Welcome to December and 2016 races!

I can’t believe another year has almost passed! 2015 has been a good one- I got a new job that I enjoy, moved into a new place, moved in with a new “roommate” :), traveled around the world and within the USA, and ran some fun marathons. I saw several close family members and friends get married and engaged, have babies, get new and exciting jobs, hike new mountains, start new relationships, and run PRs!

2016 is just around the corner, and I am even more excited to dive in to the next year!


I registered for my 4th marathon in 2016, Wineglass Marathon! Other races include Phoenix AZ in February, Paris in April, and Missoula MT in July. Some friends and I will be running Wineglass together, and we will be bringing some special spectators as well. There are lots of positive reviews about this flat, fast, fun course in the Finger Lakes and Wine region of New York. If I run the two other USA marathons I have signed up for in 2016, then Wineglass will be state #12, and marathon #17! This makes me excited but tired at the same time when I think of the numbers :)

IMG_1332From wine night to Wineglass Marathon: Running is more fun with friends!

In the meantime, I am getting into training for Phoenix and more used to running on a treadmill during the week. I have to do post-work runs at the gym because of early morning meetings at work this week. This is a bit unfortunate since I have just gotten into the routine of running before work, and even started to enjoy it. I find it tough to run after work- my body and mind are both fatigued! But I’m happy I made progress with my morning workouts.

IMG_1335Mornings are better with this stuff!

This first week of December includes a 7 miler (yesterday), 8 miler, speed workout with 800 m repeats, an hour long timed run on Saturday, and then an 18 mile run on Sunday. My legs are still feeling strong, so I am looking forward to these workouts and hoping to see some progress!

What are your favorite fall races?

Coffee drinker or no? I can’t live without it…

Marathon/half marathon/10k/5k goals for 2016?


  1. I’m with you. I shouldn’t be allowed to interact with anyone without first having coffee… And I’m very impressed that you got into the routine of morning workouts. You give a girl hope! I can’t wait for Wineglass!


  2. Race planning is always fun, and Wineglass is supposed to be a great race from what I’ve read. Sounds like a great 2016 calendar…Missoula is on our list too next year, so me and neveradullbling will see you there!!

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      1. No I’ve never even ran a marathon LOL, some of my training runs are 20 miles so that the longest I’ve ever ran without stopping. I figure though after the 48.6 mile Disney Dopey run, it the next step IF i’m able to complete it.

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  3. Wineglass is a very popular marathon and half for runners in my area – great choice for a NY race! If you get a chance while you’re there you’ve got to check out the Corning Museum of Glass, it’s a cool place. Best of luck with your running goals and 2016 races! :)

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    1. Thank you for the info! Let me know if there’s anything else we shouldn’t miss while out there– I’ve never been to that area of New York! Really looking forward to it :)


  4. To me, it isn’t about the caffeine, I ju love coffee. It helps my 12 hour shifts and my bus trips (as the coach driver). But I don need a cup 1st thing in the morning.


  5. I am definitely a coffee drinker. I just need one cup in the morning, but without it I’m toast! That is so awesome that you are doing Wineglass, among the other races. It looks like you have a run racing year ahead of you! My goal for next year is a 2:10 half a potentially doing 10 halfs? That last part will really depend on what kind of job I get!


  6. I’m planning out my 2016 race schedule now and it’s tough! So many races I want to do and not enough time. Paris sound awesome! Some nternational races are on my bucket list. I’m doing a half in Stockholm and/or Copenhagen in 2016. :)


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