Taking it Outside on Friday

Good morning and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

My Turkey day was the usual: delicious, relaxing, full of laughter and interesting conversations. I always feel inspired by my family and love the time we spend together. No family is perfect– but I’m very thankful for mine!

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Philly Marathon and Some Takeaways

Philadelphia Marathon 2016 was a success! I did not run this year but ran part of the race with my sister. It was a weekend to remember for the runners!

IMG_1215Beautiful sunset over Philly!

We left Boston on Saturday morning and had a relatively easy drive through CT, NY, NJ, and then PA. Adele’s “Hello” blasted through the car speakers a minimum of 8 times. My sister’s husband and Mark dropped my sister and me off at the PA convention center for the expo. We met my cousin, her boyfriend and their friend who were also running the marathon there. We all checked into our air bnb south of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia and we all loved it.

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Carbo-loading and Other Thoughts on Food

Last night my sister, some cousins, and I got together over sushi- one of my favorite foods. I’m also very lucky to have lots of family all over the Boston area!


Yesterday was another 6am wakeup call for me, as I had to get in 6 miles of speed work before work. My coaches have incorporated speed work into one run a week, which I usually run on Wednesdays. I ran on the treadmill this time which was on a slight incline given the somewhat crooked floor of my gym- so this added some extra difficulty! I felt a little sore from that run, as well as this morning’s easy 6 mile run. But the soreness is not an injury, and I know that my body is just adapting to these new running routines. I need to include more stretching into my routine going forward too.

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