Back to the Grind

After a week-long holiday office closing, I am back to the office again. The time off has been very rejuvenating- full of rest, time spent with family and friends, travel, and getting outside on some beautiful runs- all of my favorite activities!

IMG_1987Saturday night game night!

Mark and I have also binged on a couple of shows over the past week, including “Making a Murderer”- a must-watch on Netflix if you haven’t already. The true-crime documentary gets into a lot of difficult questions about the legal system in America. It’s even better than the first season of Serial in my opinion! On a much different note, we also watched the premiere of Downton Abbey’s season 6 last night and I am very disappointed that this will be the final season.


The show brings back some happy memories of visiting the incredible estate (actually named Highclere Castle) in the English countryside last fall. 


Both interior and exterior are maintained almost exactly as the show, including the surrounding gardens and lands.


As far as running, I ended up taking yesterday off and did some stretching and strengthening exercises. I know that it’s only Day 3 of the running streak, but I have decided (yes, in 24 hours) to modify the streak a bit. I emailed with my coaches about the running streak idea, and they advised me to think carefully about the benefits versus the risks of a running streak. For runners who aren’t running high mileage, it’s not as risky and doesn’t have as much impact on their overall goals.  But for someone like me, who has a specific goal of running a fast marathon, my coaches believe that adding the streak on top of an already demanding schedule could jeopardize my goal without much added benefit.

I completely agree with my coaches, and therefore am going to modify the “running streak” to a “workout streak”. On the usual non-running rest days I won’t run one mile, but will stretch/strengthen, yoga, or do some other cross train as I am able. I will follow this plan until my first goal race (Phoenix), and may modify the goal back to running streak after the race, at the end of February.

This was a quick change in plans, but I think it’s for the better! Thinking about the risks versus the benefits is important, and this is another reason why I hired a professional to help me with my running decisions!

Have a great Monday! What’s in store for you?

Have you ever had to change your running plans/goals due to injury/risk of injury?

How many days off a week do you usually take off from exercising?

What’s your favorite show these days? I need recs! 





  1. I had to change/stop running a couple of times due to injury or overdoing it. Usually resulting in a year break, because I had forgotten how different life is when I am running. This time I was super paranoid that this will happen again and I slowly (no kidding) increased from 3 days to now 6 days a week. I always take one day off and due a recovery week every 4 weeks. Somehow this works for me. I am trying to get myself to do pilates on the off day … so far this has not worked.
    Congrats on changing your goal and listening to people who should know! This is probably harder than doing the streak ;)


  2. I avoided doing a running streak for the same reasons as you… also training for long course triathlon means that if I’m not running, I’m probably doing something else any way… but I do always have one rest a day week (which will probably include some stretching, and a cycle commute, but nothing strenuous!)

    I’m so sad that Downton has finished here in the UK. The finale was the one programme that I was desperate to watch over the holiday period, and although it was a little predictable, I still enjoyed it.

    I started watching Deutschland ’83 last night and was instantly hooked… but it has subtitles, so it might not appeal to you.


    1. It is really unfortunate that the show is ending! I’m looking forward to watching the season even though I agree that it might be a little predictable. Glad to hear that you agree about the running streak– I think it makes sense! Nice that you can cycle commute! :)

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  3. My goal for exercise is 3 days on, 1 day off; however, I feel it is most important to listen to my body. If my body says you need a rest day, then I take it regardless of what day it is in the schedule. With this schedule, I normally work out 5-6 times a week. I vary my type of exercise though. So I may lift weights one day, do yoga the next day, then do circuit training on the third day. I add a run about once a month.

    I am finishing up the last season of The Office (US) and restarting Sherlock.

    Happy Workouts and Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks for your feedback, sounds like you have a solid workout schedule. The office is a fabulous show, as well as Sherlock- although I heard that the x-mas special was disappointing!


  4. I usually take one full rest day a week where I don’t do anything except maybe a short (under 10 minutes) core workout. Sometimes I’ll take a second day, though, if it’s supposed to be a cutback week or if I feel I need the extra rest.

    As for shows, I really enjoyed watching Jessica Jones (which is on Netflix) recently. I got my boyfriend the collected works of Hayao Miyazaki for Christmas, so we’ve been watching some of those movies lately, which are always enjoyable (but unfortunately, not on Netflix… though your local library probably has some).

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    1. I love Jessica Jones! Some of the scenes are a bit intense as you know, but it’s an interesting show with great actors. If you have netflix, you definitely should watch making a murderer when you can. Thanks for Hayao Miyazaki rec- I will look into that!

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  5. Great post. We live like 6 miles from Highclere Castle. I live in Newbury so not far and my town is flat if you follow the A4. So great for running.

    I won’t be doing any running streaks as I want a fast time for a half marathon but definitely upping mileage per session. Your coaches are wise.


    1. Thank you! You are so lucky to live in an incredibly beautiful area of the world! I was so fortunate to spend a week out there last fall in Salisbury. We didn’t make it to Newbury, but visited Avebury, Southampton, and Highclere of course. I would love to visit again! What half marathon are you training for? Good luck!


  6. I hate rest days so much, but should incorporate more into my schedule.
    We just watched the first two seasons of The Leftovers. Waiting for the final season to be available (it’ll be a while). Highly recommended! :)


  7. I’m trying to do a reasonable half marathon so I’m not experienced enough to comment on anyone else’s schedule but I do two yoga classes most weeks and if I have to miss it makes a big difference to how well I run.
    Have you tried Hinterland? It’s filmed in my area so I’m probably biased but I think it’s really very good.


    1. Thanks for your comment! I love yoga as well and am working to incorporate it more into my schedule. I haven’t heard of Hinterland, but will look into it, thanks for the rec!


  8. I exercise everyday, including a 16 mile roundtrip bicycle commute (which I don’t like to include but my wife makes me). It’s not exercise it’s travel!

    I’ve done the running streak before (made it 300 days) and I’m considering it again for this year, but I think I might have more benefit from a yoga streak and a solid running regimen.

    We’re currently watching Longmire which is excellent( and all available on Netflix) while waiting for new Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. I always recommend Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Those are solid anytime and anyplace.


    1. It’s great that you can get in a solid workout in your commute! I walk about a mile each way in between the train/home/work, and I enjoy that. Did you ever feel injured during your running streak? I am feeling particularly sore this week because I didn’t take a day off last week- so am going with my coaches’ rec! Also GOT is my favorite- can’t wait ’till April! I’ll have to look into the two other recs, thanks!


  9. Back at work myself for the first time in two weeks. I think I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

    I strive for two streaks a year, one in the winter and one in the summer. I’m small miles and I limit my daily millage when I do a streak. I’ve had two fails and two successes, but I have almost always missed a day or two. How long were you planning your streak for?

    I am the wrong person to ask about TV. We don’t have any cable or antenna at the moment. I do tend to watch things on CBS streaming when I get a chance, but I don’t really have any shows that I like the way you binged on Downtown Abby.


  10. All-time favorite show is Parks & Recreation. It never fails for cracking me up. For serious stuff, we love “A Crime to Remember,” which details historic crimes and their impacts.

    Good perspective on streaking; just having finished my holiday one, I’m not sure about continuing. It was fun to have the motivation through the holidays, but I’m shooting for a sub-two half, which means more speedwork and structure. Running every day probably isn’t in the cards with my training program, and I’m kind of excited about that :)

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  11. the only show i watch is Scandal, and i’m still finishing the past seasons on Netflix and haven’t made it to season 5 yet. i’m so obsessed though, it’s bad — i literally think about Olivia Pope’s clothes on a regular basis. :)

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  12. I decided days into the RW streak in dec to modify it as well. It’s important to keep your body healthy and strong, especially if your personal goal is bigger…like a strong marathon! You’re a wise woman to listen to your body. Beautiful photos by the way!!

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  13. Hi Jane!

    I just wanted to chime in and say how great it is to coach you–your ability to be reflective, tune into your needs (not those of others), and maximize your strengths is really terrific, and will carry you far. You made the right call! Talk to you soon and welcome back!

    Julie Sapper Run Farther & Faster (202) 256-0169

    Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 13:11:45 +0000 To:

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  14. Back to normal – same here. I started this running year with a 20km run throughthe snowy mountains yesterday and it felt amazing. After having knee problems for most parts of last year I added a lot of biking to my workouts and minimized running. I changed my running style and hopefully I’ll have a less injure prone season this time. But I continue to focus not only on running as hard as it is. Biking and swimming will almost take up as much time.
    For TV, the only show I watch is Nashville and I’m deeply in love with it, but I do love country music in general. Might give Making a Murderer a chance tho!

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    1. Running through snowy mountains sounds incredible! Makes me want to get out in the NH mountains as well. I am trying to avoid running on the treadmill at all costs- would much rather run outside! Enjoy some more scenic runs! :)

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      1. Thanks, I wish I could, but my knee makes me put my running shoes aside once again, just two days before the first running event of the year. I think I have to get more into biking or find something else that I eventually will like as much as running:/


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