A Weekend of Love and Running

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was spent with friends and family with some running in between. I felt very in the moment all weekend, and subsequently forgot to take any photos at all, highly unusual for me. The array of pictures in this post includes some of my favorite stray images! :)

FullSizeRenderPC: @boston.com

I’m going to be a bit sappy for a minute and talk about love, since that seemed to be the theme of the weekend (and we didn’t even go to a wedding!). We celebrated the love between my parents and toasted their 33rd wedding anniversary! They have set such a great example and I am beyond grateful for this as I approach my own wedding date in April. On Saturday, we went to a barbecue in the suburbs and talked with two newlywed friends who just got back from their honeymoon in Croatia and Italy. And on Sunday, Mark and I visited the new home of recently-engaged friends as they were still unpacking.

Toronto, two weeks ago:IMG_0235

Throughout the activities this weekend, I was touched by the happiness by those around me. It was certainly uplifting, and a reminder that a peaceful world starts at a micro-level based on basic human happiness and connectedness. My friends that found their partners for life are truly fortunate, but as Steve Jobs has said, “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking”.  When you continue to live the life you want to live and have a sense of self, then things will fall into place.

On a run this summer:DCEC22CD-CB5C-4AB3-A1F7-16796DF29AA5

In terms of running, I did manage to fit in two runs this weekend. At the start of the weekend I was recovering from a bad cold, so dialed down my long run from 16 miles on the schedule to a “mere” 12 on Saturday. The heat of the day felt fatiguing and after I hit the 10 mile mark I could only squeeze out a couple more additional miles. Those last steps were exhausting! On Sunday, by contrast, I ran 6 rainy miles which felt great.

I think my legs will feel better by next week, a solid three weeks after my trail marathon in mid-July. I know that running a marathon while training for 26.2 is not ideal given the toll it takes on your body and the subsequent recovery time becomes lost training time. Also, I’ve heard arguments that your body does not see an increase in training benefits in runs longer than three hours, and I ran my trail marathon in roughly 5 hours. However, running a trail race is something I have always wanted to do. I am so happy that I did it and it was an experience I won’t forget. I read somewhere that “your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.” Well, I have easily convinced myself that I made the right decision to run the trail race, I have no regrets. We will see what the new month of August brings!

Recent fun runs in NH:IMG_0394IMG_0406

What was your favorite memory from the weekend?

If you’re training for a race, how did the runs go in this summer heat? What’s your favorite tip for summer running?

Where is your favorite place to run?

What are your August running goals? Personally, I’d like to get back into marathon training for Wineglass, focusing on some mid-week speedwork and getting in a few solid long runs with fast finishes. I am excited to see how this plan pans out!




  1. Beautiful post. Congrats to your parents. I bet it makes looking forward to your own upcoming wedding even more exciting. Summer marathon training can be frustrating. Just think how great you will feel and how strong you will be when it cools off!


  2. Very inspiring post, both on the interpersonal and running level.
    As I’m soon headed back to Switzerland to be with my family and friends again after 3 years in the U.S. I can totally relate to that part of your post.
    Running-wise the only goal for me is to get as many runs in the dry warm (hot!!) Texas weather in as possible before I’m headed back to a rainier and soon colder climate. Speaking of rainy: I don’t mind running in rain except for the shoes that get soaked and thus oftentimes cause me blisters. Do you have a tip for keeping your feet dry under wet conditions? Waterproof shoes didn’t do it for me as the rain still runs down my legs and puddles in the shoes.

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    1. Thanks for your comment and question! I actually haven’t tried waterproof shoes. But in terms of keeping my feet dry- when it’s difficult to do, I make sure I have a change of socks. Usually during training runs I’m not out there long enough for my feet to blister in wet conditions. But during a race (such as my trail race last weekend- definitely wet conditions there!), I brought a change of socks just in case. That method helps me prevent blisters. In a longer distance than a marathon (if I ever sign up for an ultra), I’d probably pack a change of shoes as well. Anyway- you brought up a good question that should be looked in to more- I’ll do some more research on my end in case there are other tips!

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      1. Thank you so much Jane, sure appreciate it! The socks are an excellent idea.
        Btw: I’m only a half marathon runner, so certainly not out as long as you. But Switzerland can get quite rainy and I just can’t stomach the treadmill for days in a row. In the past I have found sports or medical tape helpful to prevent blisters but you have to know exactly where you might get them in order to place the tape right.

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  3. Love and running….two things that bring happiness to so many! It makes sense to have done a trail race in the summer. Training for trails means running trails which is so much less hot than running city streets. I read somewhere that running in the heat helps you make extra blood and that boosts your performance when the weather cools off. Well, I’m counting on it because I’ve sure left puddles of sweat on the streets this summer! I always start too late and then complain but I’m running anyway. 10 miles a few weeks ago, 8-point-something about 10 days ago and I have a 14-miler coming up Saturday. It might be ugly, but I’ll get it done. :)

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  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! It also sounds to me like the universe is sending you some pretty clear messages.

    Grats on the running. I had a fun then not-so-fun then fun again training run. Now I’m resting up for race day this Sunday. It’s so damn hard not running!

    See you on the trails!

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      1. La Luz Trail Run. 9 miles and 4k of elevation gain. Woof.

        I’ll be happy to have fresh legs, but walking and yoga just don’t make the cut for me. I’m going to sneak out for a easy 3-4 miles tomorrow then call it until Sunday.


  5. I missed this post somehow but I’m glad I found it now at least, as it’s lovely. Love the reminder to cherish true love and to hold out for what it is that truly alights a fire within you. Congrats to your parents for an amazing testament to love and marriage! And as always, your photos are amazing and your running inspires me. 12 miles in the heat is an accomplishment, dialed-down from 16 or not!


  6. This is a really inspirational post and I love your writing style and the way you present your blog. Thanks for sharing! I am a keen (slow) jogger but also walk on a daily basis and this is my meditation. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a hard going jog in the heat in case you have time to look? Have a good afternoon, Sam :)

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