Currently Loving…

1.      Netflix show “Master of None” with Aziz Ansari. Must watch if you are in the mood for a good laugh (who isn’t?!). They say that this show is the modern “Seinfeld” and seeing that I can easily relate to many of the issues brought up in the show, I agree! From dating disasters, to debates on the appropriate text message responses, to issues with friends and family—this show is relatable and outstanding.


2.      The Boston Public Market. Mark and I stopped by last Sunday for the first time, and I want to re-purchase everything we bought (including amazing freshly-made butternut squash and cheese filled ravioli). Buying local is a good!

3.      Mild weather weekend running. It’s been in the 40’s and 50’s as a high during the day, enabling my obsession for shorts to continue into December. Thanks Boston. I know that this won’t last much longer!


4.      Holiday season in Boston. No snow in sight, but that is quite alright. I may be biased, but think that this city (and New England in general) is the place to be during the holidays. Festivity radiates throughout the old city buildings and there is always a vast selection of holiday attractions and activities most nights of the week including performances, tree lightings, and shops dressed in their holiday best. There is a true sense of tradition and peace in Boston during the holidays and I love to soak it all up.


5.      Taking off days from running and getting a massage instead. As my coaches say, less is more when choosing between rest and pushing through extremely fatigued legs. I listened to my body, and chose not to run the hour-long workout today. The tough workouts from this week and approaching long run tomorrow made the decision to rest an easy one.

6.      Holiday drinks with friends and family. Throughout the entire month of December. Yes, please.


Happy weekend! 

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

What are you currently loving?




  1. I can totally relate to 5 and 6! You are so fortunate to still have nice running weather!!

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    1. janerunswild says:

      It’s rarely this warm in December After last winter, I think Bostonians deserve it :)

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  2. Josh dV says:

    Looks like a lot of fun out there. I got out for 11 miles today in a T-shirt and shorts. I love the southwest! It’s December and I’m still overheating running!

    Not watching any shows right now though I’m looking forward to checking out The Expanse. The books were space opera at its best and the show looks amazing!

    Off days….yoga and body weight stuff, plus writing and planning DnD shenanigans.

    Keep the beautiful pictures coming!


  3. janerunswild says:

    Thanks for your note? Awesome that you can run in a t shirt and shorts pretty much year round out there! Living in the southwest, have you run any races in Phoenix?


  4. You have a great city. I love visiting Boston anytime of the year. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  5. Carol Ann S says:

    I agree New England is a wonderful place to be at the holidays! I used to live in NH and still have family there and I just love visiting this time of year!

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  6. Ahh, good old holiday drinks with family – love it!!

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