Feeling Like a Monday!

Well, it’s that Monday morning feeling! The weekend was a great one—hope yours was too!

The weekend started and ended with some quality girl time! Friday night dinner and drinks with some Boston gals followed by visits with friends and family, followed by Sunday bridesmaid shopping! So many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from! The bride went with a beautiful color for us that will look amazing for a fall wedding in Maine. It’s going to be a busy summer and fall ahead with 7 other weddings!


My 17 miler went well this weekend, and I was happy to hit some 7:30 splits the last few miles. I have one more long run next weekend, and then it’s TAPER time! I am so eager (and nervous) to run this race! Boston was super mild this weekend, and my route included passing some of my favorite landmarks.

IMG_2429IMG_2425IMG_2422As you can tell, I love Boston!

Listening to one of my new favorite podcasts, “Running on Om” carried me through the long run. Narrator Julia Hanlon has an incredibly peaceful voice and has many interesting guests. I felt very inspired listening to Runner’s World Amby Burfoot’s interview (“How to Live Every Mile as a Gift”)- and the interview pushed me to get through those last few miles during the long run. Check it out!


I felt fairly sore after the run, so took yesterday off and ran 60 minutes this morning. The warm weather carried over from the weekend until this morning, and it was a beautiful 40-something degree run.

IMG_2441My view during this morning’s run

Running agenda for the week:

Tuesday: Drills & 9 miles

Wednesday: Speed workout! 2 mile warm-up, 7X800m (goal 3:25-3:30 pace), 400m recovery, 1 mile cool

Thursday: Drills + 2 miles easy 4 miles progressively faster 2 miles easy (8 miles total)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 20 miles

Sunday: 90 minute timed run

Total miles: roughly 55

Then, it’s TAPER TIME!!! Let’s hope I make it through the week between work, other commitments, and all of this running! I know that I have more time to complete everything, but it’s still sometimes difficult to fit it all in! I don’t know how some people do it with a full time job AND a family and other important commitments. Have a great Monday!

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?

Did you get any runs in this weekend? How did they go?

Where is your FAVORITE place to run?









  1. Wasn’t the weather this weekend fabulous for outdoor recreation? I am going to check out Running Om podcast. I listen to Startalk with Neal DeGrasse Tyson and sometimes Bill Nye, while I solo run. It’s an enlightening, enriching, educational and amazing podcast. You might want to check it out. The have interviewed many interesting and well-known individuals from politicians, to scientists, to magicians to entertainers. Good luck with your race day. Sounds like you are well on your way to a successful race.


  2. After two weeks straight of indoor running I was finally able to do my recovery run Sunday outside, and I was so freaking happy! My favorite place to run would have to be the Mt. Vernon trail–you run along the water, and then you can connect to the monuments and Tidal Basin, which is beautiful. It’s the best way to see all the monuments and memorials in D.C.!

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    1. That sounds gorgeous!! Glad to hear you were able to run outside this weekend. And hopefully the rest of the snow melts today in this crazy warm weather! That trail reminds me of running the Marine Corps marathon this past fall- passing all of the monuments was awesome!


  3. Love those ducks!
    Great running programme. I am still just trying to improve my fitness – your sort of schedule is well beyond me.
    I love running in the lane behind my house. It’s very hilly – I love the downhill best and feel like I’m really going fast…Occasionally I see a car or a Land Rover and sheep trailer or a neighbour stops to give me the thumbs up, but mostly it’s just me and the sheep. What’s not to love?

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  4. What race are you running? The Boston Marathon? Go you! I’m actually from MA myself and go to college in Maine so I know both areas well and am so happy I found another blogger in this area, and a runner to boot! Loving your blog!


  5. I love Running on Om! Sometimes I listen during my commute, but I’m stock piling episodes for the long runs to come. I ran 7 miles sunday, and it was great- 41 degrees in Maine at the end of January is amazing! Looks like it’s going to be in the low 50’s when I get out of work, so I’m hoping I can squeeze in a quick 3 miles before yoga class. Have a great week!


    1. Awesome- yes, in the 4 years I went to school in Maine it never went above 20 degrees! Great job getting in those miles, and glad you like that podcast! Let me know if you have any other podcast suggestions, I am running out of episodes!


      1. I’ve got a big list of podcasts. Some of my favorites are: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Radiolab, The Dinner Party Download, Snap Judgement, The Dirtbag Diaries, Awesome Etiquette, Hidden Brain and The Conscious Runner Podcast. I hope you find a few you like!


  6. That’s a serious schedule. Good on you for killing it!

    I had a medium weekend, busy but with good runs. We’ve built a little trifecta of runners and our Sunday Trail runs are nice and relaxing after my long runs on Saturday.

    My favorite place to run? Anywhere I can put my feet, though I felt very privileged to run in Haiti and I’m not leaving the New Mexico desert.


  7. Super great run!! I love fast finish runs because it makes me feel like I will finish a race strong. My favorite place to run is called Ellis Hollow, a hilly road about 5 miles out from my house. It’s where I do my long runs. It’s peaceful and the houses are really pretty.
    This weekend I ran on Saturday and took Sunday off still feeling whipped from my interval workout on Friday. It was beautiful all weekend and I wish I had some runs planned =P
    Have a great week!

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  8. nice job on the run! Boston is so lovely. i was just thinking this morning on my run that i need to get in a weekend trip there with the man sometime this year if possible. i love everything about weddings! i did run a 7-miler this weekend but on the treadmill, unfortunately, although i got a shorter one in this morning along the river. looking forward to this week of 50 degree weather!


    1. Thank you! You definitely should visit (maybe not in the winter– but this winter continues to be so nice!). Hope you have some great runs this weekend and that you can take them outside!


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