Updates & A New Writing Gig!

Hello blog world! It’s been awhile. Hope your summer has been off to a great start! I am excited to let you know that I have partnered with my running coaches Lisa Reichmann and Julie Sapper of Run Farther and Faster as a featured blogger on their site.

Check out the first post here. Let me know your thoughts!

Up here in Boston, my summer has started with a bang! Here are the highlights:

*Wanderlust Festival and trip to Seattle:

IMG_1215Photo credit: Meredith Ruth

This incredible event was held in May, and it was an experience I won’t soon forget! I had the opportunity to lead the 5k run portion in the morning, but was able to stick around and experience the tremendous spirit and energy of the other instructors and participants following the run. MC Yogi, the MC of the festival helped me lead the countdown before the runners were off! I jumped in towards the back of the pack and proceeded to high-five at least a thousand hands. I am still thinking about the festival today, hope to work with Wanderlust again!


Mark and I flew to Seattle a couple of days before Wanderlust, and spent Friday and Saturday exploring this beautiful Pacific Northwest city with some friends who also happened to be in town (shout outs to Jenna and Aislinn!). 


One of our favorite activities was hiking around Discovery Park, the largest city park in Seattle and full of incredible beauty. The park is a sanctuary for wildlife, as demonstrated in the bald eagle we saw:  


This was a weekend to remember- if you’re looking for a transformational experience, check out a Wanderlust festival!

*Training for Wineglass Marathon! I have just started to train for my next race in October. I am anticipating many months of sweaty training runs ahead! My training plan will include: five days of running, including one long run (starting at 12 miles, building up to 22 later in September), one speed (one example, 1.5 mile warm-up, 4x 800m w/ 400m jogging rest, 1.5 mile cool-down; 800s @ 3:25-3:30), one tempo (alternating lactate threshold and marathon pace miles), and two easy runs that start around 5 miles each and build up to 9 miles.

Is it crazy that I can’t wait to dive in to this? Motivation is high at the moment, so I am going to ride this one for as long as I can. I do know that my enthusiasm will waver, but will remind myself that this is a long process. In the end, I am usually happy when I don’t act on those negative feelings and instead, get out there and run. Therefore, knowing that following through with my set training plan usually results in positive feelings will be the ultimate motivator in this training cycle.

If you have specific training questions, feel free to ask!

*Gearing up for smaller races that I will use in my marathon training. These include the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) 10k at the end of June, Bristol RI half marathon in early July, and North Face Endurance Challenge trail run in Ontario, Canada. I am currently signed up for the marathon distance…think I will mostly hike this one. I’m also going to remind myself of elite runner Caroline Boller’s advice as I take on the North Face Challenge (here). I am a believer in racing as a fun way to mix up and add to your goal race training!


*Other highlights include spending time with friends and enjoying their weddings


And doing things other than running (tennis is super hard…but so much fun. Anyone else play?!) 


I’ve been keeping in touch with you guys here and there and have followed your incredible running and fitness accomplishments. You guys are killing it with the half marathon and marathon PRs, ultra-marathons, motivational fitness goals and travels, all in the last few weeks! You keep a girl inspired, so keep it up! Let me know how you’ve been and what new or ongoing goals you have in the coming months!

One question for you: What running-related topic would you like to read more about? What would be helpful or inspirational to you? Thank you so much for your opinions here!

I’m going to focus my summer posts on Run Farther and Faster, so stay tuned for more of that! Enjoy your weekend, weeks ahead, and talk to you soon! Xo Jane


  1. Interesting what you say about the Autumn marathon plan. I am suffering training withdrawal myself and am just starting to think about my plan for Valencia at the end of November. Getting excited just thinking about it.

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      1. It was Edinburgh here in Scotland. I’m pretty much recovered though a toenail or two are looking suspect! We headed off camping in Iceland a couple of days later so there was no time for lying around feeling sorry for myself which probably helped.


  2. Yay you’re back! I love tennis, I actually played in high school! Brandon and I play together sometimes, but we’re both really competitive and sometimes I take it a little too seriously!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so great– it’s such a fun sport! I kind of like it as a change to running, although I felt a little sore after playing because I used different muscles. Ridiculous, I know!


  3. I am signed up for another 5K next week. Second race in the challenge series for Hermes running.

    Love to see running posts about staying motivated and running no matter what your pace is.

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  4. Sounds like you have plenty going on. Good for you and good on you! I wish we could have been there to run with you at Wanderlust, we are dreaming of making it to one sometime soon.

    One thing I’m always interested in is nutrition. I’m curious what others eat in training and in recovery.


    1. I have! I actually signed up for an ultra in July but “downgraded” to the marathon distance as I won’t be ready for an ultra at that point. But one day, for sure!! What about you?!


  5. Happy to see a post from you! I’m currently in basebuilding mode in preparation for a November marathon. I like reading about nutrition,


  6. Cool looking site :) will read your posts there over the summer! And since you are asking I’d love to read about your experience while being coached as a runner as well as any wild adventures of course :)

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  7. Welcome back to the blog. I hope you see from all the comments that we missed you. Please stay 😀
    I haven’t had a hike yet this year so I’m looking forward to getting out there myself. Great pics and thanks for the update on your life.
    I’m going to check out your guest post too.
    Ps. Can you check out and like my author page on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/KarenWrightAuthor/


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