Patriots win and welcome to a new week!

Good morning and happy Monday!

My 60 minute easy run yesterday turned into a 75ish minute run as I didn’t plan for the extra distance it would take me to get home. I felt strong while running, but will plan better next time. I am still getting the hang of these time-based runs! An estimate of yesterday’s mileage brings my total mileage for the week to 41 miles. 

Workouts for this upcoming week include a pair of 6 milers, a 7 miler, and a 15 miler. I will start to incorporate marathon pace into my long runs (which will be in Philly this weekend!). My marathon training for the rest of the month is primarily focused on recovery from the Marine Corps Marathon, while continuing to maintain a decent base of mileage. Training in December will be focused on building up marathon base mileage to increase overall endurance. My coaches will also start to incorporate marathon-specific speed work into my December workouts.

IMG_1051Boston Public Garden 

After Sunday’s run I had a burrito (Anna’s: Boston people must try this place if you haven’t already) and some clementines. I can’t get enough of these citrus fruits and snack on them regularly throughout the winter.


The rest of our Sunday involved celebrating my friend’s birthday and watching the Patriot’s beat the Giants in an incredible nail-biter of a game. Yes, New Englanders need to watch multiple games at the same time.


Anyone else a football fan?

Any tough workouts for the week?

Have a great Monday!


  1. Yes, we are football fans but we cant comment about that right now though we will always love our ‘Hawks!! 16 mile run yesterday at mostly LSR pace for me…this week, just a normal progression, though a 5K race on Saturday, which will actually be my first race at that distance, so will be interesting if nothing else!!

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  2. Clementines are my weakness, I love them Pickles and Clementines are my go to snacks. How many miles to average in a week. I’ve been trying for 40 but seem to always fall just short, last week I was only able to clock 36


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