Back to Reality

We got back to Boston late Monday night and I’m definitely missing the Miami sunshine already! While I love my home city of Boston, there’s nothing like escaping to warmer climates during the winter to cleanse the soul. Even a quick weekend away was such an incredible mental boost!

We wrapped up our trip with a great lunch with my parents who were also in town. Lunch with a view:


Lunch was followed by a drive around Key Biscayne (super windy, but super summer-like!).

IMG_2332 (1)

One last walk down Ocean Drive.


Followed by a quick walk down the boardwalk and beach. Such great places to explore, and there were so many runners!

IMG_2333IMG_2335 (1)

I was exhausted yesterday after landing at Logan airport at 1:30 am, followed by a long day of work. So, I decided to take off yesterday from my planned 30-45 minutes of easy running, and ran 7 miles this morning after a solid night’s sleep. Temps were in the 30s at the early hour, which was a nice balmy temperature for Boston at dawn in January! Most of the snow that fell last weekend has melted away given the recent temperatures, making for an easy jog around my favorite loop.

It was so nice to have a couple of days off after Sunday’s race, but I am ready to get back to the grind of marathon training. Sometimes we just need a break from running to recover, prevent injury, and cure any sense of burnout. Taking a couple of days off can enable us to recharge and ready ourselves to tackle the next steps! I am looking forward to getting back on schedule with 8 miles tomorrow and 20 miles over the weekend. Lots of stretching and foam rolling in between! After racing this weekend, I am getting super pumped for my next race: Phoenix Marathon. Stay tuned for a motivating post later in the week! Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday. :)

What’s your favorite way to relax and recharge? For me, I’d say RUNNING of course, and spending time with good friends and family!

Do you usually take time off after a race? If so, how much time?

What’s your favorite post-race treat? For me, anything salty like nachos! 






  1. Now THAT is some great scenery! Living outside Chicago, I am right with on 30 being balmy for this time of year. I’m heading to San Diego next week for my winter recharge. It’s a nice break from our frosty homes at this time of year. As for my post race treat, it’s usually beer and meat (like a giant burger) although nachos do sound pretty tempting. :D


  2. I’m intrigued by the Miami half, may consider it next year.
    Having only done one lengthy race, it’s hard to say what I like to eat post race. Although they had a beer sponsor and I figured I’d be so excited to have that post run beer and in reality I wanted nothing to do with beer or food, and had to literally force myself to eat half a banana. Never would have thought that would happen.
    Will see what happens at the next race.


    1. Interesting! Post-race, I can’t get myself to eat bananas or anything I’ve eaten just before a race for some reason! Beer is a great post-race drink :) You definitely should run the Miami half!!


  3. Wow, wonderful pictures … !! Great blog post … !!

    – Favorite way to relax ? I try to start running again, as soon as possible ! :-)

    – Do you usually take time off after a race : yes, unofrtunately, but I have to … After a 10k : usually a couple of days; and after a marathon : a full week …

    – What’s your favorite post-race treat? Rather basic : bananas ! :-)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, inspiring !!


  4. Love the pics! I recognize so many of those places, and I’ve run those routes when visiting my parents! I usually take 5 days or so off after a race, but will do some easy elliptical or biking to loosen my legs. And lots of foam rolling. Favorite post-race treat would have to be a mimosa!

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    1. Mimosas? I like your style! And you’re so lucky to have parents that live on Miami beach!! It’s such a great place to run! Must be hot in the summer but then the ocean is right there post-run!


  5. Beautiful pictures! Miami looks like a lot of fun. I’ve been through there and I mostly remember the dirty parts. I’ve spent more time on the Gulf Coast of FL.

    I don’t officially take any time off after a race. Maybe a day or two later I’ll get going again albeit slowly. I think I only took a few days off after the 53 miler last year and the year before that was a streak year so I shuffled 1 mile the very next day….

    I don’t have a specific post-race treat that comes to mind…I eat pretty much everything all the time.


  6. Gorgeous pictures! Went to South Beach in Jan a few years back, and your pictures make me want to return!

    I like to recharge by disconnecting (something I should do more often). Getting lost in something without regard to social media, email, texts…feels super liberating to me. Probably why I like to run without my phone.

    Specific post-race treat: Sour Patch Kids, scrambled eggs, or grilled cheese. A varied palette…like a five-year-old :)


  7. Great pictures. Glad that you were able to get back. I was wondering how backed up Logan would be. A friend (who is a pilot) was scheduled to fly there on Saturday, but he was canceled. I couldn’t help but to think of you when he posted that.

    My way of relaxing is music and driving. I guess the degree in Music and the commercial driver’s license have turned out to be more for a hobby than anything career related. :)

    So far, if I get time off after a race it is because my work schedule (a rotation) has allowed it, not because I have taken any. I had one day I raced in the morning and worked half a shift in the afternoon.

    After a race I enjoy the post race treats provided by the race, but the real treat, traditionally, is some burgers for lunch or an early dinner. That is what I really look forward to.

    Welcome back to reality, and happy running. :)


  8. I moved into Vermont in beginning of Jan. sadly it has been to much ice for me to run around lately. once it goes away i be able to bike and run. I hope you enjoy your FL trip! and nice work.

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