Workouts, Work Party, and Looking Forward to the Weekend!

Boston, you sure can be warm for December! I guess winter is imminent in New England, but it would be nice if it could wait a few more months!


This week included some tough workouts, including my first true speed workout since training for Big Cottonwood Canyon this summer. I had to take the speed work inside on the treadmill due to the rainy midweek weather. After that experience, I will aim to run sprint workouts outside going forward if at all possible. The workout included a two mile warm-up, and 5 X 800m (half mile) sprints, with 400m (quarter mile) recovery in between, and a one mile cool. This is a fairly typical marathon training sprint workout. However, I found it very difficult to keep up my target 3:30/800 meter pace. I managed to hit the splits, but was more out of breath than I think I ever have been. Let’s hope that next week’s speed workout goes better!

My week also included some nice walks to and from work — minus the rain midweek!

IMG_1344Boston is still looking fall-ish!


We had a holiday party at work Wednesday afternoon. There was an amazing display of desserts, and I was in heaven. Maybe all of the cookies and brownies I ate added to the difficulty of my speed workout!

IMG_1349Boston is getting ready for the holidays, yet remains rather warm- I like it!

The end of the work week will include a movie (Spotlight, another Boston-based movie!) with friends.

I will be running an hour-long timed run (no specific pace, but relaxed!) tomorrow morning. Looks like it will be sunny and in the low 50s, so won’t have to wear too many layers. Sunday is my long run (18 miles), and I will be running part of it with my sister. It will be her first run since the Philly marathon, and I am looking forward to it! She is my motivation!


I will be wearing my new Spibelt gear during my long run, including my belt and H20 companion. I am a huge fan of spibelt product and I have worn their belts during most marathons and long runs. The belts are super comfortable around my waist and don’t ride up when running. They are light-weight and can fit all of my GUs (I bring 4 with me in a marathon), as well as a phone, chapstick, and anything else I need. It’s definitely the easiest way to carry all of my race day essentials!

Spibelt’s H20 companion is an add-on water bottle to any spibelt, and is the perfect size for long runs. This will be my first time using the H20 companion, and I am looking forward to testing it out! Stay tuned for a review on that.


Have a happy Friday! Remember to get outside this weekend if you can. Looks like a beautiful one for Bostonians! :)

What are your favorite (or typical) speed workout routines? Do you practice yasso 800s?

What workout do you find toughest: long runs, speed workouts, hills, or tempo?

Anyone seeing a movie this weekend?

Any other weekend plans? Any holiday events?


  1. bonnev659 says:

    enjoy your weekend as well!

    What are your favorite (or typical) speed workout routines? all depends on where I am running to be honest.

    What workout do you find toughest: long runs, speed workouts, hills, or tempo? put all of them in a hat and draw it, as it changes

    Anyone seeing a movie this weekend? nope

    Any other weekend plans? Any holiday events? nothing yet but subject to change


    1. janerunswild says:

      Have a great weekend!


  2. That’s cool that you ran the Big Cottonwood Marathon! Big Cottonwood Canyon is just a few miles away from me. I was actually climbing in on my bike during the marathon this year.

    I just started doing speed work again, and I’ve been doing repeat 400s, 800s, 1200s, or 1600s. I’ve enjoyed it, even though I would say those are typically the hardest workout for me every week. My last repeat is usually followed by me dramatically lying down on the track for a minute or two before I start my cool down.

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    1. janerunswild says:

      That is so cool you live near Big Cottonwood- I am so jealous! The race trip was my first time out in Utah, and I was blown away by your state’s beauty. I am hoping to visit again some day soon! The race was one of my favorites- so well organized and gorgeous scenery throughout the duration of the marathon. The elevation was tough (race started almost 10k feet high!), so that is a huge benefit to living in the mountains!
      I haven’t moved into 1200s and 1600s in my speed work, but it sounds daunting! Good luck and I am looking forward to hearing more stories about Big Cottonwood and SLC! :)

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      1. I just moved here a year ago, and I’ve spent the year being blown away by how gorgeous the state is. And, IMO, the scenery doesn’t get much better than Big Cottonwood Canyon.


  3. usabaker says:

    Saw MockingJay 2 last weekend; glad that series is over. Had to tell two ADULTS one in front of me and one behind me (watching a video on FB) to go play with thier phones outside. And then, near the end of the movie in the part where its a lovey dovey hushed dialog with no background music my 9 yearold son farts….. ugh


  4. Awesome week! Long run for me this weekend too to get ready for 2 marathons before the end of the month. Have a great weekend!!

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    1. janerunswild says:

      That’s amazing, you are incredible! Which marathons are you running? Are you trying to run the 50 states?


      1. New Year’s Double…26.2 on NYE & 26.2 on New Year’s Day
        I’m a Marathon Maniac already but yeah I’ve thought about being a 50 stater! I’ve covered quite a few states already.


  5. Jessie says:

    I’ve got a hike & a short “long run” on my schedule this weekend.

    I think speed work is fun, but 800’s are the death of me. They’re not short, but they’re not long. & the distance makes me want to claw my eyes out.


    1. janerunswild says:

      That’s awesome! Where are you hiking? Wish it was still the season for that up here in New England! Glad to hear that a fellow runner dislikes 800’s as much as I do! :)


  6. bjscheirer says:

    Speed workouts: I’ve done some speed workout, but not very formally. Still a little green and trying to make time work on my side. Between my job and 3 kids at home, just getting a run is important. My wife is also looking for more chances to run as well.

    Toughest workout: see above.

    Movie/plans: I’m working this weekend (shift work). I am, however, looking forward to my daughter being in “Nutcracker” next weekend.


  7. Okay, I’m definitely putting that spibelt on my wish list! Gu, phone, chapstick, I’m sold! Have a great weekend!


  8. Josh dV says:

    Looks and sounds like a solid week. I don’t have any specific training plan and I’m not running nearly as much as I want or need. I get out in the mornings a few times a week for 30-60 minutes and then I’ll get a two hour run in on the weekend. Not nearly as much as I want. I guess it’s time to sit down and really make a plan.

    I did enjoy my treadmill time back when I was training for Haiti. I got real fast running on the mill. I’d get 16-18 miles in two hours towards the end. Though I much prefer to be outside. My times are slower on all the trails but my mind is so much more peaceful.

    I look forward to talking gear with you. I am not much for belt, as I prefer shirtless running in the sun. I have the Osprey Rev1.5 pack for the really long runs.

    Anyway I pray you have a great weekend.


  9. I typically do my speed work anywhere but a track, the curves kill my it band. I have only ever done 800s once, but I liked them a lot! I hope you enjoy your weekend! Mine will be full of final exam/presentation prep.


    1. janerunswild says:

      Wow, incredible that you enjoyed running 800s! What’s your secret? :)
      Good luck with your exams!! Running always helps de-stress during those times!


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