Sunday Keeping my Eye on the Prize

Happy Sunday of this holiday weekend!

Contrary to taking it outside on Friday, I took my workout inside yesterday. It was a rainy 40-something degree Saturday in Boston and it was only my second time on the treadmill this week.

I ran 60 minutes at a few different speeds (harder to do true time-only runs on a treadmill!), and felt strong although antsy to finish up halfway through the run. I was lucky to have a nice view:


I also kept myself distracted by listening to several different podcasts. Favorite podcasts include “Marathon Training Academy” with hosts Trevor Spencer and wife Angie, “Runners Connect: Run to the Top” with elite runner Tina Muir, and “No Meat Athlete” with host Matt Frazier. I have a rotating list of podcasts, but tend to stick to those three while I run, as they often include inspirational marathon race reviews, interesting interviews, and often include some beneficial running and nutritional tips and tricks. I started yesterday’s run to MTA’s latest podcast reviewing the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon- brought back some great memories!

I recommend that you check any of those podcasts out- they are a great changeup from music!


Tree up early this year!

Last night Mark’s family and mine met for the first time. I was a bit jittery about the meetup at first, but it was a great gathering at our condo, sitting by our tree. These are the steps that many relationships have to go through, I guess!

IMG_1298So many poinsettias! ‘Tis the season!

I am about to head out for my 16 mile training run. I’m not particularly in the mood to run these miles, but I have fresh podcasts, and I am well-fueled by a breakfast of oatmeal and generation ucan. This makes it a bit easier to get out of the door. Most importantly, I am thinking about my goal race of Phoenix Marathon and about the essential steps that need to take place before I qualify for Boston. It doesn’t hurt that I have some fun plans for later in the day, including Dim Sum with my Uncle and Aunt who are in town.

Anyone else running a long run today?

What are your tricks for getting out the door when you are feeling unmotivated to run?

Any meeting-of-the-parents stories?

Have a wonderful day and catch you later!


  1. I too, ran on the “dreadmill” yesterday-one of the necessary evils of winter training I guess. What motivates me to get out the door for long runs is having groups to run with. Unfortunately, both group runs I was to participate in were cancelled both yesterday & today due to weather/ice. So back to the treadmill today. Thanks for the heads up on podcasts. Check out Dizruns podcast as well (Denny Krahe). Happy Running & best of luck with BQ -you CAN do it!


  2. Good luck with your BQ in Phoenix… you got this! I, too, qualified, but did not get in due to the field size for 2016. The journey will make the payoff all the sweeter!
    Two additional podcasts for your consideration- The Marathon Show…lights, and just makes me happy. 2) Marathon Talk – UK based show with a good combo of humor, personal stories, running news, and interviews.


  3. I need to try podcasts on my runs to change it up a bit, maybe I’ll give it a shot today. The plan has me running 17 miles but given the ice and frost outside, there’s a good chance that is scaled back a bit!


  4. I’m not sure that a podcast would keep me going on a run, but maybe i’d be pleasantly surprised. I entered the drawing for the NYC Half, so if I get in, there will definitely be some treadmill workouts in my future (but never 16 :) ).

    Which UCAN do you use? I gave it a try and thought it was pretty disgusting…although I really wanted to like it.


    1. I tried the POM, Pomegranate-Blueberry single serving. I would like to buy the whole bucket! It’s definitely a taste you have to get used to, and the consistency is a little strange at first as well. What is your fueling of choice?


      1. To me it was reminiscent of TUMS and I had a hard time getting past that. Is it chalky? Maybe I should be open to giving it another try.
        I’m a very new runner so still sorting out my fueling. I was using Gu or Clif. Last run I used Sport Beans beforehand.
        I have a weird stomach, so I’m still experimenting.


        1. Yes, it is a bit chalky, but I recommend getting a shaker cup or blender to fully stir the ingredients. Love GU as well- but I would recommend trying honey stingers. I’ve recently started using those and they are easier on my stomach than GU during a race. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!


  5. I actually don’t listen to much music or podcasts when I run. At my job I have noise around me all the time (phones ringing, callers yelling at us, radio traffic and so many other daily sounds) that I enjoy the quiet and the sounds of nature. When I’m camping I need a break of that and I’ll turn on some classical music. Depends how much you are into that genre as to if you want any recommendations from me on that.

    Parents meeting. It feels like it was so long ago and our families know each other so well despite the geographical separation. We got together one Sunday after church when both of our families were in town. My nephew was 2 at the time and a little wound up. I spent most of the time with him in the lobby so he wasn’t running around the restaurant. How did your meeting of parents go? (If you don’t mind sharing)


      1. Currently I’m training to get back into training. I had three 10k’s that all feel through for 2015, so I haven’t raced since fall of 2014. I’m hoping to get back to some 10k races this spring. Long road ahead.


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