Week Before the Half Marathon

Happy Tuesday everyone! If you live in the Boston area, hope you’re staying warm these days and enjoying the recent snowfall!


Boston Common was glowing with a thin layer of snow yesterday. Would be great if this was the first and last snowfall, but I’m sure it’s not! Last winter Boston was met with record snowfall with a grand total of 110.6 inches, and 64.8 inches fell in February alone!


Last night, Mark and I checked out another Oscar nominee the “The Revenant”. While I had to cover my eyes for most of the movie because of all the wild west violence, Mark found the grim adventure tale to be more tolerable. From what I saw it did have fantastic acting, particularly by Leo DiCaprio, and unforgettable cinematography. Many of the scenes will chill you to the bone and make you appreciate modern society living, but I would highly recommend the movie to anyone.

IMG_2177IMG_2152Baby, it’s cold outside for a run!

Other than seeing the movie and relaxing with some friends, I was able to get in a 20 mile run outside, as well as a 90 minute timed run on the treadmill. In the week leading up to a half marathon (down in Miami!), I have the following training plan:


  • Drills + 8 miles with 6 stride-outs

Wednesday (speed work):

  • 2-mile warm-up
    3×1 mile at Half Marathon Pace (HMP)
    2-3 min recovery between
    1-mile cool-down
    (7 miles)


  • Drills + 6 miles easy
    No strength


  • Rest


  • Rest or easy 20-30 min “shake-out” run


  • RACE!!!

My total mileage is less than normal weeks, and pace will be slower. I will also plan to stretch a lot (hello foam roller!), and hydrate-hydrate-hydrate! Miami is going to be in the 60’s on race day (actually a little cooler than usual, which is nice!), and so hydrating is key!

After the half marathon, it’s just over one month until Phoenix Marathon!

Some of you have asked why I am still planning to run Phoenix given that I now have Boston Marathon on the calendar. I had always planned to run Phoenix as a goal race, so decided to continue training as I had for that race. I had already put in a lot of time and energy into training for that race, so felt that I should continue. After Phoenix, I will be taking recovery very seriously! That’s all for now- enjoy your day!! 

What Oscar-nominated (or good movies in general), have you seen lately?

How much running do you do before a half marathon? What is your typical routine?

What is your go-to meal before a race?


  1. I’ve heard great things about that movie! Right now, I’m glued to Making a Murderer, so no time for movies! I’m currently half marathon training right now, and this is my first plan where I’m running 5 days a week vs. 4. I have an easier run Tuesday, speed work Wednesdays, pace runs Thursdays, long runs Saturdays, and recovery run Sundays. I’m hoping to reach my sub 2:00 goal! Go to meal before a long run right now is a slice of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a shot of espresso!


    1. Making a Murderer is so good, we binged over the holidays! I think everyone should watch it. What training plan are you following for your half? Sounds like a good one! Best of luck with your running in this intensely cold weather we’ve been having recently! PS- I agree that coffee is a must before a race! :)


      1. I can only handle one episode a night because it makes me so mad! I’m following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate plan but adapted it slightly. We’re supposed to get snow this weekend, so looks like my 7 miler will have to be done indoors, yuck!


        1. Hal is a great starting point! I’ve followed many of his plans. Good luck getting your 7 in– can you try to do it on Sunday? I’ve also broken up long runs, running half inside and half outside- makes it much more tolerable!


  2. I am yet to even see what movies got nominated, which pretty much means I’m yet to see any of the movies. It’s been a crazy back to work time. I tend to repeat movies I liked before. Will be watching Bourne Identity tonight.
    My routine before my next race https://debwashere.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/weekly-routine-kili-marathon-training/
    I am yet to get this right. I did a banana and cereal mix 2 hours before my last race and it was ok. Will be trying something different this Saturday.
    Good luck on your run


  3. The last week before a race is always so tricky, isn’t it? I have to keep reminding myself that my training was sufficient so the “short” runs are more for my head than my body, but that’s easier said than done. Also tricky is the day before the race. I typically tend to shoot for what you described as a “shake-out” run, but sometimes it’s not even necessary because I spend so much time on my feet that day going to the expo, a hotel if I’m out of town, sightseeing, etc… it can be a surprisingly tiring day.

    As for pre-race eating, my go-to meal for the day before is a nice big baked potato with chicken, broccoli, and a little cheese in it. All the carbs you’d get with pasta but also loaded with potassium, and super satisfying.


