See-Saw week!

Hi friends! Hope you’ve had a great week so far! Over here in Boston, we have seen some real highs and lows in terms of weather. See-sawing from from sub-zero temperatures last weekend to balmy 40 and 50 degree days and monsoon rains; now we are back to normal winter temperatures in the 30s. These are weather “problems” you can only get in New England! I enjoy mother nature keeping us on our toes.

After taking my runs inside for over a week, it was nice to get outside yesterday morning for my last speed workout on the calendar. I wasn’t in the great outdoors, yet it felt very peaceful being out there on my urban run.


The speed workout was a nice 2-mile warm-up run, 8 x 400m at 5K pace, 400m recovery in between, with a 1-mile cool-down. 


These views will never get old! Getting out of bed at an early hour is always so difficult, but I honestly never regret it, especially after seeing sunrises like these:


I mentioned in another post that I will be running the Boston Marathon this April with the Clif Bar team. I am a huge fan of the company for many reasons, and was happy to receive some goods in the mail the other day! The clif shots will come in handy during next weekend’s race! Thanks clif bar! :)


My legs are feeling sore today after running twice yesterday (I couldn’t pass up running with a friend after work!), so I’m taking today off before my last long run tomorrow afternoon. Mark and I are heading up to the Lake Placid NY area with friends for the weekend, so I’ll get my run in before we leave. I really have no idea what is in store for the weekend, but it will include some ice fishing, snow-shoeing, and other wintry adventures. It will be a true upstate NY experience!

The real highlight of my week so far has been meeting my friend’s absolutely adorable baby boy Oliver. He is just over a week old and according to his new parents, is growing by the day! Here he is snuggling on his crib for a bit:


I could not get enough of his cuteness. Babies can bring you so much peace and happiness- not only to the parents!

Enjoy your day and hope that it’s filled with bliss! xo

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Are you a fan of clif bar? What’s your race fuel of choice?

What’s your favorite winter outdoor activity?







  1. I love your photos of Boston. How exciting to be running Boston this year! My husband and I are trying to run a race (not necessarily a marathon, though) in every state. It has been so much fun and an incredible way to see the country. Best of luck on your adventure!

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  2. Awwwww babies are too cute! I love their soft hair and little toes! I’m so excited to run my 10 miler outside Saturday, I’ve been cooped up too long. That’s super exciting you’re running the Boston marathon–I used to eat Clif bars (the mint chocolate one) before a long run, but I have a super sensitive stomach so I had to switch to cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with almond butter. My husband loves the Clif Z-bars for snacks!

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  3. Great sunrise pictures! I used to get Cliff bars all the time when I lived in DC and did a lot of biking. Sadly I don’t see them in france (or I just haven’t looked in the right place).


    1. That’s a good point! I haven’t seen clif bars much outside of the USA. I’m sure you could just ship them over! Ps- I am so excited to go to France in April (running the Paris marathon). Do you know many people running the race?


  4. Those sunrise pictures are very inspiring. Its true the battle you face getting out early-doors is so rewarded when you get a money shot . This weekend looking forward to do a Parkrun ( weekly times 5k’s all around the UK) with a load of people from the triathlon club I am part of. Then on Sunday its a 2.5 hour ride locally in the hills :-) I have had the odd cliff bar, I quite like them but don’t have any particular brand loyalty. I am a fan of flapjacks called Chia Charge at the moment ( not sure how International this brand is yet)
    My favourite Winter outdoor activity, was a new discovery just a few weeks ago. Cross country skiing- who knew? Takes a bit to get used to the skinny ski’s but must nicer than downhill to be in the moment and enjoy the outdoors. Was very slow and probably people snow shoeing would have been quicker, but saw it as good cross training. Good luck in the countdown to Boston

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    1. Thank you so much! Haven’t heard of Chia charge, but they sound good! And x-country skiing is so much fun. Hoping to do some of that this weekend! Good luck in the Parkrun this weekend, sounds like a lot of fun!


  5. Lovely sunrises :)

    Also, goodies in the post are AWESOME! Can I have the drinks cup please? ;)

    Well I was looking forward to my long run this weekend but you know that ain’t happening now and on these runs, if at all I tend to use SiS. But I’d like to try more varieties in the future; TorQ are so nice but very expensive. But I will be chilling out at my in-laws in lovely Oswestry, just over the Welsh border.

    Favourite outdoor winter activity? If I can’t run in the mountains of North Wales then a winter walk with axe and crampons is my thing; that sound of the compacted snow just crunching under your spikes is wonderful and if my back eases off, I may get up in the next few days, before it melts, again!

    Have a great trip :)

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  6. Beautiful pictures as usual. One of my favorite times of day is when you just start to see the lightening at the edges of the sky. It makes me think of a photograph fading at the edges.

    Glad you got outside for a bit and look at that swag! I’m a big fan of Clif and I use their bars on the and gels on the long runs along with the Honey Stingers.


  7. Your pictures of the city are always amazing!
    I’ve used clif bar as pre-run fuel before and liked it. I tend to go with Honey Stinger now (either waffles or bars) because they’re a bit lighter.

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  8. Love the Boston photos!
    I like the sound of Lake Placid – hope you have a lovely time. It’s going to be very wet & windy here this weekend by all accounts but I hope to get outside for a run. The new puppy is taking up lots of time and I’m not complaining…

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  9. your photos are always so gorgeous — esp love the one with the kayaks. i was supposed to be in LP last weekend for Vday and we had to cancel at last min b/c it was the coldest weekend EVER — -25 up there! stay warm and hope you have better weather! love upstate NY. :)

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  10. The weather here has been crazy! I like to mix my fuel up a bit – Honey Stinger Chews or Clif bar kids granola bars early on and then switching to GU in later miles when I’m too tired to chew :) I don’t know that I could have GUs only for an entire marathon so I like the variety of something more food like early on.

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  11. Wow, yes that is cool running with the Clifbar team. I use Clifbars all the time for everything and love them. My stomach likes them better than gels even at the end of an ultra. Hope you have a lovely winter weekend in Lake Placid. I have no idea exactly where that is but will check it out on the map. I’ve only heard of the town because I think it has hosted the Olympics in the past.
    I’m still deciding what training to do this weekend….procrastinating as usual! I love your baby picture. Happy running as always.

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  12. Great pictures again! Haven’t had to deal with crazy weather like that, just been wet all week but no crazy temps. I like cliff bars on long bike rides. For running I use Gu’s and low-cal Gatorade.

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  13. Those sunrise pictures are absolutely stunning! Sounds like some crazy weather you’ve been having though…
    My favorite cliff bars are the “kit bars” they make, but I like the regular oatmeal raisin cliff bars if I’m on a long hike or something.


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  14. Lovely photos. Glorious sunrise. Have a great week.Love the fact that you listen to your body and if it says tired, day off follows. I do that too. Plans are all well and good but sometimes you’ve just gotta listen to th motor running the machine.
    I’vejust completed another 33miler (53k) this weekend and having a rest day today, although my plan suggests I should be running again. However, with our 33mile race on the 12th March I’m now thinking that I’ll use the couple of weeks as a taper. Nothing more than a 20miler this coming weekend and the lesser miles for the next two. Give the body a rest.
    I’m still struggling with finding proper food whilst out on the long runs and must investigate Clif bars.
    Have fun and take care


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