Carbo-loading and Other Thoughts on Food

Last night my sister, some cousins, and I got together over sushi- one of my favorite foods. I’m also very lucky to have lots of family all over the Boston area!


Yesterday was another 6am wakeup call for me, as I had to get in 6 miles of speed work before work. My coaches have incorporated speed work into one run a week, which I usually run on Wednesdays. I ran on the treadmill this time which was on a slight incline given the somewhat crooked floor of my gym- so this added some extra difficulty! I felt a little sore from that run, as well as this morning’s easy 6 mile run. But the soreness is not an injury, and I know that my body is just adapting to these new running routines. I need to include more stretching into my routine going forward too.

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New Orleans Marathon Review


When I started working with my coaches a couple of weeks ago, I decided to train for a marathon and re-qualify for Boston with a finish time that would allow me to register for the race. This was a change from my initial goal of just “running for fun” in my next race, without a time goal. But seeing that motivations and aspirations can change depending on one’s mood, I decided to attempt a time goal one more time.

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First full week of workouts and why I have a coach

Marathon training requires workouts most days of the week. In an ideal world, I would run around 11am, but my full time job doesn’t allow for that kind of flexibility! While I’d love to consistently get up early and run before work, I sometimes find running later in the day works better for me. My workouts happen before or after work depending on the day’s schedule (or my mood!).

IMG_0977State House all lit up- running through Boston after dark isn’t the worst thing!

Still, I prioritize getting my runs in each day, so my post-work plans determine the timing of my workout. Last night I fit my coaches’ prescribed 7 miles/stride-outs in after work, whereas this morning, I woke up early and ran my 6 miles with speed work and strength routine before work. These were both great ways to end/start my days.

I mentioned in a previous post that I worked with a coach for the first time while training for Big Cottonwood marathon. My coach at the time helped me build up my speed and endurance to a place where I could run my fastest marathon- my ultimate goal. Since this experience, I have been hooked on the idea of having a coach, but decided to switch to another coaching program, Run Farther and Faster. My new coaches Julie and Lisa have been fantastic, and I am really looking forward to working with them as I train for my next couple of marathons, including my goal race: Phoenix.

IMG_0976Another night shot of this beautiful city where old & new seem to blend well together

A few reasons why I enjoy working with a coach:

  • Coaches do the hard part by creating a training plan based on your level of fitness, using their expertise.
  • Coaches push you to work harder and help you push to your potential, particularly because of the accountability factor. I find that when I self-report versus reporting to a coach, I tend to make more excuses for cutting corners, etc.
  • This is an obvious reason, but coaches can be supportive, encouraging, and provide you with feedback to all of your questions and concerns- I enjoy receiving feedback from experts in the field!

These are just some of the reasons why I have chosen to work with a coach in my next training cycle.  Have you worked with a coach?

What does your week look like in terms of workouts?