    1. Thanks for your comment! The potato the day before the race sounds like a good alternative to pasta! I still need to perfect my day and week before eating routine. What’s your Boston marathon morning eating routine? I know the race starts later than normal races, so will need to figure that out myself!


      1. Oh, I’m sure I’ll just sleep in on Boston race morning because I won’t be nervous at all….

        Okay, that’s obviously not happening! Good question, I hadn’t even thought of that! Typically these races start so early that my breakfast is a bagel with some peanut butter spread on it and a banana on the side, eaten while walking,. Maybe we can use the later start time to our advantage and have more of a proper breakfast. For me on race morning that might be a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit and nuts mixed in, but we’ll see… I’ve never had a couple of hours to kill time on race morning. I’m sure the nerves will be through the roof.


  4. Jane, the weather here in Phoenix is gorgeous. I ran the RNR AZ half last weekend and starting temp was low 40s but it warmed up fast as the sun came out. A friend ran the full and said the second half was pretty warm. We’ll make sure everything is tidy for you.

    With two young boys, being a scout leader and some volunteer responsibilities, I don’t get to run everyday so during training, I do intervals one day, a medium distance run another day and, if time, a short run on Fridays, then a distance run on weekends. I’m not as concerned with setting new PRs right now, but I do have a 50k at the end of the year I will be training for. It will be a time management challenge.

    Hope you have a great race in Miami! Safe travels.

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    1. Thank you Doug! Congrats on your race!! How’d it go? Also exciting about the 50k! I hope the weather stays in the 40s for the marathon at the end of Feb! I like racing in those temperatures- no higher than 50 degrees! The race starts early in the morning, so hopefully I finish before the hot desert sun comes out :) Let me know if you have any more tips on running in Phoenix!


      1. The RNR half was great. The RNR’s are always fun because of all the excitement and support along the course. I bought a cheap sweatshirt at Goodwill the day before then tossed it in the donate pile after the start. Doing another half next month too and expect similar temps and weather. Will let you know. El Nino has made things a little unpredictable. The only thing I would add is to wear a cap for the sun – although I doubt you have a bald spot to get sunburned…


  5. Looks like a solid plan. I’ve never really had or followed a solid training plan. I just get out and run as much as I can and try to enjoy myself. I’m following one now, for the first time so we’ll see how it goes.

    My go to meal is always a peanut-butter and honey sandwich. I generally have that and a hard-boiled egg on race morning, then everything all day while I’m running.


  6. I don’t like movies where I have to cover my face and pray for the gory bits to be over. Give me a good drama with lot of dialogue, little bit of action any day instead :-)


  7. Those are lovely pictures of the Common! The snow makes it look so charming… at least for now, until we get more and get sick of it ;) I haven’t seen any of the Oscar-nominated films, but really, really want to see Spotlight. Good luck with your half!


  8. 20 miles before a half!? And if it is cold in MD, it must be colder where you are. I couldn’t imagine running that far in freezing weather. I’m a Raynaud’s sufferer so I truly envy you for getting out there and doing it!

    Good luck with your half!


    1. Hey Lindsey! I’m in the middle of marathon training and am using this half as a fun training run. Otherwise, normally I wouldn’t run 20 the weekend before a half! It’s not quite a taper situation here. Thanks for your note!


  9. Your pictures are simply ah-mazing! My go to meal the morning of is a slice of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a few slices of banana.
    Delish! The night before I like grilled chicken and a baked potato. And ALL the water. Seems to do the trick.

    Best of luck with your half.

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  10. That’s fabulous about your upcoming half! Very exciting! And in Miami! I hope it goes super great for you!! So when Boston is covered in snow, do you wear spikes on your shoes to run? I’m just now beginning to learn about Yak Trax which actually may be a necessity for my winter running so I can get outside. (?)


  11. I am so not a movie person, but I did see Run Free last weekend, and it was AMAZING! Worth seeing even if you have not read Born to Run. As far as pre race meals go, I stick with the same thing the night before- always roasted chicken, green beans, sweet potato, white potato and garlic bread. It’s easy on the stomach and tasty!

    I’m so glad that so far this winter, we’ve had much less snow, and warmer temps! Maine also got hi hard last year, and I would love a nice, mellow winter while I train for my ultra in May! Good luck on the up coming half!

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