Making Peace on a Friday

Happy Friday to all! Hope you’ve had a great week and are staying positive, as the weekend is near! It’s darkest before dawn, so hope you are gearing up for a mix of fun plans/workouts/runs/family time/friend time/alone time over the next couple of days.

This week commenced with sadness in the wake of the terrorist attack in Brussels. My heart breaks for those touched by this tragedy. In my seemingly powerless little corner in Boston, something I can control is the persistent feeling of empathy for those around me, and a promotion of kindness. Spreading peace and compassion to neighbors won’t curb violent attacks around the world, but helping others on an individual level might be the right amount of influence to deter those considering violence.

A photo I took when I visited Brussels a few years ago:IMG_2966

And in my little corner of Boston, staying positive always has a somewhat uplifting, peaceful effect on me. The following personal discoveries/realizations/instances happened this week:

-Reconnecting with old friends on the phone and in person:

Catching up with friends, particularly ones whom you haven’t interacted with in a while, can be heartwarming. Especially when the conversation flows so naturally, and feels like nothing has changed since you last spoke with them. I know that you cannot force friendships- some just stick and others fade over time—but the ones that do stick with you throughout life are worth investing in! It was so great to catch up with several of these friends recently, starting with last weekend.

-Signing up for Marine Corps Marathon 2016!

I ran this DC-based marathon last fall with Mark and had such a great experience. Check out my recap here. The Marine Corps puts on a fantastic, memorable, “marathon of the monuments” in October. I am already signed up for Wineglass Marathon in early October, but when the lottery for MCM opened up yesterday, a rush of emotions and inspiration hit me and in a moment of weakness I signed up. I know I have #runnerproblems, but this will be a great excuse to spend a weekend down in DC, and I could see this being an annual tradition. I think we find out around March 31st whether we make it in to the race, so fingers crossed and stay tuned!

Taken after MCM in 2015:FullSizeRender (1)images

-Running every other day (i.e.- not 5-6 out of 7 days):

At first I thought that this plan would leave me antsy on my days off, and restless to run more. I was wrong. This plan has been so great for me as I am preparing for Boston in a few weeks, and I am thankful that my coaches suggested it. This week, I ran on Monday, Wednesday, and this morning, all easy paces. My legs have felt refreshed at the beginning of each run, which is a change from the continuous fatigue in prior weeks. As my coaches said, the only damage I could do at this point would be to over train, so I am opting to be more conservative at this point.

-Listening to UltraRunner podcast:

Talk about inspiring. Listening to interviews of those who have completed ultra-marathon distances- races I have not yet attempted (but have committed to), is incredibly addicting. They say that the more something scares you, the more you should pursue it- a mentality that explains why I have signed up for my first ultra this summer. This recent interest in the ultra distance actually caught me by surprise, but I am eager to learn as much as I can via podcasts as UltraRunner. I am sure that once I actually toe the line and embark on my first ultra this summer, the reality of the distance will be messy and challenging—less glamorous than the stories of these top-notch ultra-marathoners, but I think that the challenge will be worth it.

images (1)


They say that you should love the process, and not focus on the result. This is my current mindset as I continue to train for Boston marathon and other races, and I am happy to stick with that. In terms of the process, I have found that run-commuting is an excellent way to get in the miles I need without interfering too much with my life. I have to commute to work anyway, and I’ve found joy in commuting in a pair of running shoes instead of on the MBTA. Run-commuting is quicker, cheaper, and even more environmentally-friendly. It offers you a different perspective than you would from your car or train. Run-commuting takes a lot more planning, but it’s so worth it. Luckily I am able to shower at a gym close to my office, and I then change into work-appropriate shoes that I leave in my office.

Sister and I with our run-commute backpacks during warmer times!FullSizeRender (3)

-Last but certainly not least: Getting very excited about heading to Paris next week!

