Sunday Funday

Good morning! Hope you all had a great Saturday night!

This morning is full of coffee and nuun– I like the tri-berry flavor the best! Nuun are electrolyte tabs without sugar or carbs. They add light flavor to water, and I drink them on a regular basis. I like how the nuun tables are portable- great to take on trips!


On the schedule for today: time-based easy run (60 minutes today). I’ll switch the settings on my Garmin to only display time, and won’t worry about the distance covered.


This will be followed by lots of stretching, getting organized for the week, and then celebrating a friend’s birthday.

What are your Sunday plans? 

Have a great day!


  1. I’ve never been a runner. At age 48 I got off the couch and started exercising. I went from overweight couch potato to overweight triathlete in five weeks. I did a dozen triathlons over the next two years, usually finishing in the bottom five but finishing with a smile on my face.

    After the death of our son two years ago, I only did two tris. I didn’t exercise much that first year.

    This year I have ridden my bike a bunch. I’m not fast and I go 25-35 miles per ride. I enjoy riding.

    I have recently started walk/jogging again. I want to to work up to doing a half marathon next fall. I’ve never done one.

    Today I completed a 5K. I walked most of the way and was slow. But I did it. Then I walked sixteen flights of stairs to my room. Twice.

    I’m enjoying reading about your running. I’m hoping to learn things that will help me accomplish my goal.


  2. Yesterday, I ran a half marathon and PR’d!! Woot! WOOT! IT was a great race until I realized my car battery was dead afterwards :-/
    TOday, I rested! Did the fun mom and wife stuff like grocery shopping! (Don’t be jealous) LOL!
    TOmorrow, I start my marathon training …… will be my first ever FULL marathon! Nervously excited! I haven’t tried the Nunn, may need to check them out!
    Happy Sunday!

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