Holidays and Getaways!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with your loved ones! We had a great time together in our little town south of Boston. I’m so lucky that most of my immediate and extended families live in the area!

FullSizeRender (6)

The weekend included lots of walks with my favorite puppy, Rio. Also a lot of cuddle time. Rio is my sister’s dog and I don’t anticipate that I will get a puppy soon, so I like to soak in the experience while I’m with him!

FullSizeRender (5)Foggy & mild Christmas morning!IMG_1659

We had delicious home-cooked food all weekend and lots of wine and desserts! Thank you to my mom!

Secret Santa was a success and my sister ended up getting a gift for me! She got me a Lululemon scarf which I love! She knows me so well. :)

Following Christmas, we celebrated Boxing Day with Mark’s family. This celebration also included lots of food and wine, as well as Christmas crackers!

IMG_1670IMG_1671Christmas crackers

Before the Boxing Day festivities, I enjoyed the sunshine and mild temperatures on Saturday in a 16 mile run. Since this was a “step-down” week, my coaches and I agreed that I could cut the mileage down a bit from 18. I left my water bottle in front of the house and was able to grab it on each of the 4 mile loops. It was nice to have my hands free! I listened to a mix of music and podcasts, including serial episode #3. My legs felt sore from the beginning, and I think this had to do with the speed work from earlier in the week as well as not having my foam roller with me for the weekend. Lots of stretching ahead!

Mark and I are now heading to the tropics for a short getaway!


It almost seems too warm here in New England to head south, but I’m not too mad about it. Catch you later at the beach!

Anyone heading on vacation this week?

Do you typically pack workout/running clothes when you head on vacation? I typically throw sneakers, a sports bra, and tank/shorts in my suitcase. I love running while on vacation as a way to explore the area!

Favorite workouts while on the road?

Anyone been to Puerto Rico and have suggestions? 




  1. Rio is adorable! Packing workout clothes means I’m more likely to squeeze in SOMETHING while on vacation. Better than wanting to run and not being prepared!

    Enjoy Puerto Rico! Not a bad way to spend a holiday :)


  2. Although I’ve only been running for 3 yrs I always take my kit on holiday – It’s almost a tradition! They are never great runs, from a training perspective, but some of the best and most memorable experiences! Enjoy your holidays!


  3. You definitely had the weather. Snow here in ABQ for Christmas. Looks like great running for you but I had a good time out and about in the snow.

    I always bring running gear along. I practically live in my running shorts in the summer…and other times.

    Enjoy the warm(er) weather and well done on the runs!

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  4. Love the Caribbean. I was in Belize. There the people speak English because it was a British colony. I don’t know much about Puerto Rico. I have met a lot of Puerto Ricans in New York City, though. I like them a lot. You probably will have fun running. If anything like Belize, the white sand is just beautiful.

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  5. Your tree is beautiful!! And have a blast in Puerto Rico!! Wowza! I like running as a form of exercise in new places. I like to explore! Have safe travels! We however, are buying a home so no extra cash to travel. But I’ll take a home! ;-)

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  6. Yes. I try to take running gear when i travel. A sport bra and tights are easy to stuff into my suitcase. Better to have it and not be able to use it than to find the perfect running route and not have any gear. Imagine trying to shop for a sport bra while on vacation!


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