I’m heading to France next week and have spent this week finalizing the plans for our 9 day trip. Mark and I signed up to run the Paris marathon before I was offered a Boston bib by Clif Bar. But since I am running Boston in a few weeks, I’ve decided to only run half of Paris.

Paris marathon shots from their site:a5730x300xshutterstock_118603864-730x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.FxOzYzhgJk

Looks fun, right?! Two friends are joining us for the trip, and I am so excited to explore this city and surrounding area for the first time. As I start to pack for France, I have been checking out some packing tips, and came across this fabulous one in the blog “Oh Happy Day”.


Loving this list! I think I will add a few more jackets and a few less dresses given the weather, but you get the idea. Do you have any packing suggestions for France? If you’ve travelled to Paris, what’s your favorite attraction? Any must-do’s? Please send your recs!

What is your takeaway from the week? Try anything new and exciting?


What are you most excited about the upcoming weekend? Have a great one! xo


  1. I share your empathy but your sentiment “helping others on an individual level might be the right amount of influence to deter those considering violence” is a bit like shooting a spitball at a tank. Those people aren’t just willing to kill others, they’re stupid enough to kill themselves in the process. Being nice to others is always the right thing to do, alas it won’t fix stupid.

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    1. I do agree that spreading kindness and having empathy is not going to solve all violence/stupid actions. But I do think that these acts of compassion can have an impact in many situations. I think we have to start at a small level here.

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Oh really. My boyfriend will also run the Paris. I will only be the supporter then… i think… hahaha

    Btw, I agree about your thought for the Brussels. Being someone who was raised in some southeast asian countries, living through some regime changes, riots, and unknown wars, i might say we can only do so much to improve the world, with (a little) hope that others will follow. Anyway, in a whole, life is always good, no matter what. We ourselves who determine our happiness… enjoy Paris and Boston… I envy you!

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  3. Ultras are awesome! And trail races are even better. Find a trail series to run in where you gain points per completed races = more fun. The ultra community is awesome – join the Facebook groups on ultras and trails. Have a great weekend.

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      1. Just because you buy something brand new don’t expect it to work. Many ultras will have you running in the dark. I bought a new headlamp from REI and had problems with it. Always Always bring a spare with extra batteries. Even new batteries drain quickly when the outside temperature is cold.

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  4. So exciting you’re running the MCM–maybe I’ll spectate and cheer you on! I love DC so much. And that’s awesome you’re going to Paris, I love love love that city. Don’t waste your time on Versailles (in my opinion), I loved the Cluny museum and the Louvre, and sightseeing at open air markets. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Well, I registered for the lottery so not sure that I will be selected! Fingers crossed! Why don’t you sign up?! It’s an amazing race- an amazing first marathon too! Also thanks for your tips re- Paris. I think we are skipping Versailles, so good to hear that you agree. We are heading to Normandy from Paris, and think that will be amazing to see. Esp. Mont St Michel!


    1. That’s awesome! What ultra are you running? Hope the training is going well so far! It’s a daunting feat, but I think we can both do it. Check out that podcast for some extra inspiration and information!


  5. I recently got the ultra bug, myself, but the farthest I’ve ever run before is a half marathon. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of training for ultra-type distances although I haven’t committed to any races yet.


  6. MCM is tempting… I’ll have to plan for it. Married with two kids doesn’t leave us a lot of spontaneity for destination races.

    I’d love to run-commute rather than bike commute but no shower available for me at the hospital. Well, maybe but it’s a good 10 miles and that’s a lot of extra time on commute.

    All ultras (and races) are messier than they are in the retelling. Enjoy the grind.

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    1. You really should add MCM to your list– it’s a fabulous race. DC is a great place to take the family too! As far as shower @work- I hear you, maybe just the running home would be a good idea!

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  7. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog earlier! It looks like you have a few very exciting things lined up for yourself! I was also planning to sign up for an ultra (in the spirit of ”the more something scares you, the more you should pursue it” LOL) but then an injury intervened and I am just regaining my confidence again. Will be good to hear how you are getting on with the training and preparations for that.

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