Feeling Like a Monday!

Well, it’s that Monday morning feeling! The weekend was a great one—hope yours was too!

The weekend started and ended with some quality girl time! Friday night dinner and drinks with some Boston gals followed by visits with friends and family, followed by Sunday bridesmaid shopping! So many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from! The bride went with a beautiful color for us that will look amazing for a fall wedding in Maine. It’s going to be a busy summer and fall ahead with 7 other weddings!


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“Be Brave. Be Strong. Be YOU”: Interview with Elite Runner Tina Muir

Happy Friday! As we approach the end of the week, a weekend of possibilities ahead of us, I’ll offer you some Friday fitness inspiration. I was lucky enough to interview with elite runner Tina Muir, and today’s post will include the feedback. Tina Muir is originally from the UK, but relocated to the USA in 2007 to pursue her education and running career. Tina’s PRs include 16:08 in the 5k, 33:24 in the 10k, a 1:13 half marathon, and 2:41 in the marathon (London). She recently won the Army 10 miler in DC with a finish time of 55:19. Tina is sponsored by Saucony, and is currently trying to make the Great Britain team for the world half championships. You can read more about Tina and her running career on her wonderful blog, www.tinamuir.com, and on Runner’s Connect where she is currently the community manager. Enjoy!


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Back to Reality

We got back to Boston late Monday night and I’m definitely missing the Miami sunshine already! While I love my home city of Boston, there’s nothing like escaping to warmer climates during the winter to cleanse the soul. Even a quick weekend away was such an incredible mental boost!

We wrapped up our trip with a great lunch with my parents who were also in town. Lunch with a view:


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Miami Half Marathon Recap

Big hello on this Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start! Only 125 days until Memorial Day, my official start to summer. I don’t go by the summer solstice! :)

Today’s post will be a quick recap of the Miami half marathon and our weekend down in the sunshine state.


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How to Navigate a Race

Warning: this is a long post but is a helpful guide for first-time racers (or could spark discussion with experienced runners!)

My incredible running coaches have helped me in many ways. They make my job easy-all I have to do is run! But in all seriousness, hiring a running coach has been so beneficial for me. Lisa and Julie of “Run Faster and Farther” have helped improve my finish times and have given me that extra motivation that I have needed during this winter training cycle. Running coaches aren’t just for elite runners! Lisa and Julie have helped push me to my capacity (and I am not yet at the peak!), injury and stress free. Plus, they are a huge source of information about all things running, including race day planning. As I get ready for my next race on Sunday, here some of the tips they’ve provided.

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Running Outside in the Dark

We’ve made it to Thursday! Hope your week is going well so far- and that for those in the path of the upcoming snow storm, that you’re prepared and ready to hunker down! I won’t lie, Mark and I are fortunate to have planned a trip south for the weekend! I do love a good snowstorm, but I’ll take the Miami heat for now!

I have switched up my running schedule a bit this week and have traded morning runs for after work runs. After a long weekend of running later in the day, I’ve found it tough to adjust to waking up at 5:30 am- plus, the evenings have been a bit milder than the early mornings!


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Dealing with a Cold & Hot Soup

Welcome to the long weekend! Not too much to report here as I have been fighting a bad cold for the past few days. It has seemed to get a little better after sleeping for half of the last 48 hours.


I was unable to run the 8 miles scheduled for Thursday and won’t make them up. Pushing yourself physically when feeling sick is just a recipe for prolonging the sickness. They say that if symptoms are “above the neck” only, you should be fine to work out as you can—but I will be sure to take it easy until I am fully recovered. I have a half marathon race next weekend (bienvenido a Miami!), and want to be healthy for that. I am feeling a little bit of cabin fever though- I usually spend at least an hour outside every day between my commute and exercising outdoors, so staying inside and unable to run has been a little tough.

013 (1)South Beach, Miami last year!

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All About Balance

Happy Thursday! Hope your week has included some fitness and fun – not just work!

I ran both indoors and outdoors this week. I was nervously anticipating running on the treadmill yesterday since I took the treacherous (ok, slight exaggeration) second half of my long run inside last weekend. However, once I got going and fought some boredom, my mindset changed. A nice 2 mile warmup, 3X1200m @10k pace and 2X400m @5k pace , followed by a 2 mile cool down later, I was able to check off another speed workout. Only 4 more speed workouts until race day, which is only a little over 6 weeks away!

IMG_2073All of the layers (and a lot not pictured) for outdoor runs!

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Heartbreak Hill, Here I Come!


Welcome to the middle of January, where the temperatures drop! But my spirits are high because I have some exciting news to share! Thanks to Clif Bar, I will be running the 2016 Boston Marathon!

Running this marathon, my hometown race, has been a lifelong dream of mine. I first tried to qualify in 2011 at the Disney Marathon. I thought I was successful, coming in under 3 hours and 40 minutes, which was faster than the qualification standard for my age at that time. However, later that year the BAA modified the standard for qualification and I ended up missing the cut by 18 seconds!

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Running, Rain, and Relaxation

Hope you all had a great weekend! In Boston, it wasn’t too cold but unfortunately not very pleasant otherwise—Saturday was a bit gloomy and yesterday was stormy with heavy rain and winds. I will take it over frigid temperatures and blizzards though! In fact, most of the snow that fell the week after Christmas has melted, making it truly look like the calm before the storm!

