My Favorite Gear

Happy Friday all! 

I have received some questions from fellow bloggers and runner friends about my favorite running gear. Over the years, I have experimented with many different outfits, brands, fuel options, electronics, and other running gear. The list below includes the items in which I currently rotate depending on the run/season.


  • Brooks GTS Adrenaline 14 & 15 (I own both and rotate between both).

FullSizeRender (2)Brooks Adrenaline 15’s, 14’s and Glycerin (I prefer Glycerins for walking, not running)


  • Garmin 310XT watch: large face so you can see your time while running, lightweight. Watch has some glitches, but is easy to reset. Boyfriend prefers the Garmin Forerunner 15, which is less bulky.
  • Apple Ipod shuffle: This small music device seems almost weightless, and clips well on sports bras/shirts/shorts for both men and women. It is not too pricey, has functioned very well for me so far! The only negative is that you cannot digitally see the songs that are playing, but you don’t want to fuss with that while on a run anyway!
  • Yurbud headphones: These babies have taken quite a beating in all elements, and still fit well in the ears. Highly recommend these!


Shirts & tanks:

Compression Socks:

Jackets/neon gear:


  • GU (chocolate, vanilla, and salted caramel are my favorite flavors, although I recently tried a salted watermelon and thought it was also delicious!)
  • Honey Stinger Waffles: I eat these before races, rather than during as they are a bit hard to carry given their size. They are light on my stomach and give you some last-minute extra calories as needed, with a lot of taste.

FullSizeRender (3)

Other gear:

  • Running belt: I wear a Spibelt during runs (training and racing) to conveniently carry my phone/GU/keys/money etc. I find the stretchy waist belt very comfortable.
  • Foam roller: I have used a variety of different foam roller models over the years, but my current favorite is the “Trigger Point” foam roller. This high-density foam roller has just enough firmness to massage my always-tight muscles.


  • Running stick: They say that this is a “toothbrush for runners”. I am not sure about that, but the stick helps me self-massage muscles! Sticks have a variety of flexibility, but I use the firm model.

So that is my list of current favorite gear– what are some of your favorite clothing/fuel/other running items?

What are your weekend plans? 

-Mine: Party at la casa tonight (it’s been awhile!)/14 miler on Saturday with a running buddy/friend’s birthday party on Sunday. Busy weekend! Hope you have a great one and get outdoors!!!

2015-09-treetops-day-2-32Just a nice photo of one of my favorite mountains (Cardigan, NH) taken during a hike with friends last month. Starting to plan some more spring hikes! Thanks @imnotquitejack! :) 


    1. My husband has one of those and I always tease him about it (lovingly of course). But they actually really come in handy. So many times I have been thankful he had one for all manner of crap I might have needed.

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      1. Spibelts are perfect for storing everything you need for a long run/race. I barely notice when I wear them as they fit so well and are practically weightless. It’s also amazing how much they can hold, given their size! They are even cooler than a fanny pack! :)


  1. Thanks for your suggestions. I owned a pair of Brooks Adrenalines at one point (bought them in June ’14) and really enjoyed them at first, but found that the springy-ness of them wore down a lot faster than I was used to. Maybe I am just hard on them? I have a pair of Asics at the moment and am finding they hold up better.


    1. Thank you for that info Molly! Asics are another great brand but they just don’t fit my feet as well as Brooks. I usually wear my Brooks for about 4-6 months before getting a new pair, but it depends how many miles I put on them. How long before the cushion wore down for you? Glad you found a pair that fits you well!


      1. Everyone’s feet are different! :) I would say it was about 4-5 months before I started having more foot/leg pain associated with the cushion wearing down. I am not a long-distance runner – my max distance in one go is 5-6 miles. So it was frustrating to me for them to wear down so fast. But I also find I *really* need good cushioning, and everyone’s needs are different too, right? I did really like the Brooks in the beginning, they just didn’t have the longevity I would have expected.


  2. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing other runners’ favorite gear. I’m a big fan of Honey Stinger gels, but I’ve never tried the waffles before… now I’m curious! Also a huge fan of the FlipBelt, which I picked up at a recent race expo.


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