- once you’re wet, you’re wet! I was doing a trail run the other week and we suddenly burst out of the forest onto this amazing panorama, and it was raining. It was genuinely beautiful and gave us a chance to cool down a bit before getting back on our way!

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  8. Congrats Coach!
    In training for the Wineglass as well, and this heat is not helping. A couple days ago was my first training run in the rain, well six miles in a downpour is a better description. Quick question, how do you dry out your shoes? I thought mine were dry (put in front of a fan until the next day’s run), when I put them on they felt dry, but at the end of the run my feet were soaked. Repeated the process, and the same thing happened today. Luckily the shoes have reached their mileage limit, so they get replaced.

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    1. Thank you! And yes- how is the training going? Mine is a bit of a standstill at the moment, but I am feeling positive about the race. As far as wet shoes- they do take some time to dry, so I make sure I keep them inside overnight if they are wet. Also, I go between several pairs of shoes, so that helps. I think it’s good for the feet as well. Let me know if you have any other questions!


      1. Training is going well. Took a turn for the better recently, (about to write about that). Thank you for the tip. I have been simply wearing a pair of shoes “out” and replacing when they hit the magic 400 mile number.

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      1. Hi Jane, Kristian is the name.
        Running going ok. Had two really good ultras in the last two months. 72miler went better than expected and i did well on the 42miler last weekend. 18th & 24th place, with 14hrs 12mins and 7hrs 12mins respectively. Took a week off last week and just getting back into my schedule again. A wee 20mile hill race in two weeks and another in Oct. although im looking forward to the 15mile night run through the forest in late Oct.
        Trying to stay injury free too.
        Learning loads about running, and about myself too.

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        1. 72 miler followed by a 42 miler?! You’re amazing! Have you run a 100? I followed Western States this year and find those runners absolutely amazing. No doubt you could run that distance. Good luck and I’m looking forward to following along.


  9. Hi Jane, lovely post and congratulations on your coaching qualification!! I’ve often though about doing the course and you inspired me to take another look at the website. Thanks for the link. I’ve signed up for their email alerts.
    I LOVE running in the rain (I’m from Scotland and currently living in BC Canada so rain is in my genes!) Hope you had a lovely birthday weekend.


  10. Congrats on completing the course! Sounds like a great training tool – for yourself and others.
    (And as a native Minnesotan, pleased to hear that you visited that lovely part of the world!)


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