Boston Marathon Weekend is HERE!!!

Happy Friday! What a week it’s been back home, seeing friends and family, starting to think about wedding plans and the marathon of course! Life is so unpredictable, full of highs and lows- and I am just going to ride this high for as long as I can. I am so thankful for the loved ones in my life and for the opportunity to run this Monday. It will be a humbling experience to be running alongside so many incredible runners. Thank you again Clif Bar for making Boston a reality for me!! You can read about the #NoHeartbreakHere contest and about the other winners here.

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The city of Boston is starting to come alive, as it always does this time of year. More runners and cyclists are trickling on to the paths along the Charles River, trees and flowers are showing signs of life, grass is turning greener, and there is just an overall sense of peace and happiness streaming through the streets of the city. And of course, there has been a flock of runners into the city. For those traveling to Boston for marathon weekend, I have compiled a quick list of my favorite Boston activities, click HERE.


So I met some running celebrities last night at the Boston Marathon wreath ceremony held at the State House. The official marathon winner wreaths, created from olive branches grown at the marathon’s birthplace in Marathon, Greece, were presented to the BAA by the consul General of Greece. 

The 2016 Boston Marathon winner’s wreaths:


I was lucky to meet the extraordinary Bobbi Gibb, first woman to run the Boston Marathon. She told me that Boston still remains her favorite marathon. Stay tuned for a complete post on this incredibly inspirational woman!


I also met the amazing Meb Keflezighi! Meb is an Olympic silver medalist and has won both NYC and Boston marathons. He is gearing up for the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio in the marathon distance. 


It was such an honor to meet Bobbi and Meb, and I am working on a future post to capture the conversations we had, including the Boston Marathon tips I received from both. Meeting these two incredible athletes was a tremendous way to kick off marathon weekend!

Regarding race day, I admit that up until last night I have not felt 100% ready mentally. I have been in a post-vacation, post-engagement high all week (can you blame me?!), and even before that I was in a post-Phoenix marathon fog. But now that Boston Marathon is 3 days away, my thoughts are focused only on this special race. I have my running outfit selected, my throwaways mostly purchased, my stack of GUs ready to be eaten. I am so excited to see some old running friends come in from out of town, my coaches, and meet some new friends along the way. I have viewed the course several times, (check it out here) and have figured out a few spots for family and friends to watch the race. I AM SO READY TO RUN!!!!!


The forecasted temperatures have steadily crept up each day, and the last time I checked the high was going to be 70 and sunny. Difficult weather for a PR, but at least it will be beautiful for all of the spectators- much better than the monsoons of 2015. I am not in panic mode yet, but am making some mental adjustments and preparing more in terms of fueling and running attire.

My coaches have recommended the following for warm race-day temperatures:

  • Like Phoenix, I will be carrying a packet of salt tablets to take during the race, one before the race and one each hour. These tablets helped me avoid any cramping in Phoenix, and no doubt they will be helpful during this race as well.
  • I will be wearing light colored clothing and most likely my visor.
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!
  • Hydrating like crazy all week and up until race morning.

In my marathon prep, I am also reviewing some old posts for advice and inspiration, as well as all of your wonderful comments:

What a journey this has been! I am so looking forward to this weekend and will be ready to toe the line around 10:50am on Monday. Thank you all for being amazing readers, friends, and incredible motivators over the last 6+ months. Thank you for sharing your experiences so we can all learn and inspire one another.

While I won’t be able to update the blog until after race day, feel free to follow me on Instagram for some photo updates throughout the weekend: @janerunswild.

Have a GREAT weekend, run fast, have fun, and talk to you after I finish!


  1. yayyyy for such an exciting day in your life!! so cool that you met those amazing runners and hope that was an inspirational boost for you to believe that you’re going to have a wonderful race. :) stoked to hear about it!


  2. You definitely deserve to embrace the post-engagement fog! It’s such a fun time and you don’t want to let go of that excitement too soon!!

    Anyway, the forecast seems to be improving just a big. Now Weather Underground (which I find more reliable than most) says a high of 67, but it’s little hourly tracker actually is projecting a high of 65 right now. I will take that 6 degree improvement!


  3. I lived in Boston many years back! When I lived there I went to the Boston Marathon to watch. It was hands down one of the best races I have gone to. Have fun!

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  4. So excited for the race! I’m in town now and hit the expo yesterday. You seriously might not be able to wipe the smile off my face for a month now that I got my own Boston race bib and it’s all feeling real. Didn’t catch Meb at the expo (though a couple of my friends did), but I did happen to run into Dick Hoyt, which was a pretty cool running celebrity sighting in and of itself.

    Run strong on Monday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so excited to run!! Awesome you met Dick Hoyt. Think I’ll head over to get my bib later today– who knows what running celebs I will meet! GOOD LUCK!!! You’re going to kill this race with all of that training!! Have fun!!


  5. Best of luck! I really enjoy reading your running posts. Have a wonderful Boston Marathon!!! Look out for the Somerville Road Runners cheer zone at the 30k mark. :-)

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