Winter is Back in Boston

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope the first half of your weekend has been great! Congratulations to reader KELLY who was randomly selected to receive a SPIbelt!! Thank you all for your entries, I loved reading your comments- you guys are so inspiring to me! Stay tuned for future giveaways and thanks again for stopping by my blog!

It’s been a busy weekend over here in Boston, in the wake of a decent snow storm that visited on Friday. My good friend was lucky to give birth to a precious baby boy yesterday just as the snow stopped falling! So Happy for Rachel and Kevin :)

The city only saw about 6 inches, but it was enough to cover the trees and make it seem like Christmas. I almost felt like belting out some carols while out and about last night!


The sunset on Friday night mixed with the recently snowfall made the world look surreal.

FullSizeRender (3)Photo credit: @michaelblanchard

Given the snow, I took my run indoors on Friday (ran Thursday’s workout, minus 2 miles). I’ve been fortunate to have avoided a lot of treadmill running this winter- but being inside was not quite like good friends reuniting. I couldn’t imagine running my long run yesterday inside so took it outdoors post-storm, hoping the conditions would be somewhat decent. Although the path along the Charles was beautiful, many sections were icy– so I was only able to mentally squeeze in 10 miles along one short section of the path that was less icy. It felt like running on a track but with good views.

IMG_2497 (1)IMG_2494 (1)

I was supposed to run 20, and was disappointed to have only made it half way. I will attempt it again this morning- minus a few miles. Let’s hope the conditions are a little better today!

IMG_2491 (1)

My somewhat disappointing run was quickly erased once I met up with some good friends for some pizza and pool, following the tail end of a friend’s puppy’s first birthday party!

IMG_2503Goodie bag from puppy’s first birthday party!

Sometimes being with the people you love is one way to release your mind from negative thoughts- they can offer a different perspective which can be rejuvenating. In general, I would say that I am a positive, optimistic person 95% of the time- but I am also human and negative thoughts can creep into my head like anyone. Usually running, being with friends, family, or Mark, giving back in some way, immersing myself in a good movie/book/tv show, working to change my mindset, or even embracing all of my imperfections allows me to combat negative thoughts and move on.

Saturday night vibes:FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)

Speaking of being with the ones I love, today I’m hosting my family and grandmother for her 94th birthday! She is an extraordinary woman who is 94 going on 60! It will be so nice to see my uncles, aunts, cousins, parents and sibs as we all squeeze into my small condo.

And then it’s Super Bowl time! Who are YOU rooting for?

How is your weekend going so far? Anyone dealing with new snow? 

When the weather turns, do you get your miles in on the treadmill, or do you brave the weather and head outside? Or do you cross-train instead? 

Do you keep a training journal? How do you keep track of your workouts?




  1. We are supposed to get hit with a clipper system that may drop a few inches. I have my fingers crossed for a snow day off of school Monday or Tuesday!!! Looks like Boston was beautiful after the snow!

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  2. Just moved from the northeast to the midwest. Definitely NOT missing the snow, especially after last year, but loving your photos! Thanks for a little glimpse of home.


  3. no snow here! Just some rain and coolish (for us in south Florida) temps.
    When the weather is bad, though (i.e. too hot and humid, or hurricany, or just raining) I’ll head to a treadmill or cross train.
    I keep a log on RunningAhead, and I have my weekly log that I update on my blog.


      1. Well, Running Ahead is still relatively new, but they got all the Runners World training log people when RW quit that gig, and I find them (RA) to be a great company. Where do you log?


  4. Wow those photos are beautiful! No Super Bowl for us here – we’re more into the rugby, and the six nations is on. Go Wales! :-)

    Have a great week!

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  5. Great pictures but running in that ice is tough, especially when you have 20 miles on the schedule. Sounds like a fun weekend though. We have been quiet but perfect conditions on our trail right now that me and wifey are about to hit! SB, bleh…we’ll have it on in the background while we are working on our blogs probably but really don’t care who wins, I think Carolina will blow them away unless Denver’s defense can keep them in it – they are good and they will need to be. You didn’t say who you are rooting for? We’re looking forward to next year already, maybe we’ll see your boys in SB51 for a rematch, Go ‘Hawks!!

