Dreaming of Austin

Welcome to the second week of February!

I was looking at marathonguide.com (as I do most days—just kidding, kind of) and noticed that the Austin marathon is this weekend. I want to run the race as soon as I can, because I really love that Texas city!


It would be a fantastic destination race, a perfect time of year to escape the Boston winter. My girlfriends and I went to Austin a couple of years ago and had such a fabulous time! I know that there are plenty of recommendations out there for Austin, but here are some personal highlights:


  1. 6th street for bars, restaurants, and music! Check out some off the beaten path areas for food trucks!
  2. Lake Austin (a water reservoir along the Colorado River) for paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking for the day. This lake is conveniently located to downtown, so it can be done easily in half a day or less!
  3. Barton Springs- largest natural swimming pool and popular hangout. Cool, beautiful water that will be welcomed during Austin’s hotter months.
  4. Oasis Restaurant- beautiful views that overlook Lake Travis
  5. The Salt Lick, Franklins, Rudy’s for BBQ.
  6. Random, but the downtown Whole Foods is pretty fun to check out. We grabbed lunch (this took forever as there were so many salad bars and prepared foods to choose from!) and brought it to the nearby park near Lake Austin. There’s a massive beer closet which is cool to check out.

007143Best BBQ & Food trucks!

Lastly, one of our favorite excursions was Gruene, a little town in the New Braunfels area. The town lies southwest of Austin in between Austin and San Antonio (I’ve been thinking about running the Rock N Roll Marathon in San Antonio too!). Gruene has an adorable little downtown with a dance hall built which is one of the oldest in Texas, built in1878. Many famous country musicians have played at this dance hall over the years! Gruene is also located close to the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers, which are super fun for whitewater rafting or just plain tubing.


Memories of this trip are certainly warming my soul! Check out Austin if you haven’t already!

Unlike Austin, Boston experienced another snow storm yesterday, and we now have 6 more inches of fresh snow. Looks like I’ll be running on the treadmill this first taper week! I am hoping that the roads are clear for my long run this weekend of 16 miles. After that, two weeks to go! I am really looking forward to running this Phoenix race—it has been a great winter overall for running until last week so I have been lucky!

IMG_2528IMG_2529Boston was cold & snowy yesterday!

I ended up running 13 miles on Sunday morning, in essence split up my long run over two days. Not ideal, but not every run can be perfect- and as Tom Foreman would say, I will embrace these runs not as “bad”, but “different”. This split was not a full-on replacement for my long run, but given the weather limitations and my schedule, it was all that I was able to fit in.  

Following the run, we celebrated my grandmother’s 94th birthday. My big family squeezed into my place, and we enjoyed a decadent chocolate cake! I love my family!

IMG_2533IMG_2531Cake & candid camera!

And to top off the weekend, I watched the Super Bowl with some friends and had some delicious home-cooked chili.  Hope the rest of your weekend went well!

FullSizeRender (4)

What’s in store for the week?

Anyone travel anywhere interesting? Recommendations for this girl with a wanderlust gene?

Destination race recommendations? Have you run in Texas?

Chocolate or vanilla cake?


  1. I ran the Austin Half Marathon last year and I am again this weekend. It’s a great race with a great (pretty hilly) course!
    My go-to for post-race breakfast is Walton’s, Sandra Bullock’s bakery and one of my favorite spots in Austin.

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  2. I’ve never been to Austin, but did run the Rock n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon a few years ago. It was fine… nothing special, just an okay race. Mostly flat and a fast course as long as you don’t get a hot day.

    If you’re looking for a scenic, smaller destination race that’s a bit off the beaten path, I ran the Casper (Wyoming) marathon two years ago. Only a few runners are in it, but the organizers do a fantastic job. It’s in the Rockies, so you have to deal with about 5,000 feet of altitude, but for me that was a fun challenge (I actually PR’d). And you get some great views, especially in the early miles of the course when you head downhill from above the city.


  3. i went to Austin last January for my cousin’s bachelorette and loved it. such a fun, hip, laid-back, cool city, and i was bummed to only spend 48 hours there. went went to Fredericksburg to do wine tasting one day as well, which was a blast. loved Rainey St area and totally want to go back.


  4. I’m running the Rock n Roll half marathon in Dallas next month! I’ve never been to Austin but my husband has and really liked it. I’d love to check it out. Definitely chocolate cake over vanilla, and with chocolate icing!


  5. I was in Austin as a child but I haven’t ben back despite having family there. I’d love to take my family for a visit. The Marathon could be an option.

    This week……has been long already. I’m ready for a day off. Running has been better though as we have some ABQ sun again and we’re in the 60’s for temps.



    1. The marathon looks so much fun!! You should look into it! You’re SO lucky that you have temps in the 60’s- I’d give anything for that right about now! I noticed that it will be in the 80s in Phoenix and I’m hoping that it’s not too hot for the race! Have a good week!

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  6. My husband always calls Austin “his favorite city that he’s never been to.” :) Neither of us have been, but it looks like such a fun and interesting city to explore. Hopefully one day we’ll make it out there to visit!

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  7. My destination race right now would be Disney. The warm FL weather sounds perfect as I sit here in blankets haha
    I don’t really travel at all (unfortunately) so my tips for the wanderlust are to watch movies that take place in whatever place you want to be. I can visualize myself there and that somehow makes me happy.
    Good luck with your taper! I would go stir-crazy over that haha

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  8. I hate running in cold weather…. this is probably warm in comparison to Boston. Have you run the Marine Corp half-marathon ? I did it last year and signed up again for this year too. Check it out if you have not done it yet, its in Fredericksburg VA and that is an interesting city to visit.

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    1. I ran the marine corps full marathon– I didn’t know that there is a half! I LOVED the full marathon, it’s such a wonderful race. Check out my race recap for more info or let me know if you have any questions!


      1. You are lucky that you ran the marine Corp full. I know it’s not easy to get into that, but I’m hoping to try and do that this year. Is there a full you would recommend that you liked ? It’s only my second and I would like one in September or October.

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  9. Of the places I’ve traveled, I have two scales. One, find the action. Two, get away from it all.

    For action, I’d take Stockholm or Prague for another round. I loved both of them. I am hoping to get to some places in southern Europe before too long. I do miss being near Philadelphia, DC and NYC.

    For getting away, Big Timber MT, just on the east side of the Crazy Mountains, or Theodore Roosevelt National Park/Medora ND. The scenery and the open skies are like no other. I will say, when I say getting away from it all, I mean it. There isn’t much near by. Should I say forcing relaxation?

    Who cares if it’s chocolate or vanilla? It’s cake, right?


  10. I did the RnR Dallas half marathon a few years back. My sister lives in San Antonio so I’ve run there a few times but not the RnR San Antonio half marathon. She keeps asking me when I will do it.

    Check out my blog for destination races. I’ve run quite a few. I want to run a half marathon in each state and am already at number 34.


  11. We’ve run Maui. We’ve run Kaui. But nothing beats our adopted hometown of Austin. If you can’t do the Austin Marathon, try the Capital 10K there: 6.2 miles of party. For the best Cheese Enchiladas, try Texas Chili Parlor on Lavaca just south of UT. Best BBQ is Franklins or Blacks (on Guadulupe north of UT). Finish it off with Mexican Vanilla ice cream from Amy’s. After all those calories, you’ll need to run 26.2!


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