Austin Half Marathon Recap

Mark and I spent President’s Day weekend in Austin, TX and we both ran the half marathon on Sunday February 19th. I really enjoyed the race, despite the heat, humidity, and hills, which were a far cry from February in Boston. This race was perfect for my training for the Boston marathon, which seems to be creeping up quickly!

We stayed at a hotel close to the race start, which was very convenient for the 7am start time. I ran a couple of miles on the treadmill to warm up and meet my required long run distance, then I woke Mark up and we were off!

FullSizeRender (1)

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Updates & A New Writing Gig!

Hello blog world! It’s been awhile. Hope your summer has been off to a great start! I am excited to let you know that I have partnered with my running coaches Lisa Reichmann and Julie Sapper of Run Farther and Faster as a featured blogger on their site.

Check out the first post here. Let me know your thoughts!

Up here in Boston, my summer has started with a bang! Here are the highlights:

*Wanderlust Festival and trip to Seattle:

IMG_1215Photo credit: Meredith Ruth

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Rainy Week and Ultra Advice

This morning was met with cloudy skies, the first reprieve from the rain that we’ve seen this entire week! I’m looking forward to the hovering English weather to make way for normal New England spring weather next week. If only marathon Monday could have had cooler temperatures as this week!

FullSizeRender (4)Photo credit: @alalehc

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Five Updates from this Week!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have had a great week! 

This first full week of March has been a great one! It’s felt like spring over here in Boston, a huge contrast to last winter where we had about five feet of snow still blanketing our city at this time. I will take it!

Five highlights from this week:

1.I signed up for my next race, which is tomorrow morning! It’s called the Black Cat 10 and 20 mile road race and is located in Salem, MA, about 20 minutes north of Boston. The race is held during the Boston marathon training cycle for those training for that race, but is for all levels of runners. Mark and I are signed up for the 20 mile race, although I am going to run about 15 because I am still recovering from Phoenix. My sister is running the 10 miler as well. It will be so great to run together again! I ran this race a few years ago and felt that it was very well supported and had great scenery. There is no better way to run 10-20 miles than with others! Race recap to come.


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Still Feeling that Post-Race High

Hello friends! Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your incredible pre-race inspiration! I had all of your mantras and motivating words running through my head throughout the Phoenix marathon on Saturday, and they helped me all the way to the finish! I’m so happy to report that I ran a PR with a time of 3:31, and qualified for Boston for 2017 (hoping that the cutoff will be no more than 4 minutes next year!). I have a lot more to say about the race in the next post, but for now I’ll share some photo highlights of our trip to Arizona!

IMG_2772Finish line photo with our half and full marathon medals! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, supportive running buddy :)

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“Be Brave. Be Strong. Be YOU”: Interview with Elite Runner Tina Muir

Happy Friday! As we approach the end of the week, a weekend of possibilities ahead of us, I’ll offer you some Friday fitness inspiration. I was lucky enough to interview with elite runner Tina Muir, and today’s post will include the feedback. Tina Muir is originally from the UK, but relocated to the USA in 2007 to pursue her education and running career. Tina’s PRs include 16:08 in the 5k, 33:24 in the 10k, a 1:13 half marathon, and 2:41 in the marathon (London). She recently won the Army 10 miler in DC with a finish time of 55:19. Tina is sponsored by Saucony, and is currently trying to make the Great Britain team for the world half championships. You can read more about Tina and her running career on her wonderful blog,, and on Runner’s Connect where she is currently the community manager. Enjoy!


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Miami Half Marathon Recap

Big hello on this Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start! Only 125 days until Memorial Day, my official start to summer. I don’t go by the summer solstice! :)

Today’s post will be a quick recap of the Miami half marathon and our weekend down in the sunshine state.


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How to Navigate a Race

Warning: this is a long post but is a helpful guide for first-time racers (or could spark discussion with experienced runners!)

My incredible running coaches have helped me in many ways. They make my job easy-all I have to do is run! But in all seriousness, hiring a running coach has been so beneficial for me. Lisa and Julie of “Run Faster and Farther” have helped improve my finish times and have given me that extra motivation that I have needed during this winter training cycle. Running coaches aren’t just for elite runners! Lisa and Julie have helped push me to my capacity (and I am not yet at the peak!), injury and stress free. Plus, they are a huge source of information about all things running, including race day planning. As I get ready for my next race on Sunday, here some of the tips they’ve provided.

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Running Outside in the Dark

We’ve made it to Thursday! Hope your week is going well so far- and that for those in the path of the upcoming snow storm, that you’re prepared and ready to hunker down! I won’t lie, Mark and I are fortunate to have planned a trip south for the weekend! I do love a good snowstorm, but I’ll take the Miami heat for now!

I have switched up my running schedule a bit this week and have traded morning runs for after work runs. After a long weekend of running later in the day, I’ve found it tough to adjust to waking up at 5:30 am- plus, the evenings have been a bit milder than the early mornings!


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Nashville Half and Running in the Rain

Good morning! Although we’ve had sunny skies in Boston lately, this post is about running a race in the rain. Don’t let wet weather discourage you from getting out there!

A couple of years ago, some girl friends and I decided to meet up for a destination race. We chose Nashville, and weren’t disappointed with this choice. The Rock and Roll marathon was held at the end of April, and we signed up for the half marathon.

Nashville 2

The race started downtown Nashville on Broadway, and curved around the city past all of the main sites, including the Country Hall of Fame, Music City Center, and down Music Row. The forecast called for rain so we came prepared with plastic bags and extra layers. Unfortunately, cold rain did not let up throughout the entire race, which was particularly challenging since the course was full of irregular rolling hills. Through trial and error, I have come up with a list of tips for running in the rain.

  1. Wear a trash bag or poncho to the start- something that you can toss when the gun goes off.
  2. Make sure any electronics are sealed.
  3. Wear a hat or visor to keep the rain out of your eyes. I always opt for waterproof over cotton materials.
  4. Wear darker colored shorts and shirt instead lighter colors/white, as white can become see-through. For darker times of day, bring out the neon/reflective gear. I purchased my neon vest and jacket here.
  5. Wear wicking socks and apparel to minimize the chaffing. Wearing tighter tops also helps.
  6. Use more Body Glide than normal, and apply it more than once prior to the start.
  7. If you are checking a bag at the race, pack dry socks, a long sleeve and a jacket. I would recommend hand warmers as well if you plan to be out there for awhile.
  8. Know that waiting for the start might be a bit miserable, but once you start running your body will heat up and you might start to have fun out there!

NashvilleDespite the difficulty of the race, I was happy to end up with a half marathon PR, crossing the finish line at 1:43. Post-race we rested and then re-grouped for a night in Downtown Nashville- which was an absolute blast! The rain had also run its course, and the sun came out as we headed out. We headed to Broadway to purchase cowboy boots, and then proceeded to bar hop the city’s variety of country western and modern bars.

I hope to run Nashville again, but will aim for the marathon distance next time!

Nashville 3