Holidays, Turkey Trots, and Treadmills

Living in Boston during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, has always been special. I grew up in a town not far from where the Pilgrims landed and founded Plymouth Plantation, so I can’t think of a better place to be to celebrate this holiday!

IMG_1140.JPGOne of my favorite places to run in my home town!

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday to begin with: the time spent with family and friends, the delicious food and dessert we all eat, the non-commercialization of the holiday makes it top of my list.  Christmas is a close second, but probably because it extends throughout the entire month of December!

IMG_1248Speaking of dessert, we all enjoyed an amazing chocolate cake last night for my friend’s birthday

IMG_1249.JPGBoston looked good last night

Speaking of December, I cannot believe how quickly the month is approaching! That means some recent cooler weather in these parts, which also means taking some of my workouts inside on the treadmill more frequently. Ideally I would run every day outside to mimic race-day conditions on solid ground. However, I have found it increasingly difficult to get up before the sun rises and run outside in 30 degree weather. If I plan to run post-work, running outside is less of an issue as it has been slightly warmer and there are many more people out and about.

I discussed running on a treadmill with my coaches and I’m planning to run no more than 3 times a week inside. So my all weekend runs and ideally one weekday run will be outside, the remaining ones inside on the treadmill.

IMG_1139Fall runs on pavement!

Runners connect says that setting the treadmill to a 1% grade accurately reflects the energy costs and simulates outdoor running. Check out article here. My coaches indicate that the 1% also accounts for the benefit and ease of running on a moving belt, which is easier than running outdoors on solid ground. They recommended that, if you currently run at no incline, you can gradually make the change to a 1% incline. Treadmill running is also better than running outside when the weather and footing are bad (i.e.- snowy and icy conditions) or if you are simulating the race course (i.e.- adjusting the incline/decline to mimic hills). However, you don’t learn how to pace on a treadmill and it can be boring (which you can try to beat). So I try to run outside as much as I can, but I make the best of running inside when I have to and I follow the 1% rule.

Since I have today off, I will be taking my 6 mile speed workout outside. Looking forward to it! Then I am heading home to my family with Mark for the holiday. Stay tuned for some Thanksgiving and Turkey Trot updates tomorrow!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Do you prefer running outside over inside on a treadmill?

Anyone running a Turkey trot?


  1. I enjoyed your thoughts on this time of year. I LOVE Thanksgiving! Casually trotting with my turkeys tomorrow…Sam (9) and Daniel (6). We’ll be doing the 2 mile option while my wife takes on the 4 mile route. Unfortunately, it looks like steady rain here in Wisconsin. One of those days I would prefer the treadmill :) But, the family memories of turkey trotting in the rain together will be priceless. Right on with the 1% grade tip for treadmill running. I started doing this a couple years ago and it now feels really strange on a treadmill that is at 0%. Enjoy your running and enjoy this special time of the year!


  2. Last week it was the fantastic pizza and now the chocolate cake desserts which look fabulous!! I don’t think anyone really likes the treadmill but given my work schedule, it’s that or run outside in the dark on the hills at night. I also go with a 1% grade and through the winter will run twice on the mill during the week, with one outdoor run in the dark. The treadmill runs are my easy pace run and speed workout…I actually find the treadmill pretty useful for timing intervals – at least that’s what I tell myself, though the pain seems more mind-numbing :) Have a great Thanksgiving!


  3. those are some gorgeous photos… obviously, I’m mostly talking about the cake.
    I always prefer outside to treadmill (and thankfully, in south Florida, it’s one of the few places where it’s possible, even gorgeous to be out during the winter!), but when I do run on the ‘mill (like in the afternoon of a 95 degree day), I put it at .5 to 1% incline. This does make transitioning from treadmill to road easier.
    I had my turkey trot last Saturday! But an 8-miler on the plan for tomorrow. Have a good ride wherever you’re going and good luck at the race tomorrow.

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    1. Must be essential to train inside during a Florida summer! I’m looking forward to running the Miami half in January! Hope the weather is cooler then! Good luck in your 8 miler tomorrow and happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Can’t do treadmills I’ve tried and have no use for them. I’m lucky that I live in San Diego where there is really no reason to run inside unless you like the smell of musk and other distracting body odors. :)


      1. hmmm… now that’s a question. My memory is mainly of walking around the city and the parks, and a large open space in the middle of the city where there was some kind of trail or decorated paving stones or something? We mainly just wandered. He was working at Princeton at the time, but we were heading up to …Maine?.. somewhere on the coast to see my friend who was working on a whale watching boat. It’s all a bit hazy. Those early happy days ;-) It was about 10 years ago, now! Wow! That’s a long time ago….


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