Back in Boston and A Running Streak

Today’s long run of 20 miles was a tough one! It is a windy and cold day in Boston, about 35 degrees. Since winter running is relatively new to me, I still haven’t honed in on the perfect running outfit. On cold runs, I typically wear gloves and have started to wear my new favorite clothing item: lululemon running scarf (link here)- thanks sis! It’s light with a perfect fit around my neck, and keeps me toasty! I wore two long sleeve layers (shell and thin base layer), and felt a little warm- but my extremities were chilly even while covered!

Super happy to get the miles in- only 3 more 20’s to go in my coaches‘ Phoenix Marathon training plan! Next weekend will be another long run, and then I will be tapering for my half at the end of the month.

The winter-like Boston weather (it’s finally here!) was a contrast to the colorful, beachy warm views of PR! Here are some last shots:

IMG_1860 (1)IMG_1909IMG_1914IMG_1863

Hope you all had a happy new year’s eve! Mark and I flew back from PR on NYE, and we celebrated the New Year with friends over a fun and delicious dinner.

IMG_1948IMG_1966FullSizeRender (7)

In the last post I discussed my thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. After inspired by some friends, I have decided to participate in a running streak to start off 2016! I recruited some other friends and family in the running streak, and the first goal will be to participate for 3 months. I’m excited to get outside in a variety of conditions and times of day, and to mix things up while participating in this new goal.

The general rules/tips for our running streak (many borrowed from “Marathon Training Academy” running streak tips!):

  • Run a minimum of 1 mile each day. Check it off once completed!
  • Can you walk/bike etc, and count this as part of the streak? According to runners world: Sorry—it’s a a Running Streak, not a Workout Streak. (But hey, all those things are good for you too!) Cross-training can be enjoyable and improves overall fitness, but, per this story, “If you’re serious about improving as a runner, run consistently—unless you’re injury-prone.”
  • Have two pairs of running shoes to alternate. Since you may be running in inclement weather this will allow each pair to have a little down-time and chance to dry in between. Alternating running shoes can actually extend the life of your shoes.
  • Do your runs at an easy pace when they take place on “non-running days” (days not on your training plan). You don’t want to run hard every single day—that’s a recipe for injury.
  • Look for creative ways to accomplish your mile such as working it into your normal schedule. Run your mile while on a lunch break, before your normal yoga class, or on a treadmill. If you’re on a road trip you can run laps around a rest stop. You can even run in the airport (just pretend you’re late for a flight). You can also try running at a different time of the day for more variety.
  • Have fun and good luck !!!

I am very excited to see if I can make it to 3 months- or even beyond that timeframe! Since I usually run 5 days a week now, the struggle will be to run at least a mile on my typical days off. I will definitely run those miles slowly.

Enjoy your weekend! What are you most looking forward to in this first weekend of 2016?

Have you participated in a running streak? I want to hear your stories! If not, I challenge you to join ours! Let me know and I will set you up with a calendar, etc.

What is one winter-weather running clothing item that you can’t live without?


  1. There are a few winter running items I can’t live without! I have a pair of convertible running gloves- they have a mitten part that you can tuck in if you don’t need it. I also love my neck gator- I can pull it up over my face if it’s super cold, and it has an adjustable bungee so it doesn’t keep slipping down. I typically only wear a headband over my ears unless it’s colder than 15 degrees. I sometimes also add a running skirt over tights when it’s below 15 degrees- helps to keep the bum warm!

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    1. Those are all great ideas, thank you! I especially like the convertible running gloves! During today’s run my fingers became so cold that I had to pull them out of the glove fingers– a mitten would have been the perfect solution! Happy running! I love Maine by the way :)


  2. Love this new post! Looking forward to more inspiring entries like this. How did you get over your excuses before you go out for a run? Like for me, sometimes it took me 1 hour to finally go out and run (even though I always feel great after a run), but when I am warm inside with my woolen socks, it’s so difficult to fight the lazy thoughts.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I’d be lying if I said that I am excited and ready to get out the door for every run! Sometimes it does take some time to get ready and finally head outside, but if I know that I’m under a time crunch (i.e.-before work), it’s easier for me to get over any excuses and run. Once you start running, the hardest part has passed! Good luck and happy running! :)


  3. I am pretty lucky here in Australia that even in the depths of winter I generally only run in shorts and a singlet/vest style running top. If it’s raining heavily I may add a long sleeve under shirt but I often then find I get too hot.

    I didn’t take up running until after I left Britain which is probably good, I may not have bothered in the winter cold there!

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  4. It’s cool that you are doing a running streak! I think those are a great idea, buttThey are definitely not for me! I like swimming and cycling too much. :) Maybe I should start a triathlon streak instead… except I love my absolute rest day too much for that either. :P

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  5. So cool…we decided to go for a running streak too, I think I mentioned in my last post of the year…well it seemed like a good idea on New Years Eve! Going to try for the entire year, 2 days done, 364 to go (we get a bonus day as a leap year). Those 20 milers are brutal in the winter…training for a winter marathon has been really tough, I only managed to complete one. Best of luck with the rest of the training.


    1. Good luck in your running streak! I talked to my coach and am thinking of revising my goal a bit, even though it’s only day three! On the two days a week in which I normally rest but would have run one mile given my streak, I think I will stretch & strengthen & yoga. Running every day is a recipe for injury while intensely training for a marathon. So I think my running streak will have to be a workout streak instead until my marathon in Feb. We will see! Good luck :)


  6. You take awesome pictures! I’m no coach, and I’ve only run 3 marathons, but running 4 20 milers will definitely help you in your marathon. I didn’t run as much as I’d have liked before my last Marathon, but I ran 3 20+ mile training runs and some tempo runs of about 10-12 miles trying to hang on to my endurance from the previous ultra. I ended up running myfirst sub-4 marathon. I’m now a big believer of more of those longer runs.

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  7. Beautiful pictures yet again. Enjoy the lingering warmth from PR if you can.

    Good luck on the streak (workout now if I read correctly). I participated in a running streak last year. I did 300 or so days before personal drama interfered. I never struggled with it though and while streaking I did a half, a 45 miler and 44 of 53 miles. The 1 mile days were definitely rest/slow days and there were lots of those. I was considering doing it again this year so you’ve bumped me that little bit. I’m in.

    I’d say my one clothing item is my buff. I got one as swag and laughed it off but I wear it all the time! Rain, snow, sun hot or cold it works. The girls even gave me a second one for Christmas.

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  8. Another great blog:)

    I’ve attempted running streaks, but I always fail. There are just some days when I just can’t make it work. Or I’m just making excuses lol.

    As for winter running. I love my Buffs. Similar to the Lulu scarf you have, but much lighter weight. (I do have an older Lulu as well). They’re very versatile and with winter running one minute I’m freezing and the next I’m sweating, so I like layers I can play with.

    Good luck with your training!


  9. Finally, an area I’m a bit of an expert on, dressing for the cold weather. I’ll blog some good ideas by the end of the week. Too much to try to fit into comments here. As a former sled dog racer, I have years of experience in this field.

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      1. Someday, when I run out of other current topics. I’m looking forward to getting back into it after seminary and I don’t quite have the heart to go in depth at the moment. But someday I will.


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