Dealing with a Cold & Hot Soup

Welcome to the long weekend! Not too much to report here as I have been fighting a bad cold for the past few days. It has seemed to get a little better after sleeping for half of the last 48 hours.


I was unable to run the 8 miles scheduled for Thursday and won’t make them up. Pushing yourself physically when feeling sick is just a recipe for prolonging the sickness. They say that if symptoms are “above the neck” only, you should be fine to work out as you can—but I will be sure to take it easy until I am fully recovered. I have a half marathon race next weekend (bienvenido a Miami!), and want to be healthy for that. I am feeling a little bit of cabin fever though- I usually spend at least an hour outside every day between my commute and exercising outdoors, so staying inside and unable to run has been a little tough.

013 (1)South Beach, Miami last year!

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