All About Balance

Happy Thursday! Hope your week has included some fitness and fun – not just work!

I ran both indoors and outdoors this week. I was nervously anticipating running on the treadmill yesterday since I took the treacherous (ok, slight exaggeration) second half of my long run inside last weekend. However, once I got going and fought some boredom, my mindset changed. A nice 2 mile warmup, 3X1200m @10k pace and 2X400m @5k pace , followed by a 2 mile cool down later, I was able to check off another speed workout. Only 4 more speed workouts until race day, which is only a little over 6 weeks away!

IMG_2073All of the layers (and a lot not pictured) for outdoor runs!

Although running inside is ideal for the frigid temperatures, the sites you see while outside can’t be beat. I love being outdoors, and although Boston is located close to the recreational-filled north country of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine- it’s tough to escape the city during the week! Running along my favorite running paths in Boston in the early morning hours (with other early-rising runners!) offers me a slight escape from city living. I’m able to experience some beautiful views of sunrises such as this:


I am looking forward to meeting up with some friends tonight at wine night! Although I am deep into training for Phoenix (which will spill into Boston training), I am a huge believer of balance between fun and fitness. I’ve run a handful of marathons, but have always prioritized spending time with family and friends (and work!) while training. I am stepping up my running schedule a bit during this current cycle, but I still think it’s important to put as much energy into the ones you love and your work as you do with running. Everyone does understand my goals and they are supportive if I do have to cut my drinking down to only a glass of wine or have to duck out early. It’s all about balance, and I think having that makes me a better runner. At the end of the day, running is just a fun hobby, not my career, so I have to remind myself to not take it too seriously!

It’s sometimes hard to fit it all in- so in between races, I typically take breaks from running and focus on other aspects of life. Running will always be there when I decide to come back to it!

FullSizeRenderSaw this shirt and it’s a must-buy! :)

Lastly, I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge fan of SPIbelt running belts for long runs and races. SPIbelt is currently running a giveaway, their #getfitgiveaway. They’re giving away prizes every day and 4 grand prize packages with workout gear worth over $550! Here’s some more info on it: I’ve been entering this giveaway as much as possible, and you should too!



Good luck and enjoy the rest of your week!!

How do you maintain a work/family/life/marathon training/workout balance?

Readers training for a half or full marathon: do you incorporate speedwork into your training?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?







  1. adarling575 says:

    I agree completely!! It’s a hobby that we do for fun so there is no point giving up on ALL the other things we find fun!

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  2. I’ve been incorporating speed work into my marathon training, and it’s been amazing for me! Running fast has reminded my muscles how to, well, run fast. My speed work times have come down, but so have my tempo run and long run times.

    Regarding a balance between training and everything else… the “work” part is easy for me because my job right now is one that I can leave at the office. In regards to the “life” part, I just try to make sure I don’t let a workout keep me from family/relationship obligation. If my boyfriend asks me to do something with him, I try to be flexible enough to make it happen, even if it does mean switching something up here and there.


  3. Doug Irby says:

    Speed work has not been a priority for me but I do incorporate about one a week from PEAR, just so I can keep up with my kids. (I still get slaughtered in the NERF gun wars.)

    So I have to say family time outweighs running time which is why I always need a race on the horizon. It motivates me to get out when the opportunity arises.

    This weekend I am running the RnR AZ half marathon. Looking forward to a great race and a cold brewsky afterwards with my running buddy.

    Thanks for the SPIbelt link. It’s the one piece of gear that I take on every run.


    1. janerunswild says:

      It’s hard to fit it all in, but races are a great way to keep in shape! Races make running fun in my opinion! Good luck at the AZ Half!! Hope you guys have nice cool weather. I am so looking forward to running another race in Phoenix at the end of next month. Looking forward to hearing how your race goes!


  4. norma says:

    Gorgeous photo!
    Almost every run I do is on the hilly lane behind my house. I treat the downhill stretches as speed runs (even faster when there’s a Land Rover behind me that can’t get past!) and the uphill as stamina building. There are one or two flattish bits too but when I did my first 5k run I found it very hard to run on the flat all the time. Think my speed relies on those flat out downhill bits!


    1. janerunswild says:

      Thank you, sounds like you have the perfect setup for hill work! Are you currently training for something?


      1. norma says:

        I hadn’t run since school until last year and I’m building up gradually for a half marathon. Like you say, this is good country for training.

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  5. Don’t you just hate laundry day after running outside in the cold?! Omg! It’s as bad as running on the treadmill, lol! Yes, that shirt is a must buy!! :D

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    1. janerunswild says:

      I am sure you agree that most of the laundry is running clothes! :)

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  6. The Dude Run Run says:

    My speed work starts next week right after a 25K I am running. I should have never let it fall to the wayside because it truly helped my pace. the hills too. Those damn hills are actually good for you.


    1. janerunswild says:

      That’s exciting! What 25k? Good luck!


      1. The Dude Run Run says:

        Boringly enough it is just called Endurathon. It’s here in San Antonio put on by the San Antonio Road Runners (SARR). It is supposed to be a bit hilly but I think I am ready to push it.


        1. janerunswild says:

          That’s awesome! I love SA! Good luck!


  7. Hollie says:

    Staying balanced in this world is so important. I feel like we always try and put more pressure on ourselves to the best, etc. Great post Jane.

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  8. Melissa @ See Dav Run says:

    The balance during training is tough; my BF is a runner, too, so he gets that sometimes, runs have to happen. Period. He usually goes along with me. Or I incorporate a run around whatever social function we have going on. Having friends and family that get your passion also helps :)

    I do speedwork, but don’t feel like I really know what I’m doing. When I’m with my training group, I follow their lead. I feel like this is helping me push past what I *thought* my capabilities were.

    Most looking forward to a 3-day weekend! And the possibility of snow :)


    1. janerunswild says:

      That’s so great that you’re BF is a runner too! Do you run together? There’s a lot of info on speed work on line, but I would check out for the most substantive info. Enjoy the long weekend and snow!! :)

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    2. janerunswild says:

      Actually, it’s! It’s such a great resource for runners!

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      1. Melissa @ See Dav Run says:

        Super helpful, thanks for the resource!


        1. Thanks for sharing Jane, here is the article she is referring to Melissa, hopefully this helps! for whether you should and for how to “sneak it in”.

          Thanks so much for being such a great ambassador Jane! You rock!


  9. Josh dV says:

    Maintaining balance is essential, but difficult. With my schedule I must run before or after work which means I am currently running at 5am in about 16 degree darkness. Not my ideal, but it keeps me available for the family in the evening after work. God I miss the sun…..

    I haven’t done speedwork officially in a long while, but the zombie chases counted for that. As others have said I hills are hidden speedwork and I do a lot of runs up into the mountains.

    This weekend: relax and read (after a couple runs of course).


  10. Run Wright says:

    I NEED one of those SpiBelts to keep my iPhone. I have the 6 Plus and nothing else fits it.


  11. mawil1 says:

    I agree, balance and perspective are important. If it stops being something that you enjoy (apart from the odd bad day) then you have to ask yourself why you are doing it. Love your early morning view. 😊


  12. lowlyj says:

    Just love that early morning pic – beautiful!


  13. TheMilesAndMiles says:

    Great post, i find it difficult to balance working out with rest time the most meaning i tire myself out. I’m glad you are able to set yourself workable boundaries though x

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