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    1. I agree with you about Carolina crushing the Broncos- at least that’s what us New Englander’s hope! You’re so lucky that you’ve had perfect conditions- hope it continues for the remainder of the winter! Happy Sunday!


  6. Hi, Jane.
    Before moving to Honolulu, I lived in Calgary, Canada. We have terribly cold winters so treadmill running became my friend. In fact, I’ve done many long runs on the treadmill – as long as it had a TV! One year I could not travel to Honolulu for the marathon and I had trained for it so I decided to run the marathon on the treadmill the Monday after the official Honolulu Marathon. The folks at my fitness club knew not to kick me off the TM! I had to re-start that thing 3 times!

    Also, while training for this past HNL marathon, we had one week of torrential rains. It figures that the worst day was the one on which I needed to do my longest run – 23 miles. So, TM it was! Mind games, counting, distraction, and whatever you can possibly do to keep your mind occupied is the trick to the TM.

    Best wishes to your grandma on her 94th birthday!


  7. We’re supposed to get some snow this week and frigid temperatures on Thursday (I’m not excited). We’ve been blessed with wonderful weather thus far this winter so with the encouragement of my coach, I’ve been trying to keep it outside. It’s really hard sometimes though when the treadmill is safe and warm hahaha
    I’m not watching the Super Bowl because I don’t have TV and don’t care enough…I’ll watch vicariously through Twitter =P
    I hope you had a stellar run today!


  8. My grandma’s the same age as yours. I just returned from a trip to Oregon where she lives. I manually add my miles onto Strava after tracking my runs with Maymyrun, now that my Garmin broke down. The Strava app just wasn’t working for me, but using that alone would be easier if it would work. Oh well, it’s not too much trouble!


  9. Yay! So excited for my SPIbelt!
    We got about 9 inches of snow this time, and it looks like the storm is going to miss us on Tuesday.
    I started keeping a training journal this year for the first time, I am hopeful that it will help me be aware of what is working and where I need to change things. So far, I am really enjoying it! Have a good week, and I hope the storm misses you too!


    1. SPIbelt notified me that they just sent your belt and H20 companion– enjoy! Please let us know how you like it! We are in the middle of another blizzard believe it or not, and I think it must be coming your way! Good luck! Now I am really looking forward to spring :)

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  10. There is still some snow on the ground up in the foothills and mountains but ABQ proper is fairly clear. We’re not dried out yet though as it was still a bit muddy on the trails over the weekend. Rain or snow, I head outside though I remember getting a lot of miles in on the treadmill. It has its uses.

    I am currently using Strava to log my runs. It looks great and is very functional which is what I want. I had been using Mapmyrun but it never seemed to “work”.

    No Superbowl fans here. We just use it as an excuse to have junk food night with the girls. Jalapeno poppers, chicken nuggets and pizza rolls, all the stuff we never have.

    Happy Lunar New Year! Hello to the Year of the Monkey!


  11. I was honestly just getting ready and used to the warmer weather. I’m not a cold weather person in the slightest. We are supposed to get a good amount of snow this week in NJ as well. Your photos are beautiful btw.


  12. Your pictures of the snowstorm are so beautiful! I do a lot of running on the treadmill (which I don’t really mind), but trying to tackle 20 miles on the treadmill would do me in. Hopefully the rest of our winter isn’t too bad. I can imagine that trying to fit in marathon training with the ice and snow we’ve had is stressful!
    Happy 94th birthday to your grandma!

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    1. Thank you! It has been a great winter for training up until last week! Hope you’re enjoying the recent snow– can’t believe how much that’s fallen in just a few days. It’s still nothing like last year!


  13. I want winter to go away. I do run on the treadmill when it is cold. Anything below 30 I will not run outside,especially if it is longer than 5 miles. I’ve had some great runs on the treadmill so I do not mind it. I also take TRX twice a week and love it. I decided to do that instead of CrossFit.

    I use Google Calendar for my workouts. My coach enters them for me to do. Every morning I also get an email letting me know what I have planned for that day.


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