My legs were feeling sore on Saturday, and I had a friend’s baby shower- so I opted to run the long run yesterday, even given the looming storm. It was also a good excuse to relax the rest of the day!

FullSizeRender (1)Co-ed baby shower!

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Interview with an Elite Runner

Happy Weekend! Hope it’s off to a good start for you all! I was able to see some great friends last night, and more of that today- so it’s going pretty well for me so far. I am starting to become less motivated to run in this cold weather, and know that I am not alone! Today’s post will include some extra motivation for you as you tackle your running goals, or any other goals you may have.


I was able to interview with American elite runner Fernando Cabada, who offered a glimpse into the life of an elite runner. Cabada ran a 2:12:27 marathon debut in Fukuoka, Japan in 2006, won the Twin Cities marathon in 2008 with a time of 2:16:32, ran a 2:18:23 Boston Marathon in 2013, and ran an incredible 2:11:36 Berlin marathon in the fall of 2014. He most recently placed second in the Jacksonville FL half with a time of 1:03:25. Talk about fast!

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Winter Has Arrived & New Running Shoes

Well suddenly winter has arrived in Boston!

Bring out the long down coats and all other warm clothing! This first week of January has been especially tough for running due to a busy work schedule and frigid temperatures! My coaches have said that flexibility is key for successful winter running, and my schedule serves as a guideline, not a mandate. I’ve managed to get in two seven mile runs, but I haven’t followed my schedule precisely. I opted to skip my speed work for warmer temperatures later in the week as running fast in cooler temperatures is sometimes not ideal!

I did warm up after being frozen for the first 15 minutes during last night’s 7 miler! In last night’s run, I passed by a couple of great Boston sites:


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Back to the Grind

After a week-long holiday office closing, I am back to the office again. The time off has been very rejuvenating- full of rest, time spent with family and friends, travel, and getting outside on some beautiful runs- all of my favorite activities!

IMG_1987Saturday night game night!

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Back in Boston and A Running Streak

Today’s long run of 20 miles was a tough one! It is a windy and cold day in Boston, about 35 degrees. Since winter running is relatively new to me, I still haven’t honed in on the perfect running outfit. On cold runs, I typically wear gloves and have started to wear my new favorite clothing item: lululemon running scarf (link here)- thanks sis! It’s light with a perfect fit around my neck, and keeps me toasty! I wore two long sleeve layers (shell and thin base layer), and felt a little warm- but my extremities were chilly even while covered!

Super happy to get the miles in- only 3 more 20’s to go in my coaches‘ Phoenix Marathon training plan! Next weekend will be another long run, and then I will be tapering for my half at the end of the month.

The winter-like Boston weather (it’s finally here!) was a contrast to the colorful, beachy warm views of PR! Here are some last shots:

IMG_1860 (1)IMG_1909IMG_1914IMG_1863

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Hello from PR and Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

Hope your week is going well so far! Just wanted to check in with a quick trip update. I consider blogging a fun hobby of mine rather than a chore or job (a sentiment encouraged by long-time bloggers!), and so here I am blogging from the tropics :)

We have loved San Juan, PR so far! The island has extensive history dating back to the 16th century, and the streets are full of culture and color.


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Holidays and Getaways!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with your loved ones! We had a great time together in our little town south of Boston. I’m so lucky that most of my immediate and extended families live in the area!

FullSizeRender (6)

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Workouts, Puppies, and Home for Christmas

This shortened work week has been a good one so far, but I am eager to get home for Christmas!

Workouts this week include:

  • 7 miles on Tuesday
  • Speed workout today- 2-mile warm-up, followed by 3x1200m @10K pace 400m recovery, 2x400m @ 5K pace 400m recovery, and a 2-mile cool-down. I found the speed work to be challenging, especially after the 20 miler this weekend and two additional runs.
  • 8 miles tomorrow at home (in shorts and a tank, as it may be almost 70 degrees in the Boston area!!)
  • 18 miles at some point this weekend. I am very thankful that the weather has been record-breaking warm here in New England—it has made this training cycle much easier so far!

IMG_1574Another shot of Boston common- in December!

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A Long Run and a Short Week!

Welcome to Christmas week! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Happy to report that my 20 mile run on Saturday morning went well! It was a sunny but chilly morning, about 30 degrees with the wind. I felt prepared in my layers, including Brooks running tights, long sleeve and Brooks shell, and gloves. I fueled with Honey Stinger chews right before the run and had an entire packet throughout the run, as well as a vanilla bean GU (my new favorite flavor!). I could have taken one more GU, but felt that my nutrition worked well overall. I also ran with my handheld water bottle.

IMG_1563Passing through Boston Common on the long run!

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Interview With 26-Time Marathoner!

Happy weekend readers! Thank you for all of your comments Thursday and Friday—I have randomly selected the winner of the SPIbelt Giveaway (congrats Seana!). There will be more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned! I truly appreciate you guys checking in to JRW :)

Highlights of this weekend include:

  • 20 mile marathon training run this morning (wish me luck!)
  • Seeing the new Star Wars movie 
  • Spending time with some amazing friends at a holiday party!

I’ll check back with you after I get through it all! In the meantime, I am grabbing some gloves, honey stingers, ipod, Spibelt, several layers of clothing, and my Brooks shoes, and heading out the door on my